Feeling Stressed? Stop Hair Loss Due To Stress

Stress is a common reason for hair loss and other health problems.

According to a rough estimate, almost one-third of the worldwide population is suffering from a hair fall problem. Almost everyone is losing 100 hair strands per day.

Everyone is in search of finding the answer to this question on how to stop hair fall immediately? Hair fall is a natural phenomenon so there is no need to take a lot of stress about it. 

Hair Loss

There can be lots of reasons behind hair fall, such as stress, diet, pollution, medications, mineral deficiency, and genetics. 

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Tips that can help to stop hair fall immediately

You can try these tips or solutions to reduce or get rid of hair fall problems. 


  • Ease The Tension

    Firstly, you need to relax at this stage. Remember hair loss is a common problem and it is not just you. Take a deep breath and relax your face. Soothe the tension before you continue reading the web on what might cause your hair loss, etc.

    If it does not work, we strongly advise that you consult a doctor (any doctor as they will refer you) first instead of reading all the advice that is not catered to you and your problem.

  • Regularly Shampoo Your Hair
  • It is the easiest way that can help to prevent hair loss. It will help to keep your scalp clean. In this way, you are lowering the risk of dandruff and as a result chance of hair fall or breakage will be reduced. 

  • Use of Vitamins
  • Vitamins are not only helpful for health they are also helpful for the well being of hair. Vitamin B helps to maintain a healthy color and vitamin E helps to increase blood circulation in the scalp. Vitamins will help your hair follicles to remain healthy and productive. 

  • Protein-Rich Diet
  • Start eating a protein-rich diet such as fish, soy, lean meats and other healthy diets that will help to promote the health of hair. In this way, you will get rid of the hair fall issue. 

  • Use Essential Oils to Massage Your Scalp
  • If you are facing the problem of hair fall for some time, massage your sensitive scalp regularly with some essential oils. Do this for a couple of minutes. Doing this your hair follicles will remain active. You can use either a single oil or a mixture of oils. 

  • Never Use Brush When the Hairs Are Wet
  • Your hairs are in the weakest state when they are wet. In this condition never brush your hair because the chances of hair fall are more. If it’s necessary to comb wet hair then try wide-toothed comb instead of a hairbrush. Avoid excessive hair brushing because in this way you are damaging your hair badly. 

  • Make Use Of Ginger or Garlic Juice
  • Use one of these juices on your scalp. Leave these in your hair overnight and wash your hair in the morning. At least try this method for a week or so and you will see the significant reduction in hair fall. 

  • Try to Remain Hydrated
  • To maintain healthy hair, it is mandatory that you should remain hydrated. As our hair shaft comprises one-quarter of water so try to drink 4 to 8 cups or glasses of water per day. 

  • Make Use of Green Tea
  • Lots of studies have shown that rubbing green tea can help to significantly reduce hair fall problems. Apply the mixture of green tea and water and rinse your hair after one hour. To obtain good results at least try this method for a week or ten days. 

  • Reduce Usage Of Alcoholic Beverages
  • Taking too much alcohol will reduce your hair growth. So to avoid this issue, reduce alcohol intake. If you want to enhance hair growth, then reduce or eliminate the use of alcoholic beverages. 

  • Understand What’s Bad For Your Hair
  • With a little care and effort, you can keep your hair healthy. After taking a shower, never rub your wet hair with a towel. It is better to let them dry naturally. Rubbing excessively increases the hair fall. 

  • Avoid Smoking
  • This might seem a minor thing but it’s not. Smoking reduces the amount of blood that reaches the scalp. As a result, there is a significant reduction in hair growth. 

  • Make Habit Of Physical Activities
  • Make a schedule and plan your physical activities. Try to perform these on a daily basis. Walking and swimming can help to balance the hormonal levels. It will help to reduce stress levels and will increase hair growth and reduces hair fall. 

  • De-Stress
  • Stress can contribute heavily to the hair fall. Lots of studies have shown there is a significant relationship between hair fall and stress. So the best thing you can do is de-stress yourself. To reduce stress goes for yoga and meditation. Both activities will not only reduce stress but also help to balance the hormones. 

  • Stay Away From Constant Drying and Heating
  • Most of the people tend to use dryers to dry their hair quickly. Some people use dryers for styling. Constant exposure to heat can dry your scalp and increase the hair fall. Heating can weaken the hair proteins and the chances of hair fall increases. 

  • Pay Attention to Your Health
  • Health issues can significantly contribute to hair loss. In order to ensure healthy hair, make sure that you are timely in dealing with issues such as high fever and chronic illnesses. 

  • Stay Away From Chemicals
  • If you are using permanent hair dyes, you are exposing your hair to harsh chemicals. Chemicals can be a major reason for hair fall. Chemicals will damage the health of hair badly. So if you are experiencing hair fall it is better not to color your hair, especially with a permanent hair dye. 

  • Regularly Take Appointment From Doctor
  • There can be many health conditions that can lead to hair fall, especially skin conditions. In order to keep your hair healthy and maintain hormonal balances set your appointment with a doctor. A doctor will help you to deal with chronic and skin-related illnesses. 

  • Use A Good Conditioner
  • It might seem a little thing, but a good conditioner can help to reduce the hair fall significantly. In conditioners, the amino acid will help to repair damaged hair. Conditioners also help to keep your hair shiny and smooth. 

    Today, most of the people are facing the problem of hair fall. These little but impressive tips and solutions can help to stop hair fall immediately. 



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