How Is BTS Hair Not Damaged From All The Hair Dye And Bleach?

The BTS boys have captured the hearts of fans across the globe but it’s hard to tell which one intrigues their listeners the most – the hairstyles or the music. Watching the boys flip through hairstyles and colors effortlessly without taking the attention away from their music performance at any time might make one conclude that they deserve another stellar award in hair rocking.

BTS Hair

You may have even thought of marinating your hair in serenading colors after watching the BTS hair play out over the years. It’s worth wondering about how they are able to play around with so much dye and bleach in order to rock such hairstyles and hair color. Because, how much bleach and dye can your hair get away with?

Why the BTS hair is not advisable

Your hairstylists probably tried to dissuade you from bleaching or dyeing your hair at some point, but you're convinced about rocking your hair color.

BTS Bleached


Except you're blonde, rocking bright colors requires bleaching your hair strands in order for the dye to sink into your hair, and change its color.

Bleaching makes your hair color lighter making it possible to dose your hair with the desired colors so that you can achieve your dream look.

However, bleach can affect your hair negatively because of all the hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and toner whose job is to lighten and change the shade of your hair. These substances weaken your hair and can cause your hair to break.

BTS Hair


What the bleach solution does is to separate the scales in the cuticle as the molecules sip into your hair. This means that the longer the bleach sits in your hair, the more the cuticle is separated causing your strands to get weaker.

Constant use of bleachers and dyes in your hair makes it porous and brittle which is why your stylist discouraged you (or will) from dyeing your hair.

Again, your scalp may feel irritated by the bleach as it settles into your hair. This may greatly affect the skin around the irritated area to the point of causing a chemical burn from the solution. Your scalp may react to the product, also leading to a burn. Burns usually cause the scalp to become red, itchy or break out with sores.

You also need to know that your scalp contains the same key elements that are found in your hair. Because of this, your scalp may become discolored if the bleaching solution touches it. This may clear up after a while though.

So what about the BTS boys' hair?

BTS fans who understand the effect of constantly bleaching and dyeing hair are always on a debate about how much the BTS hair is damaged. They rightly believe that BTS hair must be fried and unhealthy.

Yet every appearance of the Bangtan boys comes with the release of new hair color and style. What could be different about their hair?

A little bit of science, cosmetology, or both, might help you understand what goes on with the Bangtan hair.

The hair follicle has three layers which include: the cuticle (outside), the cortex (inner), and the medulla (innermost).

In the process of dyeing hair, the chemicals present in the product react with oxygen and heat to cause the opening of the cuticle. This allows the hair dye to get into the hair cortex within the 20-30 minutes that the dye sits on the hair.

As the hair is washed, the shampoo keeps the hair cuticles open so that the remaining hair dye on the head can wash off. Then the conditioner closes up the cuticles so that it laps against the hair shaft in its original position. Consequently, putting only dye in your hair isn't so damaging.

Which means that bleach is the culprit. The harshness of the chemicals in it does not always allow a conditioner to close back the cuticle, even after washing off the bleach.

Except that there's another side to the story.


Professional hair stylists know that something called reconstruction which they carry out on the hair after a bleaching session. This is a bleaching ritual that helps to preserve the health of the hair.

Hair reconstruction is done in order to close up the cuticle after bleaching. The process and product are unique to each stylist and salon.

The products are put in the hair using the dyeing process and allowed to settle in for a while. Then the hair is washed with shampoo and conditioner, allowing the cuticle to flatten out against the hair shaft as it should.

So who handles the BTS hair?

We can say now that the BTS hair gets more attention than regular hairs. 

Yes, the group is contracted to a team of professional cosmetologists who are committed to administering the best hair care to them.

They most certainly will take each hair through the reconstruction process every time they have to bleach.

There are other possibilities too.

Their stylists might wait for weeks between each bleaching session before subjecting a hair through another round of bleaching.

The boys get their hair cut often. This means that damaged hair is shed and the hair is allowed to regrow.

It's safe to say that their hair does get damaged  

In a recent interview, Jungkook admitted that his locks became too damaged to manage or style so he had to cut his hair.

Jin, too, had confessed some time ago that he decided to dye his hair black because he didn't want to do any more touch-ups. He said his hair had become quite damaged and dry over time and he wanted to let it breathe.

Do you still want to dye your hair?  

Now that you know this much, you should ask your stylist about reconstructing your hair about a bleaching session. If you've bleached your hair severally, then you have to really reconstruct.

You may need to reconstruct more than once before the damages on your hair are totally reversed but each regimen will greatly improve the health of your strands.

Other local processes you may employ include:

  1.       Stay away from regular shampoos as most of them are harsh on the hair. Concentrate on using cleansing conditioners
  2.       Stay away from irons and blow dryers
  3.       Use a lot of oils and conditioners. No amount is too much at this point
  4.       Deep condition. Regularly. Create more opportunities to deep condition

Conclusively, BTS hair gets a lot of care and attention to keep it going, but even their hair gets damaged.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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