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If you want to save money then coloring your hair at home can be the best and inexpensive solution. Keep in mind that it not always easy to find the exact shade that you want. You might be interested in the dark brown shade or any other similar to that. You can mix red and brown colors to get the shade that you want. Most of the hair stylists mix the color to get the shade you want so you can also do that at home. It is a very much easy and simple process. 

Choose colors you want to mix

When you want the red shade on your hair then select a shade that has the same undertone as your skin has. When you will choose a tone that complements your skin tone it will avoid completely washed out and you will not get a greenish or yellow color. It is better to select tones with shades of light red. You can also select the brown shade as well. That’s the good thing that you are selecting two cool or two warm colors. Never opt for one cool and one warm as there is a possibility that they will counteract each other. 

While purchasing a dye check the box whether the shade is cool or warm. If your hairs are long you might need two boxes of each color to cover the whole head and get the desired results. Don’t worry about the results. By mixing these colors, there is nothing wrong going to happen with your hair. You will get a brown hair color with a hint of red shade. But make sure that both the colors are of the same brand. If you are finding it difficult to do it by yourself then it is better to go to the nearest salon or stylist to get the job done in a better way and the results will also be good. 

How to prepare a dye by mixing red and brown?

When you purchase a dye box it will contain a plastic bottle or a tube. It will also contain a developer, conditioner, an applicator, and disposable gloves. For mixing the colors you will need a plastic bowl if the dye is in a tube and if it is liquid then you will need a plastic bottle. It is better if there are measuring marks on the sides of a bowl or bottle, it will help you to measure the exact quantity of dye properly. 

Put gloves on your hands and mix equal parts of color and developer in a bowl. Once it is mixed properly follow the guideline about how to apply it on your hair and let it sit for some time and then rinse it off and use a conditioner on the hair. 


If you want a major or drastically color change, then it is advised to visit a professional salon to get the job done. Drastic changes may require lots of processes so a stylist can understand the situation of your hair best and will use the method that will cause minimum damage to your hair. If you want to do this at home, then try this at a little hidden portion of your hair and see how it goes then apply the mixture on to your entire hair. 

A complete process of mixing red and brown hair dyes

Mixing these two colors means that you will have a brand new hair color. To keep the mixing process clean makes sure that you have proper mixing and safety equipment. While mixing two colors makes sure that you are mixing an equal ratio of both so that you can get a new shade of your hair dye. 

  • The first thing you need to do is to purchase two different boxes of red and brown colors. If you have long hair then buy two boxes of each color. It is better to have hair dyes in excess so that you can easily cover your entire hair. Make sure that you are buying both hair colors of the same brand. Also makes sure that both colors have complementary shades rather than contrasting shades. 
  • Get a plastic bowl or bottle to mix both the colors. You can also use a glass bowl as well, but avoid using a metal bowl as there is a possibility that it will oxidize the hair dye which means it will change the hair color when applied. If you want to dye your hair regularly then it is better to have a dedicated bowl for this purpose. 
  • It is better to place an old towel or a piece of newspaper underneath the bowl when you will allow the color to sit and mix well. It will avoid your floor from getting dirty. 
  • Wear plastic gloves on your hands. These gloves mostly come with your hair dye. This will protect your skin from getting stained by the hair dye. All the hair dyes contain some chemicals so these gloves will avoid the exposure of chemicals to your skin. 
  • Make use of a plastic fork to mix both the colors. Mix them properly so that they can work well when applied to hair. 
  • Check on the label box for the developing time. It should be the same for both the colors. 
  • From the label, check the lightening strength of both the colors. After that mix the ratios accordingly. 
  • Apply the mixture thoroughly onto your hair. Let it sit for almost 30 minutes and then rinse it properly. Use a conditioner after that and you will get the best results. 


There is no problem in mixing brown and red hair dye as long as you purchased both hair colors of the same brand. After mixing and applying properly you will get a new shade in the shape of dark brown with a hint of a red shade. Similarly, you try can out by mixing other colors as well to get the desired shade.

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