Pravana Hair Dye Review

Pravana hair dye is the latest addition to the hair care products. It is better to choose the best hair product. Don’t just consider quality also look at the characteristics of the product and price as well. 

Pravana Hair Dye Review

There are lots of hair and other beauty products. We are always ready to spend lots of money even to get the smallest result. This article is all about the Pravana hair dye and its pros and cons.


The Pros of Pravana Hair dye

It offers lots of advantages over the other hair dyes. One point to note is that bright color dye fades faster so we don't expect any brands of bright color dye to last long too.

A few major advantages are given below:

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • The choice of everyone is different. A good thing about this brand is they offer lots of different colors. They are not only available in natural colors, but you will also get bold and daring hair colors as well. Collections of vivid and pastel hair colors made them popular brands. A good thing about these vivid hair colors is you can start from white and silver and can get all the rainbow colors. 

  • Long-lasting
  • Pravana hair dye brand claims that their vivid hair colors are the most long-lasting than any other product in the market. Users of this hair dye brand seem to be agreeing with this statement. It is a long-lasting hair dye. So what else you want? Amazing hair colors with the long-lasting effect is really a big deal. 

  • A unique hair color
  • Manufacturers of Pravana hair dye also claim that you can mix the striking colors in combination with each other. To achieve a larger array and unique results you can also mix these colors with natural nuances. You will get amazing hair color creations. 

  • It offers natural nuances 
  • Another special hair color of this brand is ChromaSilk Pastels. It offers five natural nuances such as “Blissful blue, mystical mint, too cute coral, pretty in pink and luscious lavender. You can use these colors in combinations for unique color creations. These options can be used for highlighting. You can even use these to get amazing hairstyles as well. Women are always willing to do experiments to get a different look. So, the Pravana hair dye collection is an ideal choice for them. It is different from other products because of the nuances it offers. 

  • Come with hair care products
  • There are only a few hair dyes that offer hair care products along with their hair dyes. Pravana hair dye is one of them. You will get a hair care product with each line of hair dye. It will help you to maintain your hair for a long time even if you are coloring your hair at home. 

  • Almost free from chemicals
  • Another good advantage of these hair dyes is these are almost free from chemicals. It does not contain parabens, sulfite, and sulfate. It is the biggest advantage that makes it superior over the other hair dye brands. 

  • You will get shiny hair
  • You can use these hair dyes over permanent hair color. This will help you to get back its shine and you can even use on natural hair color to test how the color will look like. You can use this according to your needs. 

  • Can be used for different purposes
  • It comes in rich colors and each offers a unique look. Some products act as semi-permanent hair dyes and such colors will wash away in just 8 to 10 washes. As these products are chemicals-free you can choose natural nuances from copper, red, chocolate, mahogany, honey, and platinum. You can mix their brunette shades to get spectacular results. 

  • Perfect for grey coverage
  • There are only a few products available in the market that offers 100% grey coverage. Pravana hair dye is also among them. It contains reds that are highly pigmented. That’s why it offers full grey coverage. 

  • No smell
  • Most of the people find a hair dye irritating because of the smell. It’s not the case with this hair dye. It does not contain any particular smell. You can use this without any second thought. 

  • No skin reaction
  • Most of the hair dyes contain chemicals such as ammonia. Ammonia is a harmful chemical. It can cause serious allergic reactions. It can result in itchiness as well. Pravana hair dyes are the best to use because these can be used on the sensitive scalp as well. 

  • Use a conditioner
  • Just coloring your hair is never enough. To maintain color in your hair it is necessary to use hair care products such as shampoo or conditioner to get long-lasting results. Almost each hair color product comes with a conditioner so use these products and enjoy health benefits. 

    Cons of Pravana Hair Dye

    According to some people, it might not work well on freshly bleached hair. It does not mean you are not going to buy this product. The best solution to do is to perform a strand test. Try it on your hand before coloring your hair. 

    How to use Pravana Hair Dye

    Applying and usage of this hair dye are very simple. Take a hair dye and a mixing bowl. Now properly mix 1 part of hair color with 4 parts of conditioner. Mix it well and now massage conditioner with hair color into your scalp.

    Leave it in your hair for at least 35 minutes then wash it with cold water. You will get the desired result and a great result.  This product is used by many and let us know how you love or hate this product!


    Pravana hair dye is one of the best brands available in the market. You will enjoy lots of good benefits. You will get long-lasting results. It comes in lots of shades and so it is an ideal choice for those who love different and unique colors. 

    For those women who love to color their hair at home, it is a huge task for them to select hair color. Without any doubt, the beauty industry is the most developed industry in the world.

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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