Not Enough Hair Dye What to Do?

You are now wondering what you can do with the little hair dye you have at your disposal. It is not worthwhile to buy new hair dye and you don't want to waste it.

Don’t worry! You are not alone. This happens with all of us with situations being different. Fortunately, your situation comes with a solution! 

Get clarity of results you want

First thing first, if you don’t know what you want to achieve for your hair, your confusion will never end but time will. You are short on time and cannot experiment at the moment. So, you must first decide your final look.

If you have some grey hair or some odd color left from your previous dyeing session, you need to address the problem area. Notice the strands that need to get dyed and collect all the means to separate them from the rest. Those extra hair-clips and scrunchies must get to work now!

In case you are planning to apply hair dye to add a new personality to your look, you can consider skipping the use of dye on your whole length. Instead, you can color your hair-flick or just the ends of your hair.

Little Hair Dye

Measure the dye you have

Since you are left with limited resources to dye your hair, this is a crucial step. Bring out your box of dye and measure the quantity you have. It will help you decide what all you can do with your hair. You must make a concrete plan for your hair dying session after having a look over the quantity as there is no scope to undo the things later. So, prioritize the hair strands that need to get colored.

What to do if you don’t have enough hair dye?

You are all set with your hair dye and application equipment ready in front of you. But you realize that your dye is too little to cover even your priority hair strands. Don’t get disheartened. You can still get the look you desire to achieve. Let us find out what options you have now:

Add in some water

Consider diluting it with water to add to the quantity. Do not add tap water as it contains chlorine which will interfere with the dying process. Use filtered water only for diluting. Since you are adding a very thin liquid to your dye, you will get a runny mixture which is difficult to handle. So, be prepared for the mess! Also, the strength of coloring agents will get reduced with the addition of water and you will get a bit lighter shade. Your electric pink won’t be electric enough to rock the dance floor! But this method will definitely solve your purpose.

Add dye to your conditioner

To increase the quantity of dye, you can consider adding a conditioner to it. You must be aware of the fact that since you are diluting it in a thick liquid, you are going to get a lighter color than the original dye color. Conditioner will also interfere in the dying process by disallowing the opening of hair cuticles to the coloring agents present in your dye. In short, you will surely get your hair dyed but the color will be much lighter than your expectations. For instance, if you have an electric pink with you, you’ll get a pastel pink on your hair. In the present situation, I think it is better to have some color on, rather than leaving your hair without a dye.

Add dye to your shampoo

Since you have been using your box of dye, you must be having the same color on your hair currently. With such little time at your disposal and too little quantity of dye, you can consider adding it to your shampoo. It will refresh your hair color while getting a good wash. Condition your hair normally after rinsing. As an outcome, you will get smooth and colored hair for you to style up the desired look.

Useful Tips for limited hair dye

Since you are willing to dye your hair but don’t have enough hair dye, you must bring out the creative person in you to get a beautiful new look. To ignite your creativity, here are some suggestions you can try:

Get Highlights/Lowlights

With a limited quantity of dye at hand, you can consider adding highlights or lowlights to amp-up your style. The biggest benefit of adding color to your selective strands is that you don’t necessarily need foil and fancy equipment. Such preparations only add to the time which you need to save right now. Get that disposable gloves and use the freehand technique to add the desired lighting to your hair!

Get some Streaks on  

Streaks are a great way to get a punky look. If you have enough dye to cover larger sections of your hair, consider adding streaks for a brand new appearance. If you have a dark shade of dye, you can experiment with lighter streaks, by dissolving it, to get a bold look. 

Color the ends

Since it is not possible to cover the full length of hair with this little dye you have, you can color just the ends of your hair. Style your hair in a way so that the colored portion of your hair gets accentuated.

Dye your bangs/flick

Don’t underestimate the power of coloring the hair falling on your face. They are an important part of your personality, that is why you got them cut that way. Put on that dye on your bangs or your flick to become a topic of discussion at the party!

Color the roots

If your sole reason for dying is to hide your natural color growing out from the roots, consider applying the dye on this newly grown hair. It will solve your purpose while making your hair ombre with dark shade near the roots followed by lighter ones towards the hair-ends.

So, what are you waiting for? Dye your hair and get ready for the party! 

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