How Do Korean Celebrities Keep Their Hair Healthy?

It makes anyone wonder, how do the Kpop stars maintain their hair despite having to constantly expose their frocks to styling and dye jobs? Now, it is no longer a secret. Korean celebrities have been everything but shy in revealing their haircare routines. Here are their tips on taming that mane.

Never sleep with wet hair

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The South Korean actress who is known for her acting in hit drama series, The Heirs, Park Shin Hye never sleeps with wet hair.

Sleeping with wet hair can pose major threats to the overall health of your scalp. A damp scalp provides the perfect environment for bad bacteria and microorganisms to inhabit and grow. In addition to that, hair is weakest when it is wet so it is prone to breakage and split ends when you toss and turn at night. The friction created can damage your hair in the long run, leading to unwanted issues such as split ends and rough ends.

Allowing your scalp and your hair to stay damp and wet throughout a whole night’s sleep may not only affect your hair but your face as well. So, make sure to dry your hair thoroughly before heading to bed.

The correct shampoo and conditioner

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Yura, the former member of Girls Day, is loved and cherished by many of her fans for her long and voluminous hair. She lives by the easy and achievable wisdom of choosing a shampoo and condition that is suitable for you and your lifestyle.

Her line of work damages her hair: constant hair color changes, heavy styling, and temperature changes due to overseas concerts. To keep her hair looking shiny and healthy, she picks shampoos and conditioners that are filled with natural and nutrient ingredients to keep her hair moisturized. When she has to travel, she takes it up a notch to change her hair wash routine.

So, do your hair a favor and find a shampoo and conditioner combination that is formulated for your hair and your hair concerns.

Do not skip the hair treatments

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NCT 127 is known for its catchy songs, eye-catching choreographies, and most of all, their colorful hair. However, the multiple bleaching and strong hair dyes is a sure-fire combination for badly damaged hair.

To combat this continuous problem, NCT turns to treatments. These can be as accessible as your leave-in conditioners, putting on a hair mask after your wash, hair oils and hair serums to the Keratin hair treatment at your salon.

Keep the frizz away with facial moisturizer and baby lotion

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This South Korean model has an unusual way of keeping the frizz on the hair away. Irene Kim has sported colorful hair to fit her client’s image. It led her to experiment with using a face moisturizer and baby lotion to tame the ends of her dry hair, especially after a long day out at work or hanging out with her friends.

For a salon-like treatment, she mixes baby lotion with her conditioner, spreads it all over her hair, and wraps it in a saran wrap. For a quick fix on-the-go, she smoothes the edges out with some facial moisturizer.

Seeing how Irene Kim could go on with even more colorful looks despite the heavy damage, this secret tip of hers surely works!

Try the magic of oil and water to fix split ends


Yoon Eun Hye never leaves her house without Mythic oil. As an actress, she is constantly exposing her hair to the harmful UV rays of the sun, heat, and damaging chemicals. This leads to her hair having dry and split ends.

However, she highly raves over a very unusual but interesting hair wash routine - putting a few drops of Mythic oil in a basin of water and then rinsing your hair with it.

What this combination does to your hair is that the water keeps your hair sufficiently moisturized and the oil seals the moisture in your locks, preventing the moisture to evaporate from your hair. Also, this method can be done as a spritz. Putting the mixture in a small bottle and pop it in your bag for a quick and easy fix to your dry hair anywhere and anytime.

Dry your hair with cool air

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Song Hye Kyo, who is internationally loved for her beautiful looks and believable acting in the Descendants of the Sun, insists on drying her wet hair or styling your hair with cool air.

On the one hand, by using the cool setting on your dryer, you eliminate using high heat that can damage your hair and cause your hair to become brittle. Cool air, on the other hand, can still dry your hair as quickly and at the same time, retain the shine and the moisture in.

Wait out on conditioning, treat first

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South Korean singer and online personality, Coco washes her hair like any other person in the world. The only difference is that she waits out on conditioning her hair after wash. Instead, she applies treatment first.

Coco leaves the treatment on for 5-10 minutes and rinses it out with room-temperature or cold water. After, she continues her routine with conditioning. Viola, it is as simple as that!

As conditioning locks the moisture and acts as a sealant to your hair, treating your hair after treatment might not show the best results as hair products and nutrients will be deposited on the surface of the hair cuticles instead of being absorbed into the hair.

Brush your tangled hair out consistently

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Kasper, a South Korean rapper, singer, and Youtuber is known for someone who constantly bleaches and changes her hair color, which contributes to one of her biggest pet peeves. Tangled hair.

She personally endorses the use of a Tangle Angel detangling hairbrush. The brush sports very soft and flexible bristles that do not tug on your hair as you comb through. Tangle Angel also boasts an anti-static technology that is perfect to tame any frizzy hair and making it easier to tidy a tousled head.

Brushing your hair consistently helps with closing the cuticles, especially on damaged hair, and protecting the hair from external factors such as heat, dust, and water.

There are three things that make these Korean actors, idols, and models so interesting that keep you going back for more: satisfying performances, flawless skin, and healthy-looking hair. It is no doubt that their years of training bless us with good dramas and variety shows stocked up on the Netflix shelves and that their skincare regimes are highly raved by beauty experts.

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