Philips Lumea Review

Philips through its innovative technologies is helping its buyers in all aspects, i.e. from electronics to the products we use in our day to day life. Now we are going to see one of such product features and its review. Yes, it's the Philips Lumea from the manufacturer for hair removal from the body parts with a saloon type finish. This product is easy to use, handy and can be used without help others especially.

Philips Lumea

Philips has launched five types of skin hair treating devices. The technology is based on IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), as the name itself indicates. A small beam of light with the needed intensity at regular intervals treated over the skin hair root. This prevents the rebirth of the new hair if it is used regularly. As a result of this treatment, the amount of hair growth decreases on the passing days.

Varieties in the product

1.PL Advanced 

The product kit contains the body, precision, and bikini attachment. The model is cordless, but the cord is extra-long and sufficient. It emits greater than 250,000 flashes of light.

3.PL Prestige 

It comes with an extra underarm hair remover hence 4 hair removers. It features extra-long corded or it can be used cordless.

4.PL Essential 

It comes without any extra attachments. It can be used in all parts of the body. It is corded only and it emits 200000 flashes and more than that.

While speaking about the hair reduction criteria of the varieties. The prestige model deals with 92% of hair reduction in the first three treatments but is used subsequently it gave good results. The advance model removes hair up to 75 % from the body starting from its first four treatments. The essential model also removes up to 75% hair on its first four treatments and gave good results when used accordingly.

Working of Philips Lumea

Philips Lumea works on the recent technology name IPL. There are certain follicles which are helpful in the hair growth of our body. The hair growing cells scientifically "hair-producing papilla"  is, in turn, the major producer of hairs. If these were destroyed then the hair growth is reduced at the needed parts. IPL emits a light that is secure enough for our body. These flashed light gets treated with the melanin content of the hair present in our body. Hence if this melanin content absorbs the light which turns into heat immediately after absorption. The melanin content stops the pigmentation and absorption process, which in turn makes the hair growth reduced or even nullified at those areas of treatment.

It is very happy to hear that the disturbing hair at the decent parts of our body makes sometimes irritated? Yes. But here the solution from Philips Lumea with its latest IPL technology. One of the beauty is that it detects the skin tone and treats accordingly. Yes, the device has the skin tone sensors which first senses the skin tone and its hair colors and sets the intensity automatically.

It treats with all types of skin tones but not with grey, white color hair, red and mainly brownish-black skin tone. If it is used in these skin tone it makes the skin sometimes feel like sunburned and pigmented spots appear.

The safety system in Lumea technology

It has 5 adjustable skin type settings. Since safety has been integrated into its technology it prevents the flashing of light without our intention. The UV light safety filter is also integrated which makes the skin guarded against the UV light issues. The sensor automatically senses your skin tone and sets the density of flash accordingly. These are common aspects of all three models. There is a smart skin sensor that ensures the setting is right depending upon our demands. This feature is adopted only in the prestige model and hence the price is hiked for this model.

Pricing wise Prestige model is costlier, with advanced in medium-priced and essential in the budget profile. Pricing differs upon the sites.

Now we can see the reviews which are after the usage of the Philips Lumea IPL. How often to use it? How many times I have to use it? Does my hair growth is stopped completely? Does it remove my hair properly? Are there any side effects on it? Here are the answers to your questions.

For the brought product to give successful results it should be used four times within two weeks time span at equal intervals needed. You can see the results at once with reduced hair growth and slowness in hair regrowth too. To maintain the paced growth you need to give a touch up at equal intervals of four weeks. After eight touch up treatments, you can use it in six months. In contradiction if you went for laser treatment you should have to consult a dermatologist first, then treatment might take up to eight sessions and more than that only. And each session might cost you fifty to two hundred dollars.

On comparing to the laser treatment it is ideal and it's much quicker and easy to handle. It can be made in the home privately itself. Laser hair removal is also you need to repeat once in a year depending upon the type of hair.

Side effects and demerits

The device gets hot at the end of the session which might burn your skin or you may feel hot. But that doesn't hurt so much but if it is a sensitive area a bit. So use the device accordingly. For large areas in the body for example in the leg. It takes much more time almost more than 10 minutes to scan over. I don't think you can use all the attachments as you would use the one which is attached frequently. There are minimal side effects like rashes on the skin if not used properly, body heated at certain parts but not alarming side effects noticed until now.


Honestly speaking it is easy to use, quick enough, privately managed. You don't need to wait in saloon and spend expensively for other treatments too. But it has to be used repeatedly at regular intervals for good results.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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