How Often Should I Massage My Scalp For Hair Growth?

Your hairs will become dry because of dry scalp.

If you don’t want dry scalp and straw-like strands make sure that you are keeping the scalp properly lubricated. You can massage your scalp every other day, but it might not be good practice for some people. 

hair massage

For a gentle massage, you can use your fingertips. When there will be proper blood circulation in your neck and head area it will not only help to loosen tight tissues, it will also help in your hair growth.  It is better to use flats of your fingers instead of fingernails to rub the scalp for 2 to 5 minutes. For an ideal scalp massage, 2 to 5 minutes are more than enough.

Why scalp massage is necessary?

In the hair scalp, some arteries are responsible for bringing nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles. Both the oxygen and nutrients help in the growth of hair. The scalp is so thin, so frequent scalp massage can help to promote blood flow. Scalp massaging can produce more good results if effective massage oil is used. There are lots of essential oils that can help to promote hair growth. When the roots of the hairs are healthy there are fewer chances of hair fall. Frequent scalp massage will strengthen the current hair and it is equally effective for the growth of new hairs. 

How to massage your scalp?

Scalp massaging should ideally be done before washing your hair. There are simple steps to be followed for your scalp massage. 

  • Find out a spot in your home which is quite and you feel comfortable out there. You will enjoy your scalp massage. Use your finger’s flats in a circular motion for the effective massage. 
  • Make sure that knuckles are in contact with your scalp. Grab a good portion of hairs in your hand and then pull on the hairs gently and finally release your hair. Repeat this process over your entire head. 
  • Behind the top of your ears locate dimples in your skull using your fingers. For a few seconds apply some pressure on these dimples and then release. Repeat this step at least two to three times. 
  • Gently lift your neck and head and roll it slowly to the left, hold for a second and final release. Repeat the same step for the right side also. 
  • Make a cup with both of your hands under your neck. Lift your head gently and hold your head in this position for a couple of seconds. 
  • Using your fingers apply firm pressure at the base of your skull. 

The benefits of scalp massage

Like your skin, your hairs also go through various phases. There will be a significant impact of hormones, hair products, overall health, and weather conditions on the growth, texture, and appearance of your hair. If you feel that your hairs are not growing as they should be or your hairs are becoming rough, then don’t worry. Just simply massage your scalp with fingertips. Regular scalp massage and body massage can significantly contribute to healthy and faster-growing hair. 

The only massage will not be enough. You will have to combine massage with a good diet. You should eat nutritious food. You should follow a healthy lifestyle such as (exercise regularly, quit smoking, and take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night). You will see the results of these activities on your body and hair. Some major benefits of scalp massage are given below:

  • Regular scalp massage will increase blood circulation. 
  • This increased circulation will increase the number of red blood cells in your scalp. 
  • The presence of more red blood cells means there are more chances of rejuvenation and growth.
  • As a result of rejuvenation, the scalp will be able to produce more follicles. 
  • Regular and frequent massage will help to increase the amount of hair growth. 

Essential oils for the nourishment of the scalp

There are lots of essential oils that can help to nourish your scalp and promote hair growth. Few of those essential oils are given below:

Peppermint Oil

  • Peppermint Oil
  • It acts as a natural cleanser and it helps to improve the blood circulation. 

  • Tea tree Oil
  • It is an effective essential oil for itchy and dry scalp. It will also help to get rid of minuscule dermatitis issues. 

  • Chamomile Oil
  • It is used to soothe the itchy and inflamed scalp. 

  • Lemon Oil
  • It is perfect oil that can help your scalp to fight against dandruff. 

  • Almond Oil
  • Castor oil and almond oil are used to promote hair growth. 

    Almond Oil

    Once you have massaged your scalp you have two options either to wash your hair straight away or leave the essential oils in your hair scalp for some time to do the job. Have a good look at your hair care products.

    • Look for amino acids, apple polyphenol, biotin, MSM, and caffeine in your hair shampoo. All of these ingredients help to improve blood circulation and improves hair growth. 
    • To keep your hair lustrous and well-fed use a conditioner that contains olive oil. 
    • Make sure that you are conditioning and washing your hair at least three times a week. This will bring good results. 


    It is a question that lots of people have in mind. “How Often Should I Massage My Scalp For Hair Growth”? The answer to this question is very simple. You can massage your scalp every day. Simply applying oil to your hair can help to condition and soften your hair, but it will bring more good results if you thoroughly massage your scalp. 

    Massaging your scalp with warm fingers in a circular motion will help the scalp to absorb the oil’s nutrients. Frequent scalp massage will save your hair from breakage. Regular massage will help your hair to build resilience over time. Along with a regular massage you also need a healthy diet to maintain the good health of your hair. 

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