Dry Brittle Hair after Coloring

Do you fancy coloring? Or you are here to find a solution to your colored dry hair? Today, we are going to discuss all the aspects of dry and brittle hair after coloring.

Bursting the myth of brittle hair

The coloring of hair is not the culprit but our lack of care is the main cause of our dry and brittle hair. Color-treated hair needs special care and attention for that silky-smooth texture. So, it is a myth that coloring rips off the moisture from our hair. People who follow an excellent hair-care routine get that extra-smooth hair, whether colored or not.

How to care for your brittle colored hair?

In the case of hair, a little effort from your side will go a long way. It is easy to take care of your hair when normal, but with hair gone wrong, it requires a little effort on your part. Let us dive deep into the measures you can take to repair the damage.

Colored Hair Brittle

Soak and Smear Approach

This is a commonly used technique by experts for introducing moisture into the colored brittle hair. In this method, you need to shampoo and condition your hair normally and pat-dry them with a towel. Apply a leave-in conditioner and work it throughout the length of your hair. Now, apply an oil to your hair to lock the moisture in. If it is your working day, choose a non-sticky oil to avoid attracting dirt and grimes to the hair-roots.

Hot-oil Treatment

This is the easiest at-home method to get that smoothness you’ve always dreamt of. Wash your hair normally and towel-dry them. Apply oil from the roots of your hair to their full length and immediately cover them with a shower cap. Now, you are required to provide mild heat to your hair with the help of a towel dipped in hot water or other means of your choice. You can also consider soaking in the sun for some time. The heat will open your skin pores and let them soak in the oil resulting in super-soft hair! Experts recommend coconut oil due to its many benefits.

Deep conditioning Hair-mask

Hair-masks are used by experts to provide extra hydration to your hair. Consider an oil-based mask over the water-based one to see faster results for your dry hair. Although there are numerous options in the choice of ingredients for the hair-mask, experts’ favorite is shea butter, honey, and coconut oil. These masks are easy to include in your hair-care routine. Just apply the mask 30 minutes before washing your hair and rinse it thoroughly with shampoo. If you cannot spare half an hour due to your work schedule, you can apply the mask overnight too. Deep conditioning improves the texture of damaged hair very quickly and makes them silky-soft.

How to prevent dryness & brittleness?

Prevention is always better than cure. Your hair won’t get dry and brittle exactly after coloring. In fact, they never will if you follow a hair-care routine. Here are certain things you can do to prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle:

Use color-protecting shampoo

Using your normal shampoo and conditioner won’t be a good option after you get your hair colored. A shampoo not containing sulfate and alcohol would be the best choice to avoid dryness. Consider using products with natural oils like jojoba or tea tree or even shea butter to add extra moisture to the hair follicles. 

Use styling products at low temperature

We cannot resist styling our beautiful colored hair. The heat produced by the styling products enters deep into our skin. It sucks out all the natural moisture from the hair roots. To minimize this dry effect, you must set the temperature of these products at low while turning into a diva! 

Avoid direct sunlight

Sun is known to lighten your natural hair color. It also lightens your colored hair and makes them dry. It is advised to avoid extended exposure to the sun for keeping your hair healthy. But if you cannot avoid going out on a sunny day, use a UV-rays protecting hair-spray with SPF factor of 10 to 15 before stepping out. Also, wear a hat to avoid direct rays on your hair. Go for the products containing added vitamins to give a healthy boost to your hair!

Avoid Silicone dimethicone

There are some elements which destroy the color-treated hair. A silicon-based polymer dimethicone is used in several hair conditioning products to smoothen the hair and bring a shine to them. You need to avoid the products containing this ingredient as it leads to dryness in the long run. 

Take a healthy diet 

Protecting your colored hair from outside is important but nourishing them from inside is all the more important. Foods that are rich in protein and calcium help to make your locks grow faster. It also strengthens them and adds luster to their texture. Omega 3s make your hair soft, smooth, and shiny by adding loads of natural moisture to the hair roots. Vitamin-C supports the hair follicles and maintains the health of blood vessels ensuring sufficient blood circulation to the roots. Vitamin-B’s component biotin provides strength to the entire hair and prevents brittleness. So, maintaining a nutrient-rich diet is crucial for strong and lustrous hair.

Final Words

Your hair is an important part of your personality. Colored hair adds even more beauty to your overall look. Since this color is not your natural hair color, you need to be extra cautious while using any products over the colored hair. It is simple math to provide the moisture, that you take away from your hair with styling products, back to your hair in the form of hair-mask or hot-oil treatment. Just a little care and you will love your soft locks forever!

How could you neglect your dream hair by washing them off with any regular shampoo? Why don’t you give them the special treatment they are worthy of?

If you have also experienced that your hair color is making your hair dry and brittle, you aren’t doing it right. Let us understand the root cause of this problem. Let’s take a simple hypothetical situation: When you buy your favorite black party dress with silver sequins on it, the one you wanted from such a long time, do you wash it with your ordinary detergent? Don’t you get it dry-cleaned to keep the color and sequins intact? 

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