Pink Hair Tonic Useful Guide


In this article, you will learn which pink shades will be best for you and how you can maintain a pink color in your hair for a long time. 

How can you determine the best pink shade according to the tone of your skin?

You can easily consult or ask your stylist that which pink shade will be suitable for your hair according to your skin tone. Details of all types of hairs are given below:

  • For light hair and fair skin
  • For such hair, you can have two ways. You can either choose bright pinkish-red, or you can tone your hair with soft blueish pink. It will provide your hair a bleached like look and a pink undertone. 

  • For dark hair and olive skin
  • If you have such hairs every pink shade will work fabulously well on your hair. You can try magenta, ballet slipper pink, don peach, and mauve, but believe me, each one of these shades will provide your hairs a stunning look. 

  • For dark skin
  • If your skin is dark the brighter shades will be best for your hair. For dark skin, you can use ultra-vibrant hues such as fuchsia and hot pink. Your hair will look gorgeously contrasting against our skin tone. 

    Pink Hair Tonic Useful Guide

    Before coloring your hair pink what you have to do? 

    If you have decided to color your hair pink then the first thing you need to do is bleach your hair then the pink color will be able to show up. If the base hair color is darker then definitely it will take more coloring sessions to show off desired results. Regular touch-ups of your roots will be needed when you feel your roots have started to grow and you want to keep your pink hair color fresh. 

    If you are interested in a dramatic color change, then it is better to visit a professional salon they will properly guide you from start to end. You can get your hair dyed pink at home if you prefer a DIY solution. 

    How to dye your hair pink at home?

    If you are interested in pink hair color then make sure that your hairs are already blonde or bleached otherwise, do this practice first. After bleaching all over your hair then determines which pink shade you want to achieve. For blonde, highlighted, and bleached hair, choose the soft pink or semi-permanent pink hair color. After proper selection of pink shade, you can easily dye your hair as you normally dye. There is nothing special and different for applying pink colors to your hair.

    How to care for your pink hair color?

    If you are succeeded in getting the desired pink color then take care of your hair so that you can maintain this look for a longer period. Use hair care products that are specially designed for color-treated hair. Haircare products are

    • L’Oreal Paris Hair Expert Color Vibrancy Intensive Conditioner
    • L’Oreal Paris Hair Expert Color Vibrancy Intensive Shampoo
    • L’Oreal Paris Hair Expert Color Vibrancy Intensive Ultra Recovery Mask

    You need more care while washing your hair. Use cold water to rinse your hair, as hot water can remove essential oils from your hair. Coldwater can never be relaxing, but it is good for maintaining your pink hair color. 

    How you can style your pink hair?

    If you are succeeded in getting pink hair color, it was just the first step, you need proper hair care, and for styling properly dry your hair. If you want a stylish look that can’t be undone try to use your natural oil on your pink hair color. For styling your hair you can use

    • L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle AIR DRY IT Wave Swept Spray
    • L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle AIR DRY IT Undone Style Cream
    • L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle AIR DRY IT Ruffled Body Mousse

    Apply these products to your wet hair and you will be able to style your pink hair strands in the best manner. 

    Benefits of hair tonic

    There are plenty of claims about the benefits of hair tonics such as

    • Hair tonics can help to reverse baldness
    • Can help to grow your hair thicker and longer
    • The main function of the hair tonic is to hold the hair in the desired style
    • Hair tonics can add moisture to your hair and will be handy to lubricate the dry scalp
    • Can help to reduce split ends
    • Effective for dandruff and broken hair
    • Contains good fragrance which provides a pleasant feeling
    • You can get your hair massaged
    • Massage will be helpful to increase the blood circulation

    How to use hair tonic products?

    Firstly, brush your hair and then massage the tonic into the scalp of your hair. Massaging will help to improve scalp health; blood circulation will be increased and will help in hair growth. Once you have applied the hair tonic you can easily style your hair. Hair tonics will help to hold your hair and keep them shiny and in place. The main purpose of hair tonics is the styling of hair either head hair or beard. 


    Everyone dreams to have colorful hair. You might see celebrities on social media or even females in the street with different hair colors.  An interesting thing about the color manes is the perfect shades for everyone. You might be interested in rocking the world you can easily do this by selecting the right shade for your hair. 

    You can easily dye your hair pink once you have decided a color shade and identified your hair type. There is a different application process for different shades according to hair types. For darker hair, you might have to bleach your hair first. Once you have achieved the desired color, then it is necessary to maintain this look. There are lots of hair care products. Hair tonics can help you to style your hair according to your needs. 

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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