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Garnier Liquid Pomade Honest Review

Honest Review of Garnier Liquid Pomade

Garnier Shine and Hold Pomade

The Garnier liquid pomade is a product that brings the dream of having a well-styled hair to reality for anyone who uses it. With the Garnier liquid pomade by your side, it becomes possible to give yourself a defined look while keeping your hair in check throughout the day. This is due to the fabulous features which the product comes with. Here are some of these features;

  • It comes in liquid meaning that it spreads easily and gives you a look which is polished and great for your hair
  • If you were also having a lot of problems with applying liquid pomade on your hair, then get ready for some relief. The texture of the pomade makes it pretty easy got you to actually put on the style without having to worry about residues. 
  • It works with small quantities. In other words, this means that with just a small quantity, you would be able to get the job done.
  • Size: it weighs just 5.4 ounces and would just see that weight slightly increase when the product is about to be shipped. 
  • Use: it can be used on your hair irrespective of the fact that it might be damp or very dry. It works well with most. 
Garnier Liquid Pomade


With the Garnier liquid pomade, there are so many benefits that come from using it. Here are some of the most important ones;

  • Applications: if there is one thing which pomade is known for, it would be the application. It can prove to be quite messy. However, this is where the Garnier liquid pomade actually excels. It makes applying the liquid onto the hair easier and neater. That’s a win for us. 
  • Alcohol: the prospect of drying alcohol in pomade is also another thing that most people certainly do not like about it. Drying alcohol is not present in this product. This surely gives it a lift against its closest rivals. 
  • Dosage: with the Garnier liquid pomade, there is hardly any mistake with the amount which you should apply. There would be side effects or build up which come with it. To put it simply, making use of this product is safe and convenient. 
  • Versatile: while some products or pomades would usually be lauded for their fine when the hair is damp and vice versa, this does not apply to the Garnier liquid pomade. There is no doubt that this is one of the major advantages it holds over others. 
  • Hold: the hold which this product has is quite incredible. It has the ability to keep your hair in place long after you have styled it. This is a plus as you would not have to keep touch or smoothening your hair to make sure that you have it all covered. 

Cons of the Garnier Liquid Pomade

  • Many customers have remarked that it often results in hands that feel chapped after using it for some time. Therefore, it has often recommended that while the feeling of the hair can be quite amazing, it is better to restrict your usage to only a few days of the week
  • Others have also complained that it would have a smell that has been likened to Menthol. However, this smell does not really translate into allergies. So before you make a purchase of this product, put this in mind
  • Oily hair has also been said to work better with it rather than damp or dry hair as was always earlier stated. If you have oily hair then, you would probably be a lucky soul. 


The Garnier liquid pomade has some major advantages which cannot be doubted. From its versatility to its incredible hold, it proves it is a top product in terms of quality. However, like all products, it has its own shortcomings. However, these shortcomings are not fatal and do not take away all that the product stands for. If handled the right way, every user of this product might actually enjoy using it in every single way. The Garnier liquid pomade is a great product and we’d not hesitate to recommend it. 

The craze to have the best look and fashion is heating up with each passing day. Pomades are usually the first product for most people. This is because they offer what most people consider the finishing step in the styling of their hair the hold. In case you are wondering what “hold” means, it simply means the holding into the place of your hair after it has been styled. While sprays would often find it hard to achieve this, it is really considered the role of pomades to put in a shift to get this done. Unfortunately, most products fail at this. When it comes to pomades who have fantastic hold, one product which comes to mind easily would be the Garnier Liquid Pomade.

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