There are recent developments in taking care of body parts externally. Recent technologies were used extensively by various companies for grooming the external look. Especially for the ladies who were interested to look beautiful with a silk touch. They are adapting to newer technologies then and there in taking of their beauty. We are going to see one of such technology and where that is used and its improvements along with its side effects if any. 

IPL Hair Removal

Women now are keen enough to clean or remove their hair from the skin. The skin over the face or underarms or bikini parts can be treated by new technology devices and make their growth retarded or permanently removed. Here we are going to see one by one.

IPL(Intense Pulsed light)

IPL is a technique that uses the light as pulses for treating. When treated over the hairy parts, the hairs absorb the light emitted and the absorbed light is converted to heat which in turn suppresses the growth of hair follicles and its melanin content. 

DPL (Dynamic Pulsed Light)

DPL is an advanced method of IPL that uses the light ( wide range of the light spectrum) in a controlled intensity over the root of the hair to be removed or the hair follicles. The light is half a quotient absorbed by the pigments on the hair. This makes the hair root to absorb the light which is then converted into heat energy to destroy the pigments. Pigments are the main cause of hair growth in all areas. Apart from hair removing, DPL also used in the process of healing pigmentation and acne ( which occurs at all ages particularly for the teenagers now).

SHR (Super Hair Removal)

SHR is the newest technology which is one advanced form of DPL. In this technique, the light is emitted in many pulses but not a prolonged emission of light. Hence it is casual for people with sensitive fear.

Comparison between three

People who are darkly toned feel discomfort due to the heat from the device when they are compared to the whites.  You can think of IPL as a black cloth absorbing all the heat but the white cloth which reflects or absorbs the heat at a reduced rate when compared to the latter. IPL is similar to flashlight sparkled out of the camera.

Even though DPL is an advanced form of IPL, it is effective and quick in hair removal when compared to IPL. It removes all the gentle and small hairs, but IPL is used to remove only coarse hairs first and then a small number of tiny hairs. Using IPL you have to make continuous exposure to the light which is somewhat time-consuming and painful too. But DPL, on the other hand, uses only pulses of light that to in a controlled manner which essentially treats the small hairs too.

IPL can be used only on specific skin tones and hair colors, if used adversely it has the issue of creating sunburns or making small holes in the skin. IPL cannot be used for dark skins, red, white and grey color hairs. That is the only advantage of DPL which treats all types of hairs.DPL has the ability to clean the pores and tightens the skin if it is aged.

SHR uses tender pulses of energy at a relatively higher repeated rate. This makes the skin gets heated gently. Only fifty percent of energy is reacted over pigments which are responsible for making the hair grow coarse and dark. The remaining fifty percent is used to treat the hair-growing papilla cells which are involved in the production of hair. Therefore each and every hair is targeted and removed properly. For new customers, SHR would be more suitable since it is painless when compared to IPL, but cost-wise SHR beats both IPL and DPL.

Moreover, the instrument is moved in a gentle motion over the body parts in SHR but in IPL it is kept idle in a place for some time and then moved.

Is SHR hair removal permanent?

Hair grows at four stages namely the early growth stage, active growth stage, pre-defined growth stage, not growing stage. As the stages are clearly indicative that hair development and growing will be in any one of the above-mentioned stages. SHR is an effective hair removal technique if it is used in hair treatment when hair growth is in the second stage i.e, the active growth stage. So you can ask a question then how to find my hair in which stage or what age I have to treat?. Hence it is better to get the SHR treatment in a phased manner. If the treatment is followed one or more times say for word four times. The ability to grow hair will be decreased in the not needed portions where treatment made. Although the 

Is SHR safe?

When compared to other methods SHR is safe. Since it uses only half a portion of energy to destroy the pigments and remaining half absorbed to the hair-producing cells. There are low chances of getting skin rashes and heat. Only the pigment and the hair cells are heated up to 48 degrees in the SHR method whereas in IPL the melanin content is treated up to 70 degrees.

Is SHR Laser or IPL?

SHR is an advanced form combined with Laser and IPL since it uses light and pulse. But the precautions and side effects when compared to the Laser treatment or IPL is meager in SHR.


The above methods were intensively used for hair removal. Each one has its unique characteristics and phenomenon. One may be cost-effective and the other may be too costly. Even though cost-effective the treatment may be painful. Hence it is wise to choose accordingly which type of method can be used in turn to get good results.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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