Hair Dye For Dark Hair Without Bleach

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If you want to make a drastic change to your hair color, for example, you want to switch from black to platinum blonde, for this there is no way except bleaching. The bleaching process will damage your hair because it contains chemicals that are used to remove the natural pigments of hair. These chemicals work by penetrating deep into the cuticle of your hair and break the chains of melanin, after that it will be able to strip out the color. 

During the bleaching process, the natural moisture in the hair is being lost and hair becomes dry and straw-like. So the bleaching process is removed from the alternatives that can help to change the dark hair color.  

There are some other helpful ways to color dark hair without using bleach. Maybe you are familiar with semi-permanent hair dyes. In this article, we will let you know how they work. 

Semi-permanent dyes for dark hair

Semi-permanent dyes seem the best solution for lightening your hair color without the use of bleach. The bleaching process helps to remove natural pigments from the hair, but these dyes help to deposit your desired toner into the stalk. By doing this you will get the color you want. It is better to choose the color two or three tones lighter than your own hair color. The semi-permanent dyes will work best if you are not looking for a drastic change. 

There are some fancy colors that will help to change your dark hair without bleaching. These colors are pink, green, and violets. These colors don’t lie in the tone of natural hair. If your hairs are dark, then within the fantasy color your priority should be dark blue, dark green and dark purples. While selecting a fantasy color it is most important to consider tone and sub-tone of your skin. 

The undertone of human skin is normally divided into cold and warm. Veins can help to figure out your skin tone. Purple, blue, and violet veins represent cold undertone while blue and greens represent that your undertone is neutral. When you are aware of the undertone it will be easy for you to select the fantasy color. 

How to apply semi-permanent dye for better results?

Before applying semi-permanent dye wash your hair first. The semi-permanent dye will function well when the hairs are clean and wet, but that’s not the case with permanent hair dyes. In the wet and clean hair dye will penetrate better. In this way, you will change your tone of hair without doing anything silly. It will last for less time in your hair as compared to permanent dyes. When you will keep washing your hair the color fades away slowly but surely. 

What semi-permanent dye you should choose for your hair?

It is the most important thing that you should choose your hair dye from a well-known brand. Don’t do experiments especially with your hair. I have seen many people that choose generic products from unknown brands and are cheaper in price. When the damage is done they start crying. So be wise in the selection of semi-permanent hair dye to stay safe from any serious damage. Try to choose a well-known brand’s products. Choose the product that is already tried by millions of women. Some well-known brands are:


Use of creams or gels for your hair color

These can be effective but they are not long-lasting. There are some gels, creams, and mousse that can help to change your hair color. The problem is they will last only until you wash your hair. Such products are perfect when you want to change the look just for a moment. Such as:

  • Night party with your friends
  • Wedding of your friend or best friend
  • Or just for an experiment to check out how you would look like in a red-head

The main advantage of these products is they don’t contain any chemicals so these products are not harsh by any means. In both the above-given methods you will be able to lighten your hair color without using bleaching. There is a chance in both cases that color change may be subtle or unnoticeable. 


If you have a dark black color and you are interested in radical change, then the first thing you need to do is lighten your hair a few tones. It depends largely on the color you want to achieve you may have to go for one or two bleaching sessions to get the desired results. Let’s take an example if you have dark black hair and you want violet or an intense red color you may have to probably attend two bleaching sessions. 

I have come to know through various women that bleaching is a destructive process for your hair. This belief is spread by some women that have tried to bleach their hair by themselves at any stage. They ruined their hair and spread that bleaching is always a devil. On grounds, the reality is somewhat different. If bleaching is done by some professionals then you should not have any problems. 

If you want to get good results, then it is better to wait enough time between two bleaching sessions. This gap will help your hair to recuperate. Women don’t have patience and they want the end results quickly so they end up ruining their hair. So it is better to spend some time and find out what color you want to dye your hair. It is better to encourage yourself and go to a salon for hair color than doing it by yourself. 

The final words about hair dye for dark hair without bleach 

  • If you are satisfied with the subtle change of your hair color, then it is better to choose one of the methods given above.
  • If you are interested in radical and drastic changes, then it is better to go to a professional hair salon. 

The choice is yours. Be wise and be safe.

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