Hair Care Routine For Hair Fall

Have you ever felt down (discouraged) because of hair loss? Or perhaps you may begin to lose confidence in yourself as a result of hair fall? 

There is no doubt, the hair is the glory of a woman and if anything happens to the hair, it might lower her confidence.

However, at some stage, we all have experienced hair fall which made us feel great fear that we would never be normal again but it's just a mirage. Discovering the right hair routine, my story changed

While I was experiencing hair fall, I tried many ways to help my hair grow back to its normal state but it was not working. Fortunately for me, I found the best hair routine that works and it's my great pleasure to share the secret with you. 


Know your hair type: This is the first precaution you need to take note of. Virtually everybody in the world has different hair settings, and it's often required that you discover yourself to be able to manage your hair perfectly. 

More interestingly, leaving your hair natural for a few days would help you discover what your hair tendencies are. 

Wash your hair when it is necessary: there is this misconception about washing your hair every day. Some people even go to the extent of washing their hair daily, sometimes twice a day. 

However, in most cases, it is wrong because according to research, some hair only needs to be washed when the need arises not every day as you might think. So washing your hair when the need arises ensures your hair stays strong and healthy. 

Avoid washing hair with hot water: Human hair always contains protective oil that serves as a natural conditioner. Sadly most people wash off the protective oils with hot water, which in turn leads to massive hair loss/fall. 

Use a comb when hair is wet: Hairbrush can be a disaster when applied on hair especially when the hair is still very much wet. Hence, it is excellent that you make use of comb after a shower because it reduces the damage to your tangled hair. 

Using a brush directly on your hair after a shower can lead to hair breakage and snags. So you can start with a comb to achieve similar result. 

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Let your hair air dry: Many women are a victim of this, because of the nature of their job they tend to use blow dryers which in turn damage their hair faster because of heat produced by the dryer. 

Hence, it's a crystal clear you don't have to use blow dryers but instead, you let your hair air dry as it is one of the best ways to prevent hair from falling. 

Providing Extra Protection for Your Hair

Avoid using dyes: Using hair dye has a lot of benefits but when used too often it can lead to hair damage. 

Most of the hair dyes contain chemicals that if used too often can lead to hair fall. 

However, if you are willing, please stick to your natural hair but if you must dye, please do it less often as it can damage your hair. Sticking to three shades of your natural color would be perfect. 

Apply natural remedies to your hair: There are different and quality hair products you can buy to improve and enhance the quality of your hair. 

However, do you know that some of the best things that can help improve your hair massively are very simple?

Olive oil: Do you know that using Olive oil can seriously help to moisturize your dry hair? Apply it to your hair for 45 minutes then shampoo and Rinse. 

Tea: Using the product that matches your natural hair color can so much enhance and improve not just the quality of your hair but will also make your hair shine and glow like never before. 

Coconut oil: This can also serve as a natural conditioner that helps moisturize your hair to have the best touch. Honey too can be a great advantage. 

Condition Your Hair: This may seem obvious but still we must take time to emphasize this because conditioning your hair will help restore the natural oils that your hair needs to stay active.


It is pivotal that you keep your Scalp healthy all the time. Make sure you treat all forms of dandruff, and other scalp infections because having those issues will hinder the growth of hair and promote the fall of hair. 

Furthermore, Too much yoga and exercise can also promote stress in the body which in turn leads to the fall of hair. Hence, we encourage you that you strictly abide by those points and we assure you a great result. 

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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