Reasons To Try Yanagiya’s Hair Tonic

I’ve been using Yanagiya’s hair tonic for over more than a year now and I have to say that this hair tonic delivers its promises! I saw many positive reviews of this hair tonic from online shops and lifestyle blogs and decided to purchase a bottle to try it for myself.  

About Yanagiya

Created in 1948, Yanagida's hair tonic was formulated with medicinal and plant-based natural remedy extracts to help maintain healthy scalp and hair. It aims to solve hair problems that many people face hair loss, dandruff, thin hair, and itchy scalp — with its 4 different hair tonics.

Some of the common medicinal and natural ingredients used in all 4 Yanagida hair tonics include ginseng, rabdosia japonica, Swertia japonica, and sophora flavescens. While some of these names may seem unfamiliar to many of us, they are plants that are known for their effectiveness against hair loss.  

How To Use

Pour an appropriate amount of the hair tonic onto your palms and rub them together. Gently massage it onto your scalp without nailing. If you’re planning to use the hair tonic after shampooing your hair, do towel dry your hair thoroughly before applying it to prevent diluting the product. 

It is recommended to use the product 2 to 3 times daily to see results within a shorter period. 

Medium Edition


Yanagiya Hair Tonic (Medium) has been formulated with 3 medicinal ingredients and herbal extracts that penetrate hair roots to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. It is a refreshing hair tonic that ensures the continued care and growth of healthy and durable hair by preventing dandruff and curbing itchy scalp. 

With the added menthol, the refreshing feeling after applying this hair tonic lasts for a long time, making it perfect for those of us dealing with hot weather!

Unscented Edition


Largely similar to the Medium Edition, Yanagiya Hair Tonic (Unscented) contains dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, which is extracted from the herbal extract and herb licorice. By increasing the amount of menthol added, you can expect a more ‘cooling’ effect on your scalp after applying this hair tonic without worrying about the scent of bothering you since it is fragrance-free. 

With the new combination of herbal and medicinal extracts that includes moisturizing ingredients — Crassulaceae, birch, and kujin extract — this hair tonic prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth. 

Citrus Edition


Formulated with natural citrus extract, Yanagiya Hair Tonic (Citrus) adds moisture to hardened and tight scalps caused by aging and adjusts scalp conditions to grow healthy hair. 

It contains 3 kinds of medicinal properties that prevent hair from falling out and promote hair loss. With a fresh citrus scent and refreshing sensation, it also prevents itchiness and dandruff.

Subtle Fragrance Edition


Yanagiya Hair Tonic (Subtle Fragrance) has the same properties as the Medium Edition and the Unscented Edition. Medicinal properties of this hair tonic activate hair matrix cells and hair papillae, prevent hair loss, promote the development of new hair, and grow thick hair.

It only differs in terms of smell so if you wish to try out the Medium Edition but are afraid that the herbal smell may be too strong for you, you can consider purchasing this hair tonic instead. 

Personal Review

I’ve been dealing with hair loss in the fringe area for quite some time. I decided to try out Yanagiya Hair Tonic (Medium) because I read that it is the best-selling hair tonic among the 4 different ones.

I have to say that the packaging isn’t very user-friendly. It can be hard to get a good grip of the bottle sometimes because of how big it is. But it is also exactly because of its size that one bottle was able to last me for more than 6 months!

I did not take into account how affected I would be by the herbal smell when I purchased the Medium Edition so I was very overwhelmed by it when I first used the hair tonic. If you’re not a fan of strong medicinal and herbal smells, do consider purchasing either the Subtle Fragrance Edition or Citrus Edition.

Despite the smell, I continued to apply the hair tonic twice every single day and saw more baby hairs growing at the front part of my head about 3 months after using it!


Results from using Yanagiya Hair Tonic (Medium)


My parents were pretty impressed that they purchased the Citrus Edition to help with their aging scalp and hair condition. Sometimes I would use the Citrus Edition one instead because I love how fruity it smells!

Product after 4 months of usage


Let me summarize the pros and cons of using Yanagiya Hair Tonic (Medium) so you can get a better idea of it.

Pros of Yanagiya's Hair Tonic

  • Very affordable price 
  • A little goes a long way so each bottle can last for a long time 
  • Delivers its promises — curbs hair loss and promotes hair growth for me!

Cons of Yanagiya's Hair Tonic

  • The strong herbal and medicinal smell 
  • Does not have the user-friendliest packaging 
  • You can only find it online so that means having to pay for shipping or delivery fees 

Where To Buy Yanagiya’s Hair Tonic

I’ve picked out some online stores that you can purchase yanagiya’s hair tonic from. Prices listed below are indicative and may be subjected to changes.

  • Shopee at $10.90
  • Qoo10 at $12.50 
  • Lazada at $17.60 


I have to say that yanagiya’s hair tonics are suitable for people of all ages. Packed with rich herbal and medicinal ingredients, these hair tonics are gentle for direct use on the scalp because they are formulated with some of the finest natural ingredients.

I know applying it 2 to 3 times a day sounds a bit daunting (it was to me) but the results do show if you put in the effort to diligently apply the hair tonic according to the recommended steps. 

I would suggest not applying the hair tonic right before you sleep. It takes some time for the hair tonic to be fully absorbed into your hair roots so if you do happen to sleep when the product has yet to be absorbed, your pillow might be stained with the hair tonic, which might cause breakouts on your face!

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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