How Do You Get Static Out Of Hair Brushes?

Styling with static hair-brush bristles can result in unattractive hair fly-away. Removing static from hair-brush will have lots of benefits.  Doing this will keep your hair smooth and soft and also enhance the longevity of hair-brush through regular and proper cleaning. It is easy to get static out of the hair-brush and very quick to accomplish. 

  • An easy way to get static electricity out of the hair-brush is to mist it in water. Moistening will help to get static out of the brush. 
  • Use a hair spray to sprits brush bristles. If it is used in moderate quantity it will help to remove static electricity from both your hair and brush. 
  • You can use a static dryer sheet to rub the hair-brush. If you want to keep your hair-brush static-free and smelling fresh rub it once over a static dryer sheet brand. 
  • Give a deep cleanse to your hair and brush. Shampoo your hair twice a week in combination with a conditioner will keep your hair and hair-brush static-free. It will be easy for you to do styling. 
  • Look out for the health of your hair. You may be facing the issue of excessive static electricity on your brush because of dry hair. The use of excessive hair products may result in dry hair or weighed down. 
  • If static electricity occurs on your hair-brush and hair daily then try a new hair product. Shuffle your routine and try a new conditioner and shampoo. Before buying any shampoo or conditioner check out for the following ingredients:
    • Polyquaternium
    • Quaternium 18
    • Stearamidaproply dimethylamine 

These ingredients will help to get rid of the static. 

  • It is better to purchase new hair-brush. Brushes are made up of different materials. Plastic brushes may have more static electricity. You can try an anti-static brush. You can try a brush made up of wood or a brush with natural hair bristles. 

Cautious on Anti-static Product

Some people tend to use static hair guards on their brush to remove static out of the brush. But mind that this product is basically made for use on clothing fabrics. If you are over-applying the anti-static products over your hair it will turn your hair look greasy. 

Be careful while using anti-static products like static dryer sheets. Such products contain excessive chemicals. Try to use the anti-static products made up of natural ingredients like lavender. Never ever over brush your hair this will cause hair damage. Use a clarifying shampoo on a regular basis and brush frequently for the best results. 

Hair Brush with Hair


How to sterilize hairbrushes?

If you are using your brush on a daily basis stop and pay attention that it deserves. With the passage of time, your hair-brush will collect dirt, hair oils, dust, clogged with hair, and other styling products. When you sterilize and clean your brush regularly it will help to keep your hair healthy and clean. It will also extend the life of your hairbrush.  If you have more than one brush tries to clean them at the same time this will save time and effort. 

You can remove hair from the hair-brush by raking the bristles of two brushes or you can also remove by the help of a comb. Do it carefully otherwise, you may end up damaging the bristles. You can also damp the bristles of hair-brush into water. In water add dish soap, or few drops of shampoo, or liquid soap. Rub the bristles either with another brush or with the hand. This will help to remove dirt and regime. Under the warm running water rinse the brush. Repeat the process until the brush appears to be clean. 

There are some fixes for static hair as well. Follow the steps and you will get rid of the statics. 

It is better to use moisturizing products for hair-care

When you will keep your hair moisturized you are making sure that you will keep your hair frizz and static-free. It is better to use such a hair-care product that keeps your hair moisturized. In this way your hairs will be nourished and flexible. You will enjoy static-free hair. 

If you are on the go try leave-in products

Even though you are using a high-quality hair product, but when you are exposed to extreme weather conditions it will destroy your hair. It is better to keep a small bottle of leave-in hair conditioner in your bag. The moisture present in the product will eliminate the electric charge and keep your hair moisturized. 

Avoid products that contain drying ingredients

As you prefer to read the label before using any food, do the same here. Look out for the drying ingredients. Alcohol is mostly used to remove moisture and dry your hair scalp so stay away from such products. 

Shampoo your hair less often

The more shampoo you do the more natural oils you are excluding from your hair. It is better to shampoo just twice or thrice a week. In this way, you will also avoid too much static. Too much shampoo can also make your hair ruff and dry. 

Make use of a heat protector spray

Using heat for styling can also disturb your hair. Before applying the heat to dry your hair it is better to use a heat protector spray. Otherwise, it will remove all the moisture from your hair. Protector spray will help to add shine and provide anti-static protection. 

Make use of natural combs and brushes

If you are using a plastic comb or brush it may cause hair static-electricity. It is better to buy natural boar bristles or wood comb. Metal combs can also be handy in avoiding static but such combs can be harsh to hair shafts and can result in hair breakage as well. So it will harm more than the benefit. So these are the tips that can help to remove static out of the hair-brush. You can avoid the static to grow up by following the above-given fixes. 

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