Hair Loss Through Forward Head Posture

Do you think you can reduce hair loss caused by reducing forward head posture which is a poor posture? 

The head weighs between eight and 14 pounds. It must remain in perfect alignment in order to prevent interference in every brain-to-body function. Misalignment can result from automobile accidents, poor posture, falls and countless other causes. When the head becomes misaligned, it reacts adversely with pain and poor health. – Dr. Peter Gott M.D. (

The temporal, auricular, and eyebrow muscles are critical in ensuring steady hair growth. Exercising these muscles promote blood to flow to your scalp, encouraging hair to grow firmly. Current theories and studies indicate that using these muscles would aid in converting dihydrotestosterone (the hormone responsible for hair loss).

Two Ways in Which Your Hair Is Lost Through Forward Leaning

  1. Facial Muscles Effects On The Scalp

All muscles in your body are interconnected, but the ones that have a direct effect on the scalp are not obvious. How well the occipital-frontalis function is significantly influenced by the posture you adopt and how well you exercise the back muscles.

 Bad posture can cause these back muscles to tighten up and in response. Your head and neck muscle tense up; this would eventually cause the blood-carrying capillaries in the follicle to close up and consequently hinder healthy hair growth.

  1. Increasing Movement Of Your Head

Did you know that your head could be stationary, despite the constant change in your day-to-day engagements? Well, that is a paradox, but it is astonishingly accurate. The less you use your head and facial muscles, the stiffer they become, causing the capillaries to close up.

 Continually ensuring that your head is moving would supply nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles and sustain constant, healthy hair growth.

Head Posture

5 Necessary Steps to Mastering Good Posture

A keen examination of the highlighted points would reveal that one of the most common postural deformities that can contribute to hair loss is the forward head posture. The normal alignment of the neck is affected by several factors that may, in the later stages, be devastating. 

Mastering good posture can be challenging, but there a few necessary steps you can take repetitively to ensure that the occipital-frontalis muscle functions. Here are a few typical manifestations of forward head posture.

  1. Prolonged Looking At Phone Screens

In this era of technology, it is almost inevitable to have a smartphone. With seamless services, smartphones have impacted us in so much that we almost consider the repercussions negligible. 

When you lean forward to look at your smartphone, you exert a lot of force on the cervical spine. It causes the associated muscles to fatigue quickly, and your vertical spine becomes imbalanced for a long time. This entire effect leads to pain and compensatory forward head posture. 

  1. Prolonged Looking At Computer Screens

When you focus on a screen to capture the details present, your neck naturally bends forward. Continuous looking at the screen can lead to loss of curvature of the cervical spine and tighten the neck muscles.

 Blurred vision also exerts extra pressure on the neck, and this necessitates the need to use bigger fonts on the screen and frequently looking away to avoid continuous muscle strain.  

  1. Studying With Low Desk Height

If the desk is not at a level with your eye, you will tend to look lean forward and look below. Your cervical spine becomes misaligned and adapts the posture with time. If this condition is prolonged and remains untreated, problems such as cervical disk herniation, and the formation of knots in muscles could form. 

In most cases, the muscles cause excruciating pain when touched or irritated and can even spread to the arms. 

  1. Occupational Posture

You could be wondering what the cause of neck and back pains is, especially in the evening after work. Specific working environments significantly contribute to this effect, especially if you have been glued to your computer monitor the whole day.

 While straining to focus on the screen, your cervical spine is forced to misalign, and this condition can trigger pain in the neck muscles. Slouched or relaxed sitting and faulty sitting posture can result in forward head posture.

  1. Using High Pillow

If you frequently wake up with a muscle ache or stiff neck, its high time to consider changing your pillow. Using a top firm pillow can disturb the normal alignment of the neck and stretch your muscles. 

It is essential to use a thin pad that would not disrupt the normal alignment of your throat; avoid using too hard or too soft pillows.


There is, no doubt, a physiological connection between good hair growth and neck muscles. The speculation that people with lousy neck curvature have weak hair growth may sound ridiculous, but a keen observation shows that it's true. 

A well-developed neck means better circulation in the head and potential for growth, or re-growth, of some viable hair, left. This exercise would keep your face toned up with healthy and firmly-grown hair.  

Several theories revolve around the causes and remedies of hair losses, attributed by either innate, environment or self-induced. Knowledge of hair loss is essential to prevent such hair loss in the future.






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