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Styling your hair can provide you a unique and glamorous look. You can’t be a hairstylist until you have taken the training classes. In the beauty industry, there is a lot of importance to hairstyling. In this article, you will find out about the hairstyle classes in Singapore and also about the training schools. After getting training from these training schools you can make your name in the beauty industry. Joining any academy you can build your dreams and after training, you can turn them into realities. 

To practice this profession, you need to get proper training and learn definite skill sets. After getting complete training from any of the schools you can build your reputation as the best make-up artist or hairstylist. You can build your business and become an entrepreneur. You can provide training to other people either free of cost or at some price. The time you will spend in any academy will be helpful in developing and establishing your skills so that you can be the best in your field. So, join any academy, become an expert hairstylist and change your life. 


What you will learn in hairstyling courses?

The course content offered by each school will be different. But most of the schools will be teaching this hairstyling course. 

  • A basic understanding of styling tools and the hairstyling process.
  • Basic concepts that will be used in hairstyling.
  • You will learn different techniques that will be involved in using rollers.
  • A basic understanding of techniques used in hollow rollers.
  • You will learn the techniques used in scrunching.
  • You will get the knowledge of variations and techniques used in turn around.
  • You will learn about the perm road and straightening techniques.
  • Different techniques that can help in tying ponytails. 
  • Different variations used in wearing a wedding veil.
  • Different types of accessories used for styling. 

After complete training, you will be a trained hairstylist. You can build your name by showing your work. 

Hairstyling Class

Some advanced hairstyling courses

Some academies in Singapore are offering advanced hairstyling classes in Singapore. If you want to learn these advance courses you can join those training schools. In advanced courses you will learn:

  • Variations and techniques of “single-section” hairstyles.
  • Sweet princess style.
  • Korean designs of plaits hairstyles.
  • You will learn a Retro style.
  • You will get training in regal style.
  • You will get knowledge of techniques and variations used in braiding.
  • Designs used for short hairstyles. 
  • How to use the hairpiece. 
  • Different hairstyles that are complimenting to different face shapes. 

Get yourself registered at any of the training schools given below. 

Training schools in Singapore

There are lots of academies in Singapore where you can get hairstyling classes in Singapore. 

  • Cosmoprof Academy
  • Imelda Unisex Hairstyling & Beauty Training
  • Hair Styling Class
  • Top Image Hair Salon & Academy
  • Makeup Course Singapore
  • Kimage Hairdressing School
  • Vogue Hair Workshop
  • The School of Makeup
  • Urban Beauty Academy Pte Ltd.
  • Aesthetics International Academy
  • Zulu Style Hair Beauty & Bridal Services

Imelda Unisex Hairstyling & Beauty Training

This training school was established on 3 January 1978. They are offering the best training facilities. They have institutions in Singapore and the United Kingdom. You will get 

  • National Institute of Technical Education Certificate (NITEC) in services-hair fashion and design. 

Hair Styling Class

At this training school, you will learn basic techniques such as (twisting, hair bun updo, braiding, and usage of curling tong). You will be doing practice on the dolly head. In the end, you will bring your friend to be your model. You can suggest your favorite hairstyles and the trainers will try to facilitate and teach you those styles. 

Kimage Hairdressing School

This training school was established in 1996. They have gained a reputation as a leader in the education of hairdressing. You will be practicing on models. After training, you will be able to build a successful career as a hairstylist. You will earn a significant amount after getting training from this school. After getting the training you will get employment offers from well-known salons. 

Professional Hairstyling Courses

You will learn a basic course that mainly focuses on hairs. This course can be applied to bridals, the media, and editorials. At the end of this course you would have learned:

  • Core skills used in hair styling
  • How to work with hot tools
  • Creating curls, blowing and straight styles
  • Full range of updo hairstyles

During training, you will have sessions about how to build your career. You will get further support from trainers even after your training. 

Toni & Guy Academy

They claim to be the best hairdressing company on the planet. It was established in 1963. As their demand is increasing they are continuously delivering lecture sessions all over the world. They are offering extensive courses on hairstyles. Their courses have been designed in such a way everyone can upgrade their knowledge and skills. Toni & Guy is not only an academy, but they have salons worldwide as well. They are committed to providing continuous training and education for the last 50 years. 

If you want to become a hairstylist and want to start your own business in the future, then join any of the above-given training schools. You can choose basic courses or advanced courses according to your interest and budget. You can choose a training school which is near to your home. After completing your training you can earn a handsome amount. When you are graduated from a well-known training school you will get employment offers from well-known salons. 

So don’t waste your time, find out the best training school. Polish your skills. Build your career as a professional hairstylist. Courses are available online and you can join the academy as well. The above-given names are the best training schools in Singapore. 


Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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