Hair Up Or Down For A Wedding

There might be tons of questions in your mind about your wedding day. One thing you want to make sure that your hair must be looking fantastic on the wedding day.

Hair Up for wedding

Hair up or down is the main difficulty while styling your hair for a special day. On this special day, you want the best version of yourself. You want the attention of all the guests and the person you are marrying. As you walk down the aisle you want to look confident. This special day is only about you and your partner. So don’t worry about what others want you to do. Do the thing that you want to do and leave everything else. 

Hair Down for wedding

Picking the right hairstyle

Once you have decided to get married, everything will be changed suddenly and life is going to be more complicated. Options for the hairstyle for this special day are endless. 

  • For a princess feel, you can wear your hairs half up and half down. Your hair should complement your wedding dress. Before selecting a hairstyle to consider a wedding theme. 
  • If you are a casual person and going to marry on a beach where you will be barefoot then it is better to wear your hair down. 
  • If you are spending too much on your wedding and you have planned to spend $1000 per guest then it is better to try formal updo as it will be the best option for you. 
  • If you are going to keep the veil during the reception then you can try Cascading curls. 

Hair Up for wedding

Before thinking about any hairstyle consider texture and length of your hair and then decide accordingly. 

  • If you want to choose the updo style you must have long hair to achieve this. If your hairs are short then don’t worry there are lots of other amazing styles waiting for you. Don’t fight with the natural texture of your hair. 
  • If your hairs are curly they will look amazing either up or down. Curly hairs will look good either styles or natural. 
  • If you have straight hairs then you can curl them into waves for updos. For this hairstyle, you might have to use pins and hairspray. 
  • For wavy hair, you can either straight or curled them and wavy hairs are a good option for half up/half down updos. 

It is better for you to start exploring online hairstyle galleries and magazines a few months before your wedding. After doing this you will be able to find a perfect hairstyle for you. You can even pin your favorite styles at Pinterest and keep them in one place. When you will visit your hairstylist on the wedding day you will have lots of options and your stylist will be able to decide according to your wedding dress. 

Hair Down Get Married

Be careful and be wise during the selection of your hairstyle. As your wedding day is something special and would never want to regret on your hairstyle. 

Can you style your own hair?

Yes, you can style your own hair for your wedding if you want to. This is your day and choice will be yours. If you don’t want to spend lots of dollars on hairstylist and makeup then don’t do that. You can save your money for a honeymoon or you can buy a precious gift for your partner or you can do anything with this money. You can take the help of your friend for styling your hair but it is better to start a trial at least two weeks before a wedding so that on the wedding day you might have a perfect hairstyle. 

How to find a perfect hairstylist for your wedding day?

Finding the perfect hairstylist for your hair is the most difficult task. You might be looking for some expert on your wedding day as you don’t want to use regular hairstylist. For a special day, you might want special hairstyles and coloring. You can ask for recommendations from your friend or you may consult a professional stylist for this job. You can have a casual meeting with a few stylists and can have a trial job prior to the wedding day. After checking the hairstyle you can book one for your wedding day. One thing should be in mind that many stylists would charge extra for makeup and hairstyle on the wedding day. 

Choose a hairstyle that works best with your dress

Make sure that your hairstyle is complementing your wedding dress instead of competing with it. If you are wearing a detailed bodice with long sleeves then avid cascading curls. For ornate detailing and long sleeves, a classic and simple updo is the best option. Follow the below-given basic combos for dress and hair.

  • If you are going to wear a strapless dress then prefer half-up/half-down updo hairstyle. Tight and pulled back are not always the best option because it will make your forehead and neck visible. For these dresses, you can choose looser updos as well. 
  • Big ball gowns look perfect with the formal and dramatic updos.
  • Loose flowing curls or waves will pair best with beach side dress or simple country wedding dress. 
  • Soft waves or casual updo will look great with a spaghetti strap wedding dress. For romantic and modern look it is good to keep your hair down but make sure that bangs are pulled back off the face. 
  • If you are going to wear a halter top dress or a spectacular necklace then pulled your hair into an updo style because you don’t want your hair competing with the neckline. 

If you are wearing your hair loose and down then make sure that your hair hits below the top of your dress. Otherwise, your hair might be boxing with your dress. If your hairs are not long enough you can get extensions just for the wedding day. So the choice of wearing your hair up or down depends on the texture and length of your hair. 

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