Excessive Sweating and Hair Loss

Sweating is inevitable whether you are planning a workout at the gym or you are going for an outing during a hot sunny day.

Excessive Sweating and Hair Loss

If the scalp sweating continues for a long time, your hairs become weak, and you may face hair fall issues. Lactic acid is present in sweat, which is not good for hair by any means. You can take measures along with treatments to avoid hair loss due to sweating. In this article, you will find out the relation between excessive sweating and hair loss. 

How Can Excessive Sweating Result In Hair Fall?

Sweating is a healthy activity if it is in limits because it let the toxins out of the body. Excessive sweating can be damaging for both hair and the body. For a person, if he is sweating too much, the risk of getting dehydrated increases. So to overcome this issue, he should have to drink more water. Due to sustained and excessive sweating, there will be a negative impact on the growth of hair as well. 

Sweat contains toxins that came in contact with bacteria and results in havoc on the scalp and hair. As a result of this, hair starts to fall. So to avoid hair loss, wash your scalp with a good shampoo. If you are working in hot conditions for most of the time and you regularly plan for a workout, then take care of hairs to avoid the expected harm. 

Causes of Excessive Sweating

To prevent hair loss, you need to be familiar with what is happening with your scalp. There can be a couple of reasons for excessive perspiration from the scalp. Such as:

  • Heat
  • Anger
  • Exercise
  • Spicy food
  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Medication, which is used for typhoid. 

Why is sweating not good for hair? It dries out the scalp and hinders the growth of hair. Sweat contains salt that strips your hair’s natural color, and your hair will become grey. Never let sweat and dirt in your hair for too long. Otherwise, hair follicles can get clogged, and the result will be an itchy scalp. 

How to Prevent Hair Fall Due To Sweating?

When you are familiar with the relationship between sweating and hair fall, then it’s time to discuss some preventive actions. The more you take care of your scalp, the more hair growth you will have. There is a direct relationship between excessive sweating and hair loss. To avoid hair fall due to sweating, follow the below-given practices. 

  • Wash your hair daily
  • Everybody sweats more or less. Sweating makes hair dirty and also vulnerable to different problems. So to keep your scalp and hair safe, it is essential to wash your hair regularly. 

  • Gently deal with your hair
  • Hairs are considered to be the most sensitive organ of the body. So the sensitive organs are treated with care. Using a too narrow comb and touching your hair, again and again, is never a good option. 

  • Use steam to open the pores
  • The scalp also contains pores similar to the body. These pores can clog due to excessive sweating and dirt. Steam will help to open pores and remove clogged dirt and sweat from the scalp. It will prevent hair fall. 

  • Use essential oils for scalp massage
  • Essential oils contain useful nutrients. All the nutrients can help to protect your hair from sweat and dirt damage. So, gently massage your scalp with essential oils, so that these oils can help your hair to grow and nourish. 

  • Stop using excessive styling
  • If your hairs become weak due to excessive sweating and you are trying tight hairstyles, the result will be hair loss. For styling delicately brush your hair. For more care, don’t use harsh hair care products. 

  • Use Right Towel
  • In a humid summer, drying hair with a regular towel isn’t a good idea. It is recommended to use a microfiber towel, especially for summer. Don’t rub your hair aggressively. You can also use a T-shirt to dry your hair. 

    Other Ways to Prevent Excessive Sweating

    Now, you are familiar with the disadvantages of excessive sweating. It’s time to discuss the ways to prevent excessive sweating. 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Use apple cider vinegar in your hair. It helps to restore the pH of the scalp. It is good at controlling the secretion of sweat. Just mix a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with warm water and massage this mixture into your scalp. Leave the mixture for about 30 minutes and then wash your hair. 

  • Avoid Wearing Tight Caps
  • Make sure that your scalp can breathe easily. Tight caps will suffocate your head that results in excessive sweating, and the result will be hair loss. Like your body, your scalp needs breathing too. 

  • Drink Lots Of Water
  • Drinking water in excess will help your body to stay cool and hydrated the result will be less seating. It will replenish the water content that your body has lost as a result of excessive sweating. So, drink as much water as you can to keep your body hydrated and prevent hair loss. 

  • Don’t Take Too Much Stress
  • Another major factor that can contribute to excessive sweating and hair fall is the stress. Everybody is stressed nowadays. To overcome this issue tries deep breathing and meditating techniques. If you can lower the stress factor, there will be a significant sweat reduction from your scalp. It will improve your overall health, and you can stay fit. 


    Excessive sweating and hair loss, yes, there is a direct relation between these two. You can’t change your daily routine. What can you do? You can take preventive measures and corrective actions. You need to follow the healthy practices to keep your scalp safe and strong. Don’t go for rigorous styling. Regularly wash your hair to remove clogged dirt and sweat. To keep your hair strong and healthy, use oils and conditioners. 

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