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Phyto is a Paris Brand, and the name came from the Greek word for plants.



PHYTO products are at least 95% natural and avoid the use of chemical substances like parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and synthetic alcohols. As an example, PHYTO replaces synthetic alcohol in all its hairsprays by beetroot alcohol resulting in less drying for the hair. It claims to use more than 500 plant ingredients.

Phytocyane revitalizing treatment serum reviews

We found very few bad reviews except the ineffective (which happened to all brands) and costly price.
This botanical, drug-free formula is meant to slow down temporary hair thinning from stress such as pregnancy or work. It supports the scalp's natural microcirculation to create an optimal environment for new hair growth.
Phytocyane Revitalizing Treatment Serum is enriched with amino acids, vitamins, and proteins to promote healthy hair growth at the roots.
Pros of Phytocyane revitalizing treatment serum 
  • This serum is more effective than any other offered by Phyto. It has kept my hair from thinning further, and I don't seem to have as much grey popping out. I wish it's in a more user-friendly container! Breaking of the glass bottle and putting on the rubber nozzle is challenging and borderline dangerous! (E Y reviewed on Phyto)
  • I went through a weird hormonal, stress hair loss. I freaked out, saw some good reviews about Phyto, and went for it. It started to work after a month. That may sound like a long time, but let's get real, it's hair. When it did come through it was thicker, and had a little curl to it that I liked. DON'T USE THE WHOLE CAPSULE IN ONE GO. I broke it down to twice or three usages, more times a week, and it won't work if you are not using regularly. It does work, and it saved me. I'm going to buy some again just to make my hair fuller but I will have to wait since they jacked the price up. That's the only bummer. (Tomahawk Jack reviewed on Ulta)
Cons of Phytocyane revitalizing treatment serum
  • This was such a waste of money. I bought it thinking it would give me regrowth as it states it helps people with alopecia. I do not have that but I noticed a lot of hair fall. This has not helped me at all, my hair is weak and thin, and I feel as though this just made me lose more hair. (Hnnn900 · reviewed on Cult Beauty)
  • I decided to try the PHYTOCYANE SERUM next because I thought perhaps my thinning was increased by stress. I hated the packaging. The little ampules were difficult to. break open and the tip attachment did not stay on tight causing the product to leak everywhere. I also did not see any improvements to my hair. I finished the entire box. I will not repurchase. (JoeyJoey reviewed on MakeupAlley) 

Phytocyane shampoo reviews

Most reviews are not that positive for the shampoo though with so-so results and pricey cost.

Pros of Phytocyane shampoo 

  • I found that the shampoo is REALLY deep cleaning and has a tendency to be on the drying-side. Therefore even though I normally wash my hair every day, using Phytocyane I can reduce to washing my hair 4-5 times a week, conditioning only on my tips. 1 bottle of Phyto shampoo lasts me a little over a month like this, plus once a week I use my normal shampoo. Also, I have done more oil/masque treatments because of dryness. As the instructions say, lather up and let it sit for about 2 minutes. I have also been very diligent about vitamin supplements, taking them for 2 months, skipping 1, and now I'm back on them. (nycgirl191 reviewed on MakeupAlley)

Cons of Phytocyane shampoo

  • This shampoo is just so-so. It prevents my hair from falling out; however, there are a few things I do not like about this. It has a smell very medicinal or chemical-like which lingers in my hair. It has a very runny water-like texture so I feel like I waste a lot of the product because it seeps out of my palm. It does not give me as much volume (my hair is flat and greasy in a few hours). It dries out my ends. That being said, the first bottle I used in conjunction with the Phytocyane Revitalizing Serum and the combo together was fantastic! On its own not so much. For better results on its own without the drying effects and that gives me more volume, I much prefer Ducray Anaphase Cream Shampoo. That stuff is superb! This one, however, is a no go for me. (CharismaSL reviewed on MakeupAlley)
  • Phytocyane has a water-like texture, but you quickly get used to how fast the shampoo runs out of the bottle. I think that reducing my stress did more to stop hair loss than this shampoo did. But this shampoo has a very luxurious lather and it's a great gentle clarifier for my hair. It doesn't strip my hair like Suave's clarifying shampoo, but Phytocyane is also about twenty-six times more expensive. I didn't use it every day (nor did I use the matching ampoules with much regularity), so I don't know if it'll grow your hair back. But I enjoyed the effect it had on my hair and scalp, so I'd buy it again if I won the lottery. (ImaPhek reviewed on MakeupAlley)

History of Phyto

Patrick Alès is the brainchild of Phyto. In 1964, he invented the use of blow-dry  (different from hairdryer which was old technology) that temporarily shape hair by brushing it wet while heating it with a hand dryer.

In 1967, he also invented the concept of Phytotherathrie, which is hair care using plants. (Phyto = plants, thera = care, thrie = hair)

He brings together science and nature, he extracted powerful active ingredients from plants to treat hair, while respecting its natural balance.

In 1969, Patrick Ales finally started the Phyto brand in Paris and achieved the following product launches to date.

  • 1969 Iconic blow-dry hero PHYTODÉFRISANT Formulated with plant extracts, this gel facilitates blow-drying and reins in frizzy and unruly hair.
  • 1974 Fun in the sun PHYTOPLAGE The first protective sun oil for hair that offers protection from UV damage.
  • 1979 Weightless hold PHYTOLAQUE The first hairspray without propellant gas that gives all hairstyles hold and a beautiful finish.
  • 1980 The #1 beauty pill PHYTOPHANÈRE A visionary dietary supplement that strengthens hair and nails.
  • 1983 Say goodbye to dryness PHYTOJOBA The first range of botanical products that replenish moisture to dry hair
  • 1992 A botanical secret PHYTOCYANE The hair thinning treatment especially for women.
  • 2004 Long-lasting color, no compromise PHYTOCOLOR Especially yours, the first permanent hair color highly concentrated in botanical pigments, which covers 100% of grey hair.
  • 2006 Protection of the scalp’s environment PHYTOPROGENIUM The first shampoo formulated with prebiotics that provides targeted action on the scalp.
  • 2010 Deep-acting hair repair care! PHYTOKÉRATINE The first range formulated with botanical keratin for intensive hair repair action.
  • 2018 #1 Repigmenting technology PHYTO RE30 The revolutionary treatment that restores pigment to grey hair

Ales Group is now a listed company on the Paris Stock Exchange. 

Endorsements of Phyto

Phyto found local influencers to endorse its hair product. It includes

  • Paul Foster, a Singaporean known for the documentary "Singapore Social", endorsed the Phyto RE30 Anti Grey Hair Treatment while showing his body.
  • Lawrence Wong, who acted in Story of Yanxi Palace, endorsed Phytolium Treatment

Phyto RE30


Lawrence Wong


Where to Buy Phyto

Based on the store finder search at, it showed Robinson's and My Beauté Paris (at Parkway Parade) selling its products. 

For online stores, you can try the website but it might be more expensive at times. It is also available in the Qoo10 which offers coupons (which we loved). Do support us and click on this link or the image below to browse the Phyto Qoo10 Store and find out more about the prices and product ranges. 

Qoo10 Phyto

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