Male Perm Styles

Men are always looking to improve their appearance. There are lots of male perm styles like loose perm, digital perm, hot perm, cold perm, ceramic perms so which is the best for you?

Hot Perm

Types of Male Perm Styles

Perm is a process in which guys convert their straight hair into curly hair. There are two major types of male perms such as cold perm and hot perms. 

Hot Perm

To break disulfide bonds, the acidic solution is applied to the hair before the heating. It will enable you to design and mold your hair into the desired shape and curls. 

Cold Perm

To break disulfide bonds or to alter the protein structure of hair an alkaline solution is used. To re-bond the hair and bring them back to the original ph a neutralizer solution is used. These perms are more affordable and less damaging than hot perms. Such curls are not long-lasting and your hair will look less natural. 

Famous Male Perm Styles

Perm styles are unlimited. In this article, we will try to write down some famous styles. 

  • Digital Perm
  • It is a type of hot perm. It is known as the modern and popular perm style. You will get softer curls along with looser hair curls. This style takes time normally you will have to spend almost 4 hours. 

  • Ceramic Perm
  • It is also the type of hot perm. You will get long-lasting and well-defined perms but more heat will be required. You will get tight curls and a beautiful look. In this style, there is a chance of hair damage because of heat so it is suitable for stronger and coarser hair. You will be able to get your hair done in just an hour. 

  • Classic Perm
  • It is a type of traditional cold perm. A perm rod used for styling will determine the intensity of the curl. It is suitable for all types of hair and you can get your hair done in almost 3 hours. 

  • Twist Male Perm Style 
  • It is yet another cold perm style and will give well defined and tight curls. It will require almost five hours to get your hair done. It can be damaging so it is recommended to use this style on stronger and healthy hair. 

  • Side Partition Hairstyle
  • If you are looking for a different look then try out this side partition style. Your existing perm will look even better after applying this hairstyle. You can add more beauty to your look by using glasses and blazers. Dressing well along with hairstyle is necessary nowadays. 

  • Perm Matching With Dense Beard
  • Beards were in fashion right from the old days. If your perm is matching with a beard then it can make a deadly combination. For such style, you can go for a highlighted perm or body wave. If you want to stand out in others then try this perm style. This style will make you different from others, and it will force people to focus on you. 

  • Perm For Medium Length Hair
  • A medium-length perm for men will provide a gorgeous look. Try to match your hair with a well-kept beard to look more elegant. Men who are a lover of traveling and adventure, it is ideal for those. This hairstyle will also match the personality of the musicians as well. 

  • Highlighted Curls
  • It will provide you a wild look if your dressing is also highlighted. One thing should be in your mind while applying bleach and hair dyes you are putting your hair under pressure. To keep your hair hydrated use honey or a conditioner. Just simply highlight your curls with your favorite hair dye and enjoy the most wanted look. This hairstyle will make you different from others. This hairstyle will be in the trend for the coming years as well. 

  • Wavy Perm Style
  • Wavy perms not only look good on women, but these perms also look good on men. You can get this wavy perm look by visiting any nearest salon. This type of hairstyle will make you look better than ever before. Medium-sized wavy perm will almost fake the natural look. This male perm style requires little care. While wearing this hairstyle you can play, and even sleep as well without disturbing your hairstyle. 

  • Loose Perm
  • You can request your hairstylist for a loose perm style. You can carry this hairstyle anywhere and it will provide you an elegant look. A good thing about this style is it looks good at all ages. This style will suit you either you are a student or an old man. You can wear this hairstyle on any dress. 

  • Curly Hair Perm
  • People who have fair complexion can try tight hair curls. Just tell your hairstylist the style and you will get your curly hair perm style. Curly hairs are in a trend and you will be able to get styled your hair from any nearest salon. Wear tight and well-defined curls for a better look. You will not have to do anything the entire styling will be done by a hairstylist. 

  • Body Wave Male Perm Style
  • It is a type of hot perm style. Body wave perm is a little different than the simple wave perm. This method involves the use of chemicals. To get good results to make sure that the method is prepared and performed carefully. Rod’s measurement is the main difference between a wavy and body wave perm. For the body wave perms, rods of 2 inches diameter are used. 

  • Close Beard
  • Closely shaven beard can help to get a perfect look. Some people hesitate to opt for curly hair, but these hairs can provide you a different look. Just streamline your curls with cream along with a well-groomed beard and you will get a dramatic and fantastic hairstyle.  

  • Man Bun
  • It is yet another trending male perm style. It is the easiest hairstyle to wear. Just tie your curls into a man bun and enjoy an elegant look. 


    In style and fashion, men are not behind women by any means.Everything is changing so quickly so do fashion trends.

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