Hims Vs Keeps Vs Roman Compared And Best Solution For Men

Wonder which is the best online hair loss solution? 

The most important thing these websites provide is discreet packaging to remove the stigma that stopping men from going to hair clinics.

We will recommend a hybrid approach to maximize your money and what each company is offering (Keeps / Roman / Hims) and also for those worried with the side effects of finasteride.

We did up a table from reading and taking as much information as we can from the various websites.

  • There is really no point to compare the reviews as the drugs are generic
  • Do not expect any miracles.
  • FDA-approved hair loss treatment is generic and there are no benefits of paying a premium over branded drugs since they will work the same. 
Him Vs Keeps Vs Roman


Keeps Roman
Best for  Complete packages of other hair loss related products with a 90-days money-back guarantee on finasteride

Best discounted first-time pricing and also foam options (see our link).

Free consultation with 2-day shipping
Discreet Packaging Yes Yes Yes
FDA-approved treatments Yes Yes Yes
Free consultation Yes

Yes, $5 after first

90-days money-back guarantee Yes No No
Free shipping Yes Yes Yes, 2-day shipping
FINASTERIDE (Rx)* From $22/month $25/month $20/month
MINOXIDIL (OTC)* From $15/month $10/month $16/month
Rx + OTC package*  Not available 


Discounted package* Not available

$53/3 months (almost 50% discount)

$70/3 month

(First month free)


Other products

Biotin supplements and conditioners and shampoos.

$44/month overall package

Shampoo and a topical Minoxidil foam Nil
Founded In Which Year?





Create an open and empowered male culture that results in more proactivity around health and preventative self-care.

To help men keep more hair Improve the lives of men and their partners by making high-quality healthcare accessible and convenient.
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Discounted Site



* Note that pricing is accurate as of 15 Nov 2020 and subject to changes

Best Online Hair Loss Solutions For Your Money

We recommend a hybrid approach to achieve the best value for your money. To maximize your money, I will recommend

  1. Try Keeps for 3 months at $53
  2. Try Romans for 3 months at $70 (since first month free). Do make full use of the free consultations, if needed.
  3. Thereafter, go for the Hims overall package for its money-back guarantee for finasteride. If 9 months of Finasteride and Minoxidil did not slow your hair loss, we recommended to just stop and give up seriously. Don't bother with other unapproved medications and accept fate of being bald (The world richest man is also bald too).

Before you go with this approach, you must know success is not 100% and there are possible side effects of finasteride.

Best Online Hair Loss Solution Without Risking Finasteride

There is a reason why finasteride is prescribed only and not available over the counter. If I just have a minor hair loss problem, I will recommend this solution instead.


  • Check the price of Minoxidil on Amazon. Since Minoxidil is available over the counter, do not buy from these websites unless it is cheaper. Check Price on Amazon
  • Try Keeps Minoxidil for 3 months at $30
  • Try Roman Minoxidil for 3 months $32 
  • Decide whether to continue after 6 months of minoxidil to either 1) stop completely if no improvement, 2) consider to use finasteride with the consultation, or 3) still use minoxidil

Next, we will share the reasons why finasteride is prescription only.

Effectiveness and Side Effects Finasteride

There is no doubt that finasteride is very effective for hair regrowth and stop hair loss.

  • Roman: 48% of men treated with finasteride experienced visible regrowth after 1 year of treatment.
  • Hims: Finasteride halted more loss in 83% of men.

Most companies are more careful with Finasteride as there are side effects. Since it is prescribed, there should be no concerns as all companies will be more careful with it. (e.g. It is not for women)

  • Roman: Less than 2% of men experienced sexual dysfunction due to finasteride. In addition, finasteride can lower serum prostate-specific antigen and may increase the risk of high-grade prostate cancers.
  • Hims: A small percentage of men taking finasteride reported experiencing a sexual side effect. 

On prostate cancer risks, a blog post by Hims best explained it. A study of 19,000 men released in 2003, found that the men in the finasteride group were nearly 30 percent less likely to get prostate cancer than men in the control group. The study also found that men who took finasteride 5mg were at greater risk of developing high-grade prostate cancer (high-grade cancer cells are more abnormal under a microscope and tend to spread faster).

Let us know if you have a better solutions to recommend others too.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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