Flaxseeds Benefits for Hair

Have you ever experienced a nightmare? I did… The biggest nightmare I could ever experience was hair loss. I was the victim of this horrible night terror in my high school age. I was feeling like I have cancer that has no cure at all and was experiencing never-ending grief. 

Flaxseeds - Powerful remedy for Hair loss

We all know that flaxseeds are really good for fighting diabetes, high cholesterol, and many other diseases. But yes it is really great for long, black hair too. The main reason is our dear vitamin E that is not only a strong antioxidant but also a great source for hair growth and Flaxseeds are the big source of vitamin E and Omega3 fatty acids. This was the information I used to choose flaxseeds for curing my hair loss problem.

Dandruff is the biggest enemy of hair. It can even cause baldness in men, and flaxseeds are really good at nourishing the head skin and preventing flaking, dryness, fizz, and dandruff.

Flaxseeds make hair strong and elastic which prevents hair breakage, and split ends. Flaxseeds are actually a great moisturizer. Flaxseeds have the capability to fight against the enzymes that cause male baldness. Consuming flaxseeds in a proper way and applying its oil on the head can prevent baldness perfectly.

flaxseed oil

You can use flaxseeds oil before shampoo your hair. Here you can have an idea about how to use flaxseeds when you want to get rid of hair loss problems.      

How to use Flaxseeds for Hair Growth?

There is a specific method to be applied when you want to use flaxseeds for hair growth. I would just say that each and every single herbal or non-herbal product needs to be used properly for a specific purpose.

You must know if a gel is better for your hair type or oil. Flaxseeds hair oil is a potion that cannot only nourish your scalp but also helps your hair to grow. 15 minutes massage of flaxseeds oil and 30 minutes hot towel covering allows flaxseeds to go deeper in your hair roots and shaft. Repeat it 3 times a week.

The second method is applying flaxseeds gel on your hair. Boil flaxseeds along with lemon juice in the water until it becomes a gel. Strain the liquid and use this gel to style your hair and also to boost hair growth by applying on your scalp. You can use it daily.

The third method is more effective and easier. Make flaxseeds the part of your diet to get quick and best results. This is really important to know about how to consume flaxseeds for hair growth. 

You can consume two tablespoons of raw flaxseeds daily in your diet. Or you can grind the seeds and sprinkle the powder on your food like oatmeal or soup. The ground flaxseeds can be added in smoothies, cookies, muffins or you can have it with low-fat yogurt too.

Side-Effects of Flaxseeds

Nothing in this world is the ultimate cure or an ultimate solution to a problem. It is not obvious that if flaxseeds worked for one's hair fall problem then it should work for everyone. This is my advice to all of you to always get to know about the side effects of any product before use. Similarly, flaxseeds bring some side effects including the following too.

  • allergic reactions
  • diarrhea 
  • intestinal obstruction
  • bloating
  • stomach ache
  • constipation
  • gas 

So you can use flaxseeds for hair by keeping an eye on the consequences it brings. I knew all the side effects before use and I preferred to face bloating and constipation over baldness. At least, they are easily curable, not the baldness!  


 I belong to a society in which long hair is considered a grace for a girl. I personally loved the long hair. Sudden hair loss series had made me totally unconfident and stressed. The falling building of my confidence was held up when my friends started suggesting different home remedies and I started getting benefits from them.

Solution - that actually worked for me

I have tried so many shampoos, medications, and other remedies to get rid of hair loss problems but later I came to know that the specific type of hair loss that I am facing is curable with herbal or home remedies. I tried egg whites, olive oil with honey, aloe vera, jojoba oil, green tea homemade shampoo, amla, and many other solutions. Most of them are really good for shine, color and the volume of hair but they need a long time to give good results.

I was looking for a solution that could work fast for my type of skin. What actually worked for me was "Flaxseeds". Now, when you finally know the secret, I am going to tell you the benefits it brought for my hair and the way I used it to work. 

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