Does Scalp Brush Help With Dandruff

Rising in popularity is the affordable scalp massage handheld brush meant specifically for scrubbing your head. A scalp massage, like any massage, can be incredibly relaxing and indulgent.


But does a scalp brush help with dandruff? There is no direct research that scalp brushes can help dandruff, but there are studies showing scalp health impacts hair growth. Health professionals also believed that using a scalp brush can be useful for overall hair health.

"A dry scalp does not directly cause hair loss, however, dryness can cause flakiness, irritation, inflammation, itchiness, and maybe dandruff", said Dr Bessam Farjo, Hair Restoration Surgeon & Hair Loss Expert. "Stress can aggravate conditions like a dry scalp so it will be good to take measures to deal with stress"

Hair products will not usually cause scalp dryness, but they can leave a fine, white residue on your roots, and this can be mistaken for dead skin cells. 

Below are some words on scalp brush from health professionals

“These are used to clean the scalp and exfoliate dead skin cells as well as increase blood circulation to the scalp,” says Gretchen Fries, a BosleyMD trichologist.

Dr Mun adds, “Oxidative stress on the scalp can cause not only inflammation, but also aging of the scalp, which can result in hair thinning and hair loss. Also, the clogging of the follicles on the scalp could similarly result in breakage, dryness, and even hair loss.” 

BosleyMD Blaisure also said “While scalp massagers can help increase blood flow—which brings more nutrients to the hair follicle—there are no studies to show they're effective in stimulating hair growth.”

“A head massage feels good because there are many nerve endings in the scalp," says Francesca Fusco, MD, of Wexler Dermatology. "Individuals who experience stress in the muscles of the scalp report feeling better after a massage because it relaxes their scalp muscles."

Los Angeles–based dermatologist Jessica Wu recommend anyone who’s striving for fuller hair try one out. “Studies have shown that scalp massage can increase hair thickness by stretching the living hair follicle cells and stimulating them to produce thicker, individual hairs, so I’d suggest them for anyone who wants to have thicker hair”

New York City–based trichologist Penny James who believes fingers will get the job done just fine. “As a trichologist, I recommend using the pads of your fingertips to massage the scalp in small, circular movements,” she says. “This stimulates the scalp, as you’re massaging the shampoo into the scalp and hair to achieve the best results in keeping the scalp clean and not damaging the hair.”

Scalp brush does not help with dandruff caused by a poor diet for sure.

Scalp irritation and the itching and flaking result from problems in the living ecosystem of your scalp, or your scalp microbiome. But here's the good news: even if you can't pin down the underlying cause of your flaky, itchy scalp, a hairbrush does have many benefits worth considering.

What are the Benefits of Brushing Your Scalp?

Brushing your scalp with a brush helps by

  • Grooved bristles exfoliating away build-up, oil, and dead skins to reduce clogs to the follicle
  • Reduce itch caused by dry scalp 
  • Reduce stress for those who loved a good massage
  • Boosting circulation is the main reason that brushing your scalp can promote a healthy environment for hair growth
  • Thickening your hair strands based on a study of 4 minutes massage per day
  • Detangle your hair causing breakage or split ends

What are the best scalp brushes based on professionals?

Dr Mun recommends one with round, soft tips, and flexible brushes, and Fries adds silicone bristles are better to avoid tangling. Degree rotating bristles offer maximum control and a soothing massage for even the most sensitive scalps.

How Do You Brush Your Scalp?

Treating yourself to a scalp massage is something you could do every single day.

Based on the research, you can get thicker hair just by brushing every day for 4 minutes, whether dry or wet hair.

Designed for all textures from wavy to tightly coiled, this ergonomic head massager can be used alone on a dry scalp, and in the shower for a more rigorous cleanse or help in depositing a deep conditioning mask treatment.

Brushing your scalp is not like taking a comb to your strands there's a technique to the practice to reap all of the benefits, which starts with using the proper brush.

When you're using the brush against your scalp, move it around in gentle, circular motions. 


What is your take on a scalp brush? I would say buy one since it is so cheap and see if it helps.

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