15 Easy Workout Hairstyles for Long Hair

Whether you have long or short hair, it is essential to protect pieces from falling out while performing high-intensity moves during a workout. During a workout, you want your hair to be in place. You want your hair to stay away from your neck, and hairs must look good even with sweat in it.

Easy Workout Hairstyles for Long Hair

In this article, you will find out the best and easy workout hairstyles for long hair. These styles will not only help during a workout, but you will also look good in these styles. 

15 Best Hairstyles for Workout

These cute updos can help you to keep your mane away during exercise. You will look good when you head back to home or office. 

  • Braided Bun
  • If you are busy in a running activity or involved in some cardio work, to keep your hair in place, you need a top knot. To keep the bun stable, it is important to braid those locks before twisting them into a bun. 

  • Double Bun
  • This hairstyle is good for all hair lengths. It will help to keep your hair away from the face. You will enjoy a super cute look. 

  • French Braid Ponytail
  • Before using a ponytail, it is essential to braid your hair. This braiding will prevent any shorted pieces and bangs of hair from slipping out of the ponytail. It is an easy workout hairstyle for long hair. 

  • Braided Messy Bun
  • This hairstyle will provide you a great look, but the issue is it will remove hair from the face, not from the neck. This hairstyle can be good for a yoga class and when you want to lift weights. It is not recommended when you are going to be involved in lots of moving activities. 

  • Headband Braid
  • If you are worried about the bangs that tend to fall in your face, then no need to worry about it. Just pull your hair back into a simple braid. Make sure that it runs along your hairline. 

  • High Ponytail
  • If you want your hair to stay away from your neck, then try out a high ponytail. If you have thicker hair, then you can use a few hair ties as well. It will help you to remain cool, and don’t worry about breaking off the sweat. You can perform all sorts of exercises easily. It is an easy workout hairstyle for long hair. 

  • Pull Through Braid 
  • It is an upgraded version of your normal braid. You can say it is a mix of ponytail and braid, but it is an effective hairstyle and will keep your hair away from neck and face. To keep your hair in place and look good after a workout, it is an ideal style for you. 

  • Headband
  • You can pull your hair into your go-to style by just adding a cloth headband. When we talk about comfort, it is a good choice for pulling your hair back. Another good thing about this hairstyle is it is easy, and you can spend less time while styling your hair. You will enjoy a good hairstyle along with fitness. 

  • French Braid Pigtails 
  • You will look odd after wearing this hairstyle, but it is essential to have such an attitude while going for a workout. Just pull your hairs back into a French braid, and you are ready for your kickboxing routine. 

  • Head Crown Braids
  • It is an ideal hairstyle for all hair lengths. Just make a crown braids around your hair. You will look super cute. You can try this hairstyle for parties as well. It is the most practices hairstyle, and you must have a go at it. 

  • Top Knot
  • Go for a workout with your hair pulled in a top knot. You can do whatever you want to do, and believe me your hair wouldn’t go away anywhere for the whole day. 

  • Easy Messy Half Braid
  • This messy half braid is good for all hair types and lengths. While wearing this style, you can perform every type of exercise. If by mistake, it falls out, it enhances the look. As it is clear by its name messy so it will look messy, so during a workout, don’t worry about it. 

  • Ponytail with Hair Wrap
  • It is yet another easy and simple way to look elegant. Just pull your hair and gather it into a ponytail. Use elastic to secure your hair. Now take a piece of the hair out of the elastic and wrap it around the ponytail. To be more secure use a baby pin. 

  • Bun With Spin Pin
  • It is a great style especially when you want to put your hair down right after the workout. Spin pins will keep your hair in place and don’t make crimps as the bobby pins and hair ties do. Keep your hand at the top of the head and start to gather hair into a ponytail. Start twisting your hair to the right. Keep twisting and convert them into a coil shape. Take the spin pin as close to the scalp as possible. It is yet another effective hairstyle for a workout. 

  • Braided Halo
  • If you are not going to perform so sweaty activities like yoga, then this one is for you. This hairstyle keeps your hair away from your face and you can impress the girl right behind you. When you take it down this style will leave soft beachy waves.  You can enjoy a decent look during and after the workout. 


    Workouts are never easy especially if you have long hair. So to keep your hair in place and avoid distraction, you need some sort of a hairstyle. Hairstyles will not only help during exercise, but you will also enjoy an elegant look after the workout as well. So, try out the above given easy workout hairstyles for long hair and enjoy your time. These hairstyles are simple and you can wear them without too much effort. Most of the hairstyles will not take your too much time. 

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