First Date Hairstyles To Captivate Your Date’s Attention (Ladies Edition)

Photograph by: Priscilla Du Prez 

According to Team Bonobology, it mentions how it only takes less than 6 seconds for a man to notice a woman’s hair!

When it comes to the first date, I realized that myriads of ladies tend to like to focus a lot on either their outfit or makeup. Many of us have the propensity to neglect our hairstyles.

Have you just realized the importance of choosing your hairstyle wisely for your first date now? Well, there is no need for you to be anxious, as this article will guide you and bring you through the list of first date hairstyles that can help you captivate your date’s attention at first glance.

1. High Ponytail (Rating: 8 / 10)

A high ponytail is undoubtedly a fast and simple hairstyle that you can do for your first date in less than a few minutes. It is also especially ideal for people with long flowing hair like, for example, Ariana Grande. Sound familiar? Ariana Grande is certainly one of the few celebrities who will never leave their house without a high ponytail. You must be really lucky if you managed to catch a glimpse of her without it. It is actually not that hard to understand why she is so in love with this hairstyle. This is because a high ponytail allows you to look casual yet sophisticated at the same time. It is also a not-that-tryhard hairstyle if you do not want to look too overdressed or too underdressed to your date at the same time. 

Photograph by: Thomas Ramirez

2. Bun or Messy Bun (Rating: 8/10)

Wearing a bun is not only convenient but also easy to do. Bunning your up on your first date will definitely make you appear presentable, neat, and graceful to your date. The bun is also exceptionally useful when you are having a bad hair day or if you are feeling lazy to style your hair. If not, you can also go for a lazy bun to give your hair a chic and stylish look. The messy bun is perfect for you if you are going for a playful lazy-girl vibe if you do not want to go for a too formal look for your first date. Furthermore, you can also easily match a bun or messy bun with almost any kind of outfit, as it is an extremely versatile hairstyle!

Photograph by: Kasia Serbin

3. Braid/French Braid (Rating: 8/10)

A simple braid is a beautiful hairstyle that can make you look casual yet amazing at the same time! Similarly, this is also the same for French braid! Both hairstyles have their charms and can make you look extra stunning on your first date. For a French braid, all you have to do is to split your hair into three different sections, grab the hair from the right, and braid it like a three-strand braid. After that, you will just have to take in your hair from each side and continue braiding them in constant motion until you have achieved your desired hairstyle. To put it in simple words, French braid is basically just an upgraded version of a normal braid, as it requires you to add in hair into each section as you form your regular braid. These few easy steps will get your simple and lovely hairstyle ready in just a few minutes!

Photograph by: Tamara Bellis


4. Waterfall Braid (Rating: 9/10)

If you want a feminine look with a rather unique hairstyle, a waterfall braid is certainly the way to go! The waterfall is also one of the prettiest braids that can give you a fabulous look on your first date. To start, take a section of your hair from the side and split it into three sections. Next, create a French braid for about two twists before allowing the hair on the utmost right to drop out of the way, creating a waterfall effect. Take the bottom section and pull it over the waterfall section. Lastly, take another section of hair from the top of your head to make another waterfall piece and let it fall through other sections of the hair. Repeat this until you have achieved your desired hairstyle! The waterfall braid is also one of my personal favorites and I will really recommend this to people who are going for a ladylike appearance especially if you have wavy hair.

Photograph by: Priscilla Du Preez

5. Jaw-length Bob (Rating: 8/10)

Just as its name suggests, the jaw-length bob is a hairstyle with a hair length that passes the jaw and ends near the mid-neck. This hairstyle is suitable for ladies with short hair and it also works for ladies of all ages. It also goes really well with a soft perm and a few wavy curls, as it will give off a wavy tousled look.  Furthermore, the jaw-length bob is a great way to show off your facial features such as your cheekbones and jawline. It will undeniably enhance your attractiveness in front of your first date!

Photograph by: Darius Bashar

6. Classic Lob (Rating: 9/10)

The classic lob sits just above your shoulders. It is a very popular mid-length hairstyle among ladies as it gives off a striking and stunning look! This hairstyle will also save you the trouble of committing to either short or long hair, and can be really easy to maintain as well! The classic lob is also suitable for almost all face shapes, and will work especially well if you have a round or square face shape as this hairstyle will do the magic of making your face appear longer and sharper due to the gentle curves at the end of both sides. Personally, I really love the versatility of this hairstyle and will highly recommend this to ladies who are going for both an elegant and feminine style. 

Photograph by: Katsiaryna Endruszkiewicz

7. Center part bangs (Rating: 9/10)

Looking for a cute hairstyle? Center part bangs are certainly the way to go!  Unlike the thick and choppy bangs that give off intense vibes, the center part bangs (as known as curtain bangs) actually give off a light-weight, innocent girl-next-door look. It is associated with people of all ages as it is both fun and fresh, having the effect of making one look playful and younger! This trendy hairstyle deserves to be on this list for sure, as it is definitely one of the hairstyles you can go for if you want to impress your first date in seconds!

Photograph by: Joseph Perez

All in all, the hairstyle that you are ultimately going for should complement the overall look that you wish to achieve!

Are you going for the cute and sweet look? Or the sexy and sophisticated look? This guide can come in really handy when you are indecisive about what hairstyle to go for on your first date! 

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Olivia Lim
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