Ryo Jayangyunmo Shampoo For Anti-hair Loss Review

This hair shampoo belongs to the Ryo brand. It is designed basically for those who have hair fall and sensitive scalp issues. It comes in a thick honey type paste which is converted into foam when mixed with some water. This product will have a strong ginseng scent. So, if you don’t like such smell please avoid this product. This product is made up of a blend of natural herbal extracts. There is a long list of ingredients that constitute this product. 

Ryo Shampoo Review

Its performance is superb. People are satisfied with the results. It is a perfect choice for sensitive scalp. It is a perfect hair brand to start with. More importantly, it is not expensive. It is nourishing and contains a ginseng scent. Ryo shampoo for anti-hair loss is a Korean brand and it is new in the American market. It is available in 6 different types of products. Each product is designed for a particular hair problem or issue. These shampoos are natural as compared to others. So these will cause less damage as compared to others and will provide more benefits. 

There are six versions available for different problems. And each version is designed for a specific problem. It can help to deal with issues of oily hair and hair loss due to dandruff. If you are looking for a good choice for your hair loss and hair growth then it is a top pick for you. Six versions have a different color. Each is designed to perform a specific task. 

  • Green is for those hairs which are oily and have dandruff.
  • Purple is effective for hair loss and sensitive scalp.
  • Red is for anti-hair-loss and hair damage.
  • Brown is perfect for strengthening the hair. 
  • White is effective for oily scalp.
  • Black is perfect for hair aging.

So according to a problem or issue with your hair, you can try the Ryo shampoo. 

Pros of Ryo Jayangyunmo shampoo

There are lots of benefits of using this Ryo shampoo. It is not just designed for hair loss, it has also lots of other benefits as well. Some of the important pros are given below:

Natural ingredients

It is made up of lots of natural ingredients. Such ingredients make it different from typical American products. All the six versions of the shampoo contain almost similar ingredients although they are designed for different problems. Major ingredients are Camellia oil, Ohmae extract, Red ginseng and other ingredients like (biota seeds, green tea, and soybeans). These natural ingredients make it different from other normal shampoos. 

A unique texture and smell

It has a very transparent color, light overall and pretty liquid. The entire versions look like hair oil. But all the versions foam very well. It will have a ginseng scent. This has a different smell. If you don’t like that smell so it is better for you not to buy this product. The red version has a strong smell. Overall all the versions have a different but herbal smell. 

Hair nourishing

They are perfect for nourishing the hair. After its use, you will get much silkier and smoother hair. After using 4-5 times you will see a big change. Red Ryo shampoo is perfect for nourishing. 

The applying process is very easy

All the versions are pretty easy to apply. You will face one issue all the labels are in the Korean language so it will not be easy for you to read the instructions. You can apply it to your hair like any other shampoo. Just massage it with your fingers. Let it rinse carefully. All these shampoos are in liquid form so you might need a larger quantity. So applying process is much easier than any other shampoo. 

Cheap price

When it comes to pricing Ryo shampoos are the best choice. They are available at cheap prices. On the Amazon, there are some special offers like with a shampoo bottle you will get a conditioner as well. Shampoo plus conditioner is a good deal overall. If you want to purchase shampoo in a large quantity then it is a perfect choice. 

Perfect for hair loss and dandruff

it is made up of natural ingredients. It is basically designed for hair loss and dandruff removal. It contains Hambit extract which helps in the smoothening of hair. The green version can be used for oily hair and dandruff control. 

Good for sensitive scalp

Its purple version is perfect for hair loss by sensitive scalp or other nutrition issues. It contains ginseng and green tea which helps to increase hair shine and add a smell to hair. 

Can be used for hair strengthening and hair aging

Its two versions of brown and black can do this job very well. Brown is mostly used for thin hair which has very low volume. Its unique formula will lift up hair roots to increase volume. The black shampoo version also increases hair strength. The black version is good for hair aging. 

Cons of Ryo Jayangyunmo shampoo

  • Once you switched to any other shampoo all the scalp and itchiness will strike again. 
  • If you have too much sensitive hair scalp then it might not go well for you.
  • It has a ginseng scent that has an odd smell. There is a possibility that you might not like it or buy it because of this smell. 


If you are looking for something special and cheap for your hair loss and hair growth then Ryo shampoo is a perfect choice for you. It has extremely natural herbal which makes it different from other shampoos. You will like its herbal smell. It may work for you or not there are mixed results so it can’t be said with surety. But most of the time it works very well. It is very cheap. You will get a conditioner as well on the purchase of shampoo. More importantly, it is available in six different versions you can buy and try according to your hair problem. 

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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