How Do You Wash Your Hair Dryer?

It is important to pay attention to your beauty essentials. In this article, you will find out about washing your hairdryer with simple tools and why is it important to clean your hair dryer. 

Hair Dryer

What do you need to clean your hair dryer?

You just need two to three things that can help you to effectively clean your hair dryer. 

  • A paper towel or clean cloth to dry the filter and dryer itself. 
  • A toothbrush that can help you to remove debris and dirt if you are unable to remove filters. 
  • Running water

How to clean your hair dryer effectively?

Cleaning your hair dryer is a very simple process. It would take only five minutes. Keep a few things in mind before washing or cleaning your hair dryer. 

  • Make sure that it is unplugged. 
  • Never try to clean your hair dryer that is plugged. You may end up losing your life. 
  • Carefully remove the filter that will be present on the back of a dryer. 
  • For removing the filter you may require a screwdriver and some filters can be removed by twisting right off. 
  • Once you have successfully removed the filter place it under running water so that all the dirt and dust can be removed. Do this step just for few seconds. 
  • Take a clean towel or cloth and dry your hair dryer. 
  • Before reattaching filter make sure that it is completely dry. Otherwise, it can cause unthinkable damage. 
  • If you are unable to remove the filter of the dryer then you can use a toothbrush or hairbrush to get rid of dust and dirt. 
  • If your hair dryer is very dirty then try to use a hose of a vacuum over the dryer’s vent just for few seconds. It will help to remove any residues of debris that are left behind. 

Washing your hair dryer at least after a month can enhance the lifetime of a hair dryer.  Ask yourself a question.

When did you wash your hair dryer last time? The answer is probably never. As it is important to clean your hairbrush similarly it is important to clean your hair dryer regularly. There should be a proper maintenance system for hair dryers like we take care of other electronic accessories. 

It does not matter how costly your hair dryer is. If you are unable to maintain it in good condition at one stage, it will stop working properly. There is an attachment in the shape of diffuser in most of the hair dryers which is the main reason heating up of your hair dryer. If you are not paying proper attention to electronic appliances you will notice the decrease in the lifespan of the appliance. 

Why is it important to wash your hair dryer?

If your hair dryer is dirty and clogged, it can be incredibly hazardous. Vents of the hair dryers can be blocked due to a variety of debris such as 

  • Hair
  • Heat protection products
  • Dirt
  • Sticky hair sprays
  • Dust

A build-up of this debris may seem a little thing but that’s not the case. When the vents will be blocked air will not be pushed out so your dryer will become hot up to dangerous levels. When any device gets overheated there is always a possibility that it may catch fire.

Fire Hazard

An overheated hair dryer can cause significant damage to your hair. Overheating can cause split ends, and there is a possibility that your hairs might start to break. 

Fire Hair Dryer

When you are using a dirty dryer, there will be less flow of air means it will take more time for your hairs to become dry. A clean dryer can save your time and hair from damage. If you notice an abnormal behavior while using your hair dryer like it becomes too hot or automatically turns off then it means you need to unplug it. Allow it some time to get cool and then properly clean your hair dryer. 

How often you should clean your hair dryer?

It will be good for your hair dryer if it is maintained consistently. Cleaning of your hair dryer will depend on how often you are using a hair dryer to dry your hair. If you are using it daily then it is better to wash it once a week. If you are using after 3 to 4 days then you can wash your hair dryer even after 3 to 4 weeks. If you are unable to clean your hair dryer regularly, don’t worry because infrequent cleaning is still better than no cleaning at all. If you are cleaning your hair dryer regularly and still it becomes hot then it’s time to replace your hair dryer and buy a new one. 

What are the benefits of cleaning your hair dryer regularly? 

A clean appliance will not only look great but it will also serve some important benefits as well. A few important benefits of washing hair dryers are given-below:

  • A regular and frequent cleaning of your hair dryers will enhance the lifespan of your hair dryers. 
  • When you are cleaning a hair dryer frequently, it will not get overheated, which means it will not damage your hair.
  • Hair dryers are costly devices, so if you can maintain your hair dryer you would not have to bear the extra cost of buying a new one. 
  • It will save you time. When the vents are clear air can easily be pushed out so you can dry your hair in a short time. 


Over time hair dryers tend to catch dirt and dust. This dirt and dust will result in the blockage of vents. Regular cleaning of hair dryers will prolong the lifespan of hair dryers. It is better to wash your hair dryer at least once a week. If you are using it daily, then try to wash it once a week. This will help you to maintain your hair dryer. 

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