Is Indigo Powder A Safe Hair Dye?

Indigo powder is a 100% natural product. It is a pure product and obtained directly from the farm of a farmer. It is harvested manually by the hands of labor. This product is free from all kinds of pesticides and chemicals. This is a natural and herbal hair dye. This will turn your hair black again. This will also help to prevent dandruff and premature greying of your hair. Indigo powder is made in India. If you want to get brown to black shade, you can use it with Henna. 

Indigo powder is absolutely safe to use. It is derived naturally from plants so it is chemical-free. Indigo leaf powder is a perfect choice for those who are sensitive and allergic to hair dyes. This can be used to color your hair or beard with or without the use of Henna. If the initial coat is of henna and the upper coat is of indigo powder, it will give your hair a long-lasting black color. Many people think that indigo powder is black henna it’s not the case. It gives a blue dye to your hair. It just looks likes henna. 

Indigo Leave

When it is mixed with henna, it gives dark brown to shiny black color to your hair. Most of the hair dyes contain chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, especially for those who have skin issues. But on the other hand, indigo is made of natural leaves so it has no side effect and will not cause any allergic reaction. This indigo powder is finely sifted and fresh. This product is manufactured in India. It is prepared in extremely favorable conditions. It is done with the help of farmers. Farmers are provided with special training about how to pick a fine raw material. This raw material is then manufactured ethically and organically in the facility of state of art. 

The benefits of indigo hair powder for hair dye

  • Perfect for hair growth
  • This powder is made naturally of leaves. So it can provide amazing results for hair growth. If it is used regularly it can stimulate hair growth and can prevent scalp infections. If you want hair growth massage this oil in the scalp regularly you will see good results. 

  • A good choice to deal with dandruff
  • This natural product made of leaves is also a good choice to deal with dandruff. It will reduce dandruff. If it is used from a young age, then it will prevent dandruff to build up. 

  • It can be helpful for premature greying of the hair
  • This home remedy can be helpful for treating the premature greying of your hair. When this indigo powder is used regularly it will reverse the process and will prevent the greying of hair. 

  • It can be used for hair dye
  • The biggest benefit of the natural powder is it acts as a natural hair dye. It is a perfect choice as compared to those hair dyes that are made up of chemicals and can cause serious skin allergies. It is made up of natural leaves so it can not cause reactions. 

  • Can be used for dry hair
  • It is considered as one of the best hair conditioners, it will help to soften your hair really well. If you have the issue of dry brittle hair, then it is recommended to use this indigo powder on a regular basis. After a few days of use, you will feel the difference. Your hair will be smooth and soft by the use of this powder. 

    Disadvantages or side effects of Indigo powder

    • There are no noted side effects of this indigo powder. As it is mixed with some ingredients during manufacturing so it can be the reason for some allergic issues. But such issues are very rare. There can be few symptoms of indigo powder allergy like you will feel headache, dizziness, and itchiness. If you are a victim of any of these symptoms stop the usage of indigo powder. 
    • It might be time-consuming and messy to use the indigo powder as a hair dye. But once you have started to use it regularly it will become easier. 
    • There are lots of fake products with the name of indigo powder in the market. So the use of fake powder will result in various side effects like headaches and itching. 

    Things you need before applying an indigo powder

    • A bowl either of plastic or wood
    • A plastic spoon
    • Indigo powder
    • Gloves
    • Plastics wrap
    • Petroleum jelly
    • Old towels
    • Water or coffee for mixing


    If you want your hair to go black or darkish brown, but you don’t want to use typical synthetic hair dyes. These dyes will take away the natural shine of your hair and sometimes even worse by causing allergic reactions. It has been noticed that most of the black hair dyes have a para-phenylenediamine which is mentioned as PPD in the ingredient’s section. This chemical is very harmful to hair.  It will slowly but surely damage your hair and physical health as well.

    So the safe and the best way to dye your hair black or brown is the use of indigo powder with henna. This natural hair dye combination is used abundantly and has been in use for almost 4000 years. When there was no artificial hair dyer was invented. It is named as an indigo powder because it has a blue pigment in it. Irrespective of this blue pigment indigo powder will give only black and brown color to your hair. 

    On grey hair, the indigo powder will not work as effectively. So it is better to apply henna before the use of indigo powder. There are some products that contain both henna and indigo powder, such products are cheap in price but these are not genuine and unsafe to use. Make sure that you are using the green indigo powder. When mixed with water, it gives a paste of ink blue color. So it can be said that if it is the original product indigo powder is a safe hair dye. 

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