How Effective Is Derma Roller For Hair Regain On Scalp?

Derma roller is very much effective for hair to regain on the scalp. Derma roller works best or you can get most out of it when it is used with topical applications like onion juice and Minoxidil.

Derma Roller

It is a tool used to produce collagen in the skin to cure scars, skin irregularities, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Later on, researches have shown that roller is rolled on the head for collagen production and repair of the scalp that will help to stimulate hair growth on the bald spot. You can even achieve thicker hair by using this device. 

Working of a derma roller

  • It is a handheld device that comes up with many small surgical needles. These small needles are attached to a wheel. When the wheel rolled over the skin it causes microscopic wounds. 
  • The size of a needle will depend on how many hairs left on the head. For collagen treatments when you are using micro-needling it will require short needles. 
  • For sparse hairs such as for the men who have lost their hair and shaved the rest of hair, for such cases 0.25mm to 1.0mm rollers are considered to be the best option. 
  • The procedure of micro-needling will help to significantly grow your hair instead of using Minoxidil alone. 
  • For women when the treatment needs to be done for thinning of hair, but the hairs on the rest of the head are long then it is better to use the derma stamp roller. It will prevent your hair from being pulled and caught within the roller. 

Derma Roller


  • Do not share your derma roller with anyone. It is strictly prohibited. 
  • Do not just focus on one section of the scalp at a time. Avoid rolling vertically, diagonally, and horizontally 3 to 4 times. 
  • To avoid blunt needles replace your derma roller after 20 uses. 
  • Take 1ml of 5% Minoxidil and apply it on the scalp twice daily.

The benefits of Derma Roller

  • You will achieve excellent results
  • No stitching or sutures required
  • Minimal invasive procedure
  • It is a safe and fast procedure
  • It can help re-growth of hair in areas where is the issue of hair thinning. 

Some important Micro-Needling tips using Derma Roller for hair loss

Some most important tips should be in mind while using a derma roller for hair loss. 

  1. You will choose the needle size according to the remaining hair on the head. When you are using micro-needling for collagen treatment shorter needles will be required.
  2. For sparse hairs, especially for men who lost their hair and shaved the remaining hairs off 0.25 to 1mm needles are the best options. For women when the issue is thinning of hair derma stamp roller is a better choice. 
  3. It is better to use the roller on wet hair it will help your hair to remain flat and the hairs would not be tangled in a roller. Roll the roller in one direction this will also minimize the chances of hair to be caught by the roller. 
  4. When you are using a derma stamp it will take more time than a simple roller and before using it make sure that each section of the head is covered adequately. 
  5. Before needling the scalp apply Copper Peptide, Minoxidil or Rogaine. Products like Rogaine are effective as a tropical product because they inhibit the effects of DHT that are linked directly to hair loss. It is better to start with a minimum concentration of Minoxidil as starting straightaway with 5% can irritate. Copper Peptide can help in the development of new follicles that will result in hair growth. 
  6. If you are doing this treatment at home, then keep in mind that restoration of hair is an ongoing issue and you will have to use regular treatments or products for the best results. These regular treatments will make your hair thick and avoid hair loss in the future. 

Micro-Needling techniques using Derma roller for hair growth

  • Properly massage the hair restoration products onto the scalp and ensure full coverage.
  • Use microneedle or derma stamp roller and start rolling from the start of the head and then working your way, move to the back of the head. 
  • Repeat this process from front to back until you have successfully covered all areas.
  • Stamp or roll each area at least 10 to 15 times to ensure the proper coverage and full absorption of the product. 
  • Apply hair spray for hair restoration on the area again and gently massage the product into the scalp. 

What are the side effects of micro-needling on the head?

A process of micro-needling itself can cause oozing from the wounds, skin irritation, and bruises. There is a strong possibility that wounds that are caused by the needles may scar. After following the procedure area may be red for a few days. According to AAD most of the side effects will disappear within five days after your hair treatment. 

Consult your doctor before initiating the treatment if you are facing the issue of

  • Open wounds, acne, and eczema
  • Diabetes as it slows down the healing process
  • Blood thinners or any other medications.

The process of micro-needling is not recommended for pregnant people. Using a Minoxidil before the treatment will enhance the absorption, but at the same time there are side effects of Minoxidil as well such as

  • Burning
  • Inflammation
  • Itching of skin

After getting the treatment your scalp will be more sensitive to the sun. You might have to use a hat or sunscreen every day. Using micro-needling there is a strong possibility of the infection. To prevent these infections follow the aftercare precautions carefully. You may have to keep the treated area clean and use the antiseptics for few days to avoid bacteria. If you have a history of frequent infections, then this process will increase the risk of infection. 

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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