What hairstyle is right for my face shape

A hairstyle that suits my face will make me look more beautiful?

Of course! 

What hairstyle is right for my face shape?

In general, the best hairstyles for different face shapes are:

  • Heart: For less aggressive looks, your jawline is narrow and sharp, you should add more width to the bottom of your face. Long side-swept cuts, textured waves, or curls starting below the ear, side-parted pixies, bobs, and lobs will balance your face making it less sharp. Some people still prefer to focus on their jawline to stand out or businesswomen look. You can maintain a long straight hair then.
  • Long: The long or rectangle face shape requires a haircut that does not elongate it further. You will need to add width to your face with a layered cut, blowout waves or curls, soft and romantic chignons, rounded fringes, or curtain bangs.
  • Oval: Anything goes as this is the perfect face shape. Long or short waves or curls will work.
  • Round: A round face with equal width and height is like a blank canvas waiting to be painted. You can go really wild with a round face to define your looks You can define your face like long layered cuts, choppy pixie cuts, short side bangs.
  • Square: Your strong jawline can be amplified or hidden depending on your preference. Usually short hair suit square faces better. You can spice it up with side-parted styles, short layered bobs, or side-swept bangs.

Besides these basic 5 shapes, nowadays, many hairstylists also define other variants of these shape such as 

  • Oblong - Variant of long / rectangle with slimmer width. Hairstyle for long would still fit well.
  • Diamond - Variant of Heart with sharper top of the face. Hairstyle for a heart would still work with a stronger emphasis on uncovering the top of the face.
  • Triangle - Variant of Square with a sharper top of the face. Similar to Diamond, the emphasis would be widening the top of your face.

How to check hairstyles that suit your face online

So do I look better with short or long hair? Does short hair make you look thinner or fatter? The best way to check which hairstyles suit you is to check the hairstyle with your face online. Hairqueenie researched for 10 hours and gathered 2 easy websites and several apps for checking which hairstyle suits your face.
The list of websites and apps for checking hairstyles that suit my face online includes:
  1. ImageHairStyler via https://imagehairstyler.appspot.com
  2. Virtual Makeover via https://stylecaster.com/virtual-makeover/
  3. For Apple: Hairstyles for Your Face Shape
  4. For Apple: Find Your Face Shape
  5. For Apple: HairStyle Try-On
  6. For Google: HairStyle Mirror


ImageHairStyler via https://imagehairstyler.appspot.com

We strongly recommend using ImageHairStyler because there is no app installation required. There are also a standard face and hairstyle to let you quickly pick and see the differences. 

It is also free and ads supported but it does not hinder the feature at all.

Virtual Makeover via https://stylecaster.com/virtual-makeover/

Another app we strongly recommend is the virtual makeover app by Stylecaster. Unlike ImageHairStyler, it is meant for a complete makeover.

Therefore it is more complicated and includes blush color and makeup. However, if you want to see the makeover effect or show a sample to your makeover artist or hairstylist, this would be a good professional photo to show them. 

There is also 1-quick looks to change your face completely so do check that out. Again, there are ads but minimal and acceptable for usage.

If you wish to have more hairstyles to choose, installing an app is necessary. Apps also cater to both male and female hairstyles.

For Apple: Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

This app is rated 2.3 stars. It is debatable as it seems to generally classify your face as oval even though it had 7 different shapes

- Oval
- Square
- Round
- Heart
- Oblong
- Diamond

It is last updated in February 2020 with more hairstyles so maybe there are still users.

For Apple: Find Your Face Shape

Another app by the same developer, it was updated in February 2020 to include more wigs and improved its face detection. It is rated 3.5 stars.

For Apple: Hairstyle Try-On

This app is rated 4.0 and last updated in December 2019 to add more styles and improve face detection.

For Google: HairStyle Mirror

This app is rated 2.4 and last updated in 2015. You probably can just install for fun as its hairstyle are outlandish.



Please let us know when you found other useful sites or apps that let you try hairstyles for your face and we will update this listing for the benefit of everyone.


Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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