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Hair is very important on a human body, sometimes we can say it just completes us as human beings; some people even go ahead to judge beauty with hair. We all wish at some point that our hair grows younger as we grow older. However it can be close to impossible to the current world which we are facing a lot of pollution and global warming which affects the UV light and in turn causes damage to our hair and sometimes we may not find a way to treat our hair regularly, sometimes you need to   a hair spa to get your hair treated.

What is hair spa treatment?

This is a therapy done to the hair that helps the hair to gain moisture and the oils that are needed to be able to make the hair soft and healthy. The main function of this spa is to rehydrate the hair root so that the hair can have the needed moisture. It is very important that you do hair spa treatment regularly for you to maintain the health of your hair and the nourishment it needs. This treatment consists of massaging using oil with hot water and shampoo to the hair.

So how does a hair spa treatment work?

Hair treatment is very important to your hair and the health of your whole body. There are a few steps that are involved in the process of treatment which you should understand when you want to go to a spa for hair treatment, these steps include;

  • Massage
  • Hair Spa Salon

    This is the very first process when you go to the hair spa for the treatment. It is simply a hair massage that is done on the scalp using oil. There are types of oil that are commonly used for this massage these include; olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, or castor oil, you can tell that only natural oils are being used here, they are the best when it comes to scalp massage. This massage is very important because it will help to improve the circulation of blood in the scalp, as a result, there will be the nourishment of the scalp hence helping in the faster growth of the hair.

  • Steam treatment
  • This is basically applying steam to the hair, this is done by using a towel that has been dipped in hot water and squeezed to remove the water so that steam is the only thing that can get out of the towel, the towel is then used to cover all your hair, as a result, the steam will go through the hair and it will help the oil to penetrate through the scalp. The oil will help to nourish the scalp hence there will be a growth of hair that is healthy and soft.

  • Washing
  • This is the third process which involves washing your hair with shampoo and warm water. After this is done ,m the therapist will  apply to your hair a hair mask, the hair mask is very important because it contains serum which offers the treatment of the hair by removing dandruff, keeping your hair moist and  it stimulates the growth of new hair again which will be more healthy than the one that was there before.

    The advantage of hair spa treatment

    There are very many advantages of going for a hair spa treatment, some of these benefits include;

  • Helps in blood circulation
  • Massage performed on the scalp in the process of treatments very helpful when it comes to improving the blood circulation in the scalp. The importance of the improved circulation of blood is that the nutrients from the rest of the body are able to reach the scalp easily hence stimulates the growth of healthy and shiny hair.

  • Strengthens the hair
  • Through the process of treatment, the hair root gets moisturized this helps a lot in the strengthening of the hair. Once the hair is moisturized, the root hair becomes strong which in turn strengthens the hair.

  • Removes the dirt in the hair
  • Hair massage is very intensive to the scalp; this helps much in scrubbing off all the dirt that might have been attached to the scalp hence the hair will grow healthy

  • Repairs the damaged hair
  • The process of treatment helps a lot in removing the damaged hair; this is because of the application of serum which is responsible for the job.

  • Removes dandruff
  • If you always get a problem with dandruff in the hair, the treatment process will involve massage as the very first process, this will help get rid of dandruff in the hair, furthermore, there will be the application of serum which helps in removing dandruff too.

  • It reduces stress
  • The whole process of hair treatment is very important when it comes to relieving stress, this is because the process involves massaging and treating the hair with steam then washing it, this helps the head to relax and feel fresh hence fighting stress.

  • Repairing damaged hair
  • The whole process of hair treatment helps a lot in the repairing of damaged hair. This is because of the application of natural oils, the oils will help to nourish and repair the hair.

    Disadvantages of hair spa treatment

    As much as there are great advantages of this treatment process, there are the comes too, here are some of the cons facing the treatment;

  • Discoloration
  • When you regularly go for these treatments, you may risk losing the color of your hair; this can be solved by using suitable for the hair that is colored.

  • Once started you will have to go on
  • For this treatment, is not good for a one-off this means that if you start this you will have to continue.


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