L’Oreal Excellence Review

It is a radiant hair color that provides triple protection. There is no hair color found yet that cares more than excellence cream. What is meant by a triple protection system? It means it seals, replenishes, and conditions the hair.

L’Oreal Excellence Review

Along with triple protection, it also provides 100% grey coverage. It provides full coverage even your hairs are stubborn grays. It is called excellence because of these amazing features. It is an excellent choice for hair protection. It provides weekly conditioning treatment along with collagen that will protect your hair until you do the next coloring. 

This formula is excellent for long-lasting radiance. It is an excellent choice for gray coverage and provides gorgeous color from root to tip. There can be nothing better than this to treat your hair with this excellence cream. It has also the feature of long-lasting color. It is a permanent hair color. It comes in a variety of formulations and styles. It provides resistance against fading. It is available in permanent and semi-permanent color. It has a unique feature of root touch up. More importantly, it is incomparable. You may have tried a lot of dyeing kits at home but this is something exceptional and different from others. 

How to use L’Oreal excellence creme? 

  • Before applying it on your hair make sure that your hairs are clean and dry
  • Take a bowl that should be non-metallic
  • Take equal amounts of developer and the colorant and mix them properly
  • Decide whether you want to apply all over or just on the grays
  • It comes up with the protective serum so apply it along the length, not the roots
  • Wear gloves and now apply the color where needed. You can also apply it with applicator comb
  • Allow it to stay for 30 to 45 minutes
  • Use cool water for its washing
  • Now it’s the turn of massage. Massage the conditioner into your hair for 2 to 5 minutes
  • Rinse off properly and style your hair.

Pros of L’Oreal excellence hair color crème

There are lots of benefits that you will achieve by the use of this crème. Few most important pros are given below:

  • It provides triple protection
  • There is no such hair color that cares for your hair more than this excellence crème. It offers a triple protection system which means seals, replenishes, and conditions. It is called excellence because of this triple protection feature. 

  • Long-lasting
  • It is available in multiple formulations and styles so it provides your hair a long-lasting color. It offers resistance against the fading. 

  • Incomparable
  • You may have tried a lot of different hair color kits at home, but it is something exceptional and special. It has no comparison with them. If you are looking for a nature tint hair color, then you will love this. 

  • Easy to apply
  • Applying this excellence crème is very much easy. It is easy to use. You don’t need lots of things to apply this to your hair. 

  • Covers grey easily
  • It is called excellence for a reason. It provides 100% grey coverage. It is equally effective for stubborn grays. It comes in different formulations. It is also available in permanent hair color packing. So along with covering grays, it will also provide long-lasting color. 

  • Makes hair healthy
  • It is not just used for changing the color of hair it is effective and will make your hair healthy. It is applied from root to tip that will help in good health of your hair. It will strengthen your hair from roots. 

  • Gives your hair a healthy shine
  • It has a triple protection formula which means it is not used just for dyeing it will provide strength to your hair and also the shine. It contains a long list of ingredients and developers. Each ingredient serves a different function. 

  • Reduces hair fall
  • It is so much effective. It will stop your hair fall. It is not just applied on the ends or top it is applied to the roots so it will make your hair strong and avoid them from falling. 

  • Easily available
  • The biggest problem with most of these hair dyeing brands is they are not available easily. If the sale of an item is good it will be out of stock too quickly. That’s not the case with this product. You can buy it from your market or you can order it from the Amazon. 

  • Comes up with good quality gloves
  • As you will need gloves for applying it to your hair so it comes up with good quality gloves. 

  • You will enjoy good smell after washing
  • Once you have applied it properly after washing it you will enjoy a good smell that will make you feel good. 

  • Infused with pro keratin
  • Hairs are mainly made up of keratin. Keratin plays a major role in making your hair look young and healthy. With the passage of time, your hair will lose keratin, but it is enriched in pro keratin which will make your hair strong and provide long-lasting color. 

    Cons of L’Oreal excellence hair color crème

    There are no serious cons to this product. Only one or two are reported. 

    • It has less lasting power. It has lasting power of no more than 3 weeks which is not bad as compared to other colors. 


    L’Oreal excellence hair color crème is a well-known brand. It is very much effective for your hair. It does not only helps in hair coloring, but also is effective for hair growth, reduction of hair fall, and so many other benefits that are discussed above. You will be addicted to this product once you have used it. It has a triple protection formula. It cannot be compared with the other hair color brands. It will make your hair soft, shiny, healthy, reduces the breakage of hair drastically and you will enjoy a good smell after washing your hair.

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