PHYTOCYANE Botanical Densifying Shampoo Honest Review

Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo restores vitality by encouraging blood flow to the hair bulb which helps to promote growth. It is ideal for use in conjunction with Phytocyane thinning hair treatment.

Reviews of Pytocyane

If you found during self-diagnosis that you have tiny bumps on your head for a prolonged period, it is recommended to try the Pytocyane shampoo. It is known to help in scalp folliculitis which causes hair bumps.

Pytocyane makes great products and also help in thinning hair gradually. The keyword gradually is because it is a long battle to cure thinning hair and no hair product can claim to cure it besides hair transplant or operations.

Who is Pytocyane not suitable for? People who don't like bubbly shampoo that might get into your eyes should avoid this. The shampoo tends to bubble more than usual with a good lather.

If you want an instant result, don't bother buying it too. It might take a few months and bottles of usage for most to see the effect. 

History of Pytocyane

Phytocyane Shampoo

Since 1965, PHYTO is the story of two passions: hair and plants. Patrick Ales believes plants are the safest and most effective way to achieve healthy hair. We create hair that is full, strong with an incredible body.

Coming from France, it was produced with care and love for people with hair problems and yet suitable for daily use.

Pytocyane Shampoo Usage

A treatment shampoo for temporary thinning due to seasonal changes, hormonal imbalance, diet, or medication.

Formulated to address temporary thinning caused by stress, fatigue, pregnancy, medication, or seasonal changes. It is suggested to use by wetting hair, lather shampoo and rinse after 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, repeat and to be used daily.
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