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Is Applying Hair Oil Is Useless For The Health Of Hair?

It depends on which hair expert you talk to. It is not necessarily true that applying hair oil is useless for the health of hair. Everyone has different types of hair. The thing that goes well for one might not go well for the other. The type of hair oil used and the results achieved will be different for each head and oil. No doubt hair oils can soften the hair can treat the dry and damaged hair. But for structural problems, you may have to buy some high-quality hair products. 

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It is true up to some extent. Oils can benefit you temporarily. Oil is just a topical fix it will not penetrate deep to fix the root cause of damage. It cannot moderate the damage caused by chemicals, hot styling, and the sun. If the cuticles are rough it can be smooth by the use of oil. Most of the oils contain silica in some form or another. Silica is used to provide shine to the hair. Benefits from oil are temporary. All the effects will be null after the first shampoo. Oils don’t have the repairing qualities so they are not effective for damaged hair. 

Things to avoid while oiling your hair

A few important tips are given below to apply oil effectively on your hair. Avoid doing the following mistakes while oiling your hair. 

  • Heat the oil before applying it
  • Heating the oil is a good thing because warm oil penetrates more and will reach the scalp and is more soothing too. You can do heating by keeping it in a microwave oven for just 10 seconds. Make sure that oil is not too hot for the job and excessive heating can damage the nutrients in the oil. 

  • Don’t massage too hard 
  • If you are doing massage too hard it will do more harm than good. If you are vigorously massaging the hair it will create hair knots, which can damage the roots, and it will result in breakage of hair. To obtain the best results out of your oil it is better to do a soft massage in a circular motion. 

  • Do combing before a massage 
  • When you start to massage and your hair is tangled and had knots it will create big problems for you. It will also damage the roots. So the best thing to do before the massage is the combing. When your hair is tangled-free you can start massage gently. 

  • Not mixing your favorite oil
  • It is better to use a mixture of two oils rather than one. The choice is yours. You can use a mixture of coconut and organ oil. You can also use a mixture of mustard oil and olive oil. If one can give you glossy and healthy hair imagine what the mixture can do? Pick up your favorites. Create a mixture and start massage straight away. 

  • Don’t tie your hair too tightly after oiling
  • After head massage roots of the hair tends to loosen up a bit. So one thing to avoid is don’t tie your hair too tightly after oiling. This mistake will further weaken the roots of your hair and can cause a significant amount of breakage and damage. 

  • Use of fingertips instead of cotton
  • The most common and frequent way of head massage is the use of fingertips. It is better to use a piece of cotton for this purpose. It will be easy for cotton to reach the roots of the hair. And cotton will reach the scalp gently. For the best results just simply dip cotton in hot oil and remove the excessive oil and gently rub it onto your hair scalp and also on along the length of hair. 

  • Frequent oiling of your hair
  • Oiling on a regular basis is a good thing. You can do this twice a week. If you will do this frequently you are irritating the natural scalp. Mind that you will have to do shampoo to remove oil so when you will shampoo daily it will make your hair dull and moisture-free. No doubt oil is important but excess of everything is bad. 

  • Take your hair into consideration while selecting the oil
  • The selection of oil according to your hair is very crucial. If you have dry and frizzy hair try out argon oil. If you are facing the issue of dandruff try out almond oil and the coconut oil is equally effective for all types of hair. If you are selecting hair oil for a particular problem then take a wise decision and make a good selection. 

  • Don’t just concentrate on the scalp
  • As it feels relaxing when massaging the scalp. Don’t forget that it is equally important to spread oil on the length of hair. If you want healthy and lustrous hair spread the oil evenly. So focus on entire head hair rather than just on the scalp. 

  • Leave the oil on hair for sometime
  • If you have just put oil on the hair and you are rushing to wash the head it is not a wise thing. You will enjoy the outcomes of oil. At least allow the oil to sit in for an hour. Wrap a hot towel around your head so that the pores can open up and absorbs all the goodness of oil. After this wash your hair with lukewarm water. That will do very nicely for you. 

  • Heat styling right after hair wash 
  • Just after the hair washes people want to dry hair with blower. This will make your hair dry, but this will nullify the positive effects of oil as well. So take a break and don’t do it straight away. 


    So we can conclude that oil is not useless for the health of hair. In fact, if it is selected properly according to your hair type it can bring lots of positive outcomes. So choose your oil wisely according to your hair and hair problem and enjoy the magic. 

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