Indian Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

It has been observed that most of the females feel uncomfortable with their short hair. Most of the females tend to wait for hairs to grow or go for hair extension for their wedding hair hairstyles.

They feel that women with long hairs can have lots of hairstyling options. In this article, you will find out the best Indian wedding hairstyles for short hair.

It is not necessary that only long hair can provide you prettiest look. There are lots of hairstyles that you can opt for short hair. These styles will provide you a gorgeous and stunning look on your wedding day. 

Indian Hairstyle

10 best Indian wedding hairstyles for short hair

There are lots of breathtaking wedding hairstyles for short hair that can provide you a marvelous look. Some of those styles are given below:

Short Hairstyle

  • Juda Hairstyle
  • This hairstyle will provide an elegant look to Indian brides with short hair. There are five different Juda styles that you can try on your special day. Such as

    • Braided Juda
    • Classic bun
    • French Juda for short hair
    • Donut buns
    • Buns with a floral look

  • Braided Bun
  • Indian brides with short hair will look good in this style. A good thing about this style it is easy to achieve and not very much time-consuming. It depends on you from which side you want to start your braid. You can take three strands and make their French braid it will include all your hairs then for a clean look pin up the hairs from ends. For this style make sure that all the hairs are tuck properly and there are no stray hairs if that’s the case you can use hairspray or serum. With this hairstyle, you can go for a neck piece and heavy earrings. This Indian wedding hairstyle for short hair can provide you an elegant and unique look. 

  • A messy updo with twirl ends
  • It is a perfect hairstyle for those Indian brides who have short hair on the front and long hair at the back. You will have to gather all the long hair for creating a bun and leave the shorter strands. You can use a blow dryer for these shorter strands and twirl them at the ends. You can use serum or hairspray so that these shorter strands do not look frizzy. 

  • Braid with a side bun
  • It depends on you which parting you want to choose you can either select side parting or middle parting. Just take your hair strands, braid your hair, and finally make a side bun. You can use flowers for bun it will be good to use a red rose for the bun, but it is not necessary to use a red rose. You can choose flowers that smell and look good. You can go for a simple hairstyle and let your wedding dress and jewelry do the job. 

  • Blunt bob hairstyle
  • It is the oldest hairstyle but such styles never go out of fashion. This hairstyle will give a classic look to Indian brides with short hair. It was created way back in 1909 by Antoine. Many women have used this hairstyle and rock the world. So there is no reason, not to use this fabulous hairstyle on your wedding day. 

  • Fringe and a low pony
  • This hairstyle looks sophisticated yet a fabulous style for brides. You can style your hair with little effort and this hairstyle will not make your hair look messy. You can try this hairstyle even at the functions before your wedding day. 

  • Well defined waves
  • It is another inspiring hairstyle for Indian brides with short hair. If you have short but naturally wavy hair, you can embrace your waves. You can use a curling iron or serum for well-defined waves. Whether you are wearing jewelry or not this hairstyle will provide you a stunning look and will enable you to grab the attention of everyone. 

  • Low chignon
  • This low bun hairstyle is considered as a perfect choice for formal occasions. It does not mean that you can’t use for casual parties. In this style, you will twist your hairs into a bun and then apply bobby pins on your hair. You can also use metallic head chains for a more elegant look. If you are interested in messy chignon you can leave your shorter strands. 

  • Simple sleek hair
  • If you have sort but sleek hair you can go for this one. This hairstyle is very simple and does not require too much effort. Without any accessories, it will still provide you gorgeous look. You can try this hairstyle with any Indian wedding dress. If you have fear of stray hairs then use a serum to get rid of this issue. It is the best and simple Indian wedding hairstyle for short hair. 

  • Simple low bun
  • Low buns always look good and trendy. A good thing about this hairstyle is you can style your hair with minimum effort and in a short time. If you are fond of a messier look leave a few strands out. Make sure that you are not overdoing it otherwise you will be left with a small bun. You don’t have to worry much about using this hairstyle a little amount of serum will help to keep the hair in place all day. Those Indian brides who have curly hair can try out this style. 


    Most of the females are worried about their short hair. Women with short hair think they can’t style their hair for their wedding day. That’s not the case.

    Short Indian Hairstyle

    There are lots of hairstyles that are ideal for those females who have short hairs. You can spend a little time on the internet or with your hairstylist to get an idea about which hairstyle will be best for your special day. If you can accessorize your hair nicely with the jewelry you can rock the party.  So, these are the best Indian wedding hairstyles for short hair. 

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