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It is permissible in Islam to dye the hair any color except black. There is no difference in this regard between young men or old men. There is nothing wrong with dyeing the hair before the appearance of grey hair. People use some different things to curl their hair or straighten the curly hair there is nothing wrong with that also.  Again, the ruling for both young and old men is the same. These dyes can be used until harmful substances are avoided and the product is made of natural things. 

You can dye the hair but to change color into pure black is never permitted neither for men nor for women. As the Prophet (PBUH) said, “Change this grey hair but avoid black”. It is also narrated by some of the Hadiths as well. The Prophet of Allah said and the meaning of Hadith is “There will be some people who will dye their black like the crops of birds; such people will never smell the fragrance of paradise”. 

dye hair black

Prophet (PBUH) and His companions used to dye their hair either with henna. There is no issue in dyeing your hair with the henna until it does not contain any harmful content. Some of the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) used to dye their hair and beard red. This is not only right but also adds to the personality of a man. When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) migrated to Madina all there was not a single companion of the Prophet who had grey and black hair except Abu Bakr. He also dyes his hair with henna. He keeps on doing that until the hair becomes completely red. 

Dyeing of hair is allowed in Islam. If Allah has blessed you with old age it is suggested not to dye their hair black. You can dye with dark red or dark brown. The best solution is to use henna or katam in this way you will also follow the Sunnah.  Allah and His Messenger have forbidden the usage of consumption of all intoxicants. The use of wine, alcohol, and drugs all are prohibited in Islam. 

All impure things are considered haraam in Islam. It is not necessary that all haraam things are also impure like gold and silk are haraam for Muslim men. Both of these cannot be considered as impure. In view of some of the scholars, although alcohol is haraam in Islam, it is not impure. So a person can use such products like some medicines, perfumes, creams, and even a hair dye, there is no harm until the alcohol affected substances entered the body. 

It is a confusing question. In the early days, only females were supposed to dye their hair. But now a day’s everyone is doing that. Some are doing it as a fashion and some are doing to hide their old age factor. It is better to use henna to dye the hair of the head or beard. It is right to do for both males and females. If someone’s hair turns white at an early age then he should definitely dye his air. It is not meant to dye black you can use any other color. But if your hairs are white because of old age then it is suggested not to dye your hair. 

It will look odd if a person has no teeth and wrinkles on the face and he is still dying his hair black. It is said that a person with a white beard or hair can be forgiven because of white color. So there is a lot of importance of white beard and hair in Islam. A person with a white beard or hair is respected more as compared to the person with a black beard. So it is better to not to convert your hair or beard black if you are in old age. 

It is also permissible for women to dye their hair. But make sure that she is not imitating the kaafir women. Kaafir women tend to use illegal ways of dyeing the hair or cutting their hair. It is not allowable for a Muslim woman to do that. It is good to change the hair color unless it is not black. You can give any color to your hair except black because it is haraam in Islam. If a person does this he will follow the immoral principles. 

It is a sign of a Muslim to dye their hair and beard with henna. It is also the Sunnah of their Prophet. And Muslims feel proud to follow the Preaching and acts of their beloved Prophet. There are some specific reasons in which a person can dye his hair pure black these are given below:

  • Pure black can be used in order to deceive somebody. Like you want to get a job and the only way is your hair should be black so it is permissible in that case. 
  • The second situation seems a bit funny. If a husband or wife wants to please each other than they can use pure black. But there are different opinions of scholars on this issue. 
  • The final words about pure black are it cannot be considered as unlawful, however, it can be disliked. 


It is permissible for both men and women to dye their hair other than pure black. The use of pure black in order to deceive someone is totally unlawful. If it used for adornment purposes, it would be disliked. Some people say that if a color has alcohol in it, it will affect prayers as well that’s not the case. If you are applying any dye on hair and there is a visible layer of dye on hair, then it is unlawful. Wudu and ghusl both will not be valid. So, there is no restriction to dye your hair other than black. 

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