Is Dyson Hair Dryer Worth It?

I will say a big YES! The dryer does not come cheap and it does come with benefits that we will go through and you will agree that it makes your life a lot easier. Especially when you are in a rush, and you need to combine straightening and drying of hair.

Dyson hairdryer reduces tangle

Both dryer and the bladeless fan is made up of a multiplier air technology that works by creating a high-velocity streamed air that is sucked upward towards the rim, joined with the air from the back of the dryer, this air is channeled outward in a horizontal direction. This hair dryer addresses some major problems found in common air dryers, for instance, air blown from other dryers tends to create turbulence that can cause hair strand to tangle, this majorly affects those with straight hair.

Dyson hairdryer is a dryer designed to protect your hair from excessive heat damage.
Another issue tackled is the damaged done to hair by excessive heat. Excessive heat can destroy the resiliency and surface texture of natural hair such that it cannot be undone by shampoo and conditioning treatment. Some of these features are incredible and a step-up from other hair dryers. Let take a look at the full features of the Dyson hairdryer together and decided whether this is worth the price we are paying or not.
Components of the Dyson hairdryer

Dyson Hair Dryer

The Dyson hairdryer is made up of a heat mat, a hanging hook, and three magnetic attachments. They are:

  1. a styling concentrator
  2. a diffuser and
  3. a smoothing nozzle

The use of the components are

  1. Styling concentrator: is a super-thin nozzle that is designed to allow streams of air in one direction. The thin design of the styling concentrator creates a high-velocity stream of air allowing the hair to straighten around the brush. This technology makes styling and straightening of hair easier and you get to style your hair in different ways.
  2. The diffuser: the diffuser is designed to distribute air evenly around the hair. It diffuses, softens, and controls the flow of hair thereby speeding up the drying process. This process reduces the frizzing of hair and helps in creating natural and well-defined curls. The presence of long prongs that reaches deep into the hair allows for easy styling of hair.
  3. Smoothing nozzle: this dries hair with smooth and controlled airflow creating a smooth finish. There is no high velocity or unruly stream of air that can cause tangling or frizzing of hair. This gives the hair a smooth and natural look.

The dryer itself is mad-up of a range of buttons that allow you to increase the velocity or heat levels. For the velocity, there are three settings that are indicated by tiny light while for the heat counterpart there are four heat regulators also indicated by the tiny lights. This dryers also has a really long cable that makes it easy to plug into awkward places and still reach the mirror.

The benefit of Dyson hair Dryer
Some benefits differentiate it from other dryers
Fast drying
The air multiplier technology coupled with the powerful digital motor (V9) creates a high-velocity stream of controlled air through the nozzle. The air from the nozzle is directed with accuracy and precision towards your hair thereby preventing the hair from being blown around.
Less noise
Compare to other Dryers, the Dyson hairdryer has made a significant improvement in noise level. The powerful motor in the dryer is designed to be an inaudible frequency. While the dryer is not actually silent, the noise level is just very reduced when compared to other dryers.
Prevents excessive heat damage to the hair
The heat control on the dryers makes it easier to regulate the amount of heat streaming out of the dryer thereby preventing damage to the air. There is a built-in microprocessor that regulates and takes the temperature 20 times every second
Dyson hairdryer is designed for different types of hair
The range of attachments that comes with the set is designed for a wide range of hair type.
Produces negative ion
The negative ion produced by the dryer reduces static in hair. Dyson hairdryer works by emitting negative ions that help separate the molecules of water. This helps the hair to dry faster and subsequently reduces the heat damage that could lead to the drying out of the hair.

What makes Dyson so different
A couple of features coupled with some advance technology differentiates the Dryer from others. The first thing that sets this Dryer apart is the motor and its location.

The motor is really small and is located in the handle rather than the head which is often the case in most dryers. This decision is really brilliant because, for other traditional dryers, the motor is big and located in the head, this is the reason while most dryers are heavy and cause arm-ache. Another advantage is that your hair doesn’t get sucked into the fan. A tragedy that has been experienced by most women.

Another feature is the strength of the airflow, most dryers have a weak airflow that leads to slow drying time, but this is not the case with Dyson’s, the slightly weaker but controlled airflow is way more efficient when drying.

The biggest advantage of this dryer is its benefit to the hair, the built-processor prevent excessive heat damage to your hair, also the smoothing nozzle prevents the disruption of the hair follicle and locks in moisture. The need for hair straighteners after drying your hair has been eliminated completely saving time and damages that would have been caused by straighteners. It is really a win-win situation.


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