How To Straighten Curly Hair Naturally

As a person who has naturally wavy hair, I try to not straighten my hair with heat since it damages the quality and the natural curls of my hair. Thus, if I really feel like straightening it, I usually opt for a natural treatment. 

There are several ways to straighten wavy hair naturally. 

One of the ways is using a mask, and a milk mask was something I tried and worked on me. Other masks include flaxseed mask, olive oil mask, and 3-oils mask. You could also use essential oils and an apple cider vinegar wash to straighten it, as well as combing your wet hair gently throughout after washing it. In addition to these methods, you can also experiment with tying your hair in a ponytail after it is almost dry. 

Combing wet hair: 

There are several different natural treatments for people who have naturally wavy or curly hair. One of the ways to brush your wet hair. After washing your hair, you should let it air dry. However, even in doing so, you need to make sure that you keep combing it gently – remember to do it gently, or else it may tear out since it’s wet – every five minutes until it dries. You can also pull and hold out sections of your hair to emphasize the straightness of it. 


Try a milk mask:

There are also several masks available to naturally straighten your wavy or curly hair. One of them is a milk mask. This is a tried and tested method because I personally have done it. Although my hair does not become completely straight, it has become somewhat straight. 


What you do is that you comb your hair first and then apply warm milk (or room temperature, whatever suits you) on each strand of your hair. Do this one more time and comb your hair again, as it ensures that the milk mask has gone to each hair strand. Wait for it to dry before washing your hair. 



Personally, I think this mask is great because even if it does not straighten your hair completely, it does some work to your hair. I usually did it every alternate day – basically, whenever I 

Source: Mammabee washed my hair, I used to put on this mask. It made it quite silky and easier to manage for someone who has slightly rough wavy hair. 


Make a flaxseed mask:

Milk mask is not the only mask that can be used to straighten wavy natural hair. There is also a flaxseed mask. This is relatively easy to make because all you need are flaxseeds and hibiscus flowers. You need to boil these two elements together and strain it through a strainer. All you need to do next is apply it to your hair. 


Try an essential oil:

Essential oils allow making your hair tame, which in turn, allows it to straighten out. Some of these are coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil, and macadamia oil. These oils can reabsorb more rapidly and they can also seal and repair cells inside your hair. 


Make an olive oil mask:

For this mask, all you have to do is warm up three tablespoons of oil and just put it on your naturally wavy hair. Next, you should make sure to cover your hair with a plastic wrap or you could also opt to leave the mask on overnight. If you opt for the second option, you need to wash in right in the morning


It might be challenging for you to get the mask off your hair in the morning, thus potentially need to apply the shampoo you use several times. Another option is to use a liter of warm water and lemon juice to rinse it as it makes it easier for the oil mask to come off. 


Experiment with a 3-oils mask:

This one requires a few more oils than the previous mask. You need olive oil, castor oil, and burdock oil and create a mixture by combining all those ingredients. The reason why I am unable to give you a specific measure is that it is dependable on the length of your hair as well as the thickness of it. 


Before applying to your wavy hair, please ensure to heat the mask in a water bath and then apply it. In addition to this, make sure to keep your hair mask for forty minutes whilst wrapping it up in a warm towel. 



This is very popular amongst women with wavy hair. Using henna makes your hair slightly more thickening, thus leading to becoming heavier, which ultimately results in the hair becoming straight. Furthermore, not only does it allow the hair to become straight, but it also prevents the occurrence of split ends in your hair as well as dandruff. 


Use apple cider vinegar as a straightener:

Although apple cider vinegar is used to make your hair shiny, it can also be used to straighten your hair naturally. To make this wash, you need to combine two tablespoons of the specific vinegar with a cup of water, and ideally, you should put it in a spray bottle. 


Next, ensure to spray it all over the length of your hair and make sure to rinse with warm water. And voila, you might not have perfectly straight hair but you will have somewhat straight hair. 


Perhaps test out La Toca:

Women in Latin America–those who have curly or wavy hair–use this technique called “La Toca” to straighten their hair naturally. They blow-dry their hair in a natural, cool setting after washing it and after mostly drying it, they wrap their hair around their head, and put hairpins, making sure the hair stays. The morning after, they have straight shiny hair. 

Using blow-dry with cold hairdryer has been proven to cause less damage than air drying alone according to


Tying a ponytail after drying your hair:

After washing your hair, allow it to be mostly dry before making a tight ponytail, however, it should be situated slightly below. If you have extra hair that comes out of your ponytail or bangs, ensure to straighten it out with hairpins. Comb the hair through the ponytail to get rid of any tangles. 


Afterward, get more rubber bands and tie your ponytail, leaving a 2 inches (5 to 7 cm) gap between (although, the measurement depends on the length of your hair). Following this step, use a silk scarf to cover your hair. After your hair is fully dry, take out the scar and remove all the hair ties. 

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