Does plucking hair, stop it from growing back?

No, plucking does not stop hair from growing back. However, if the plucking is done correctly, it will remove the entire hairs from the follicle and it will prevent the hair from growing back up to 6 weeks.

Plucking Hair

There are some pros and cons of plucking hair. So you must be familiar with those before plucking your hair. 


The Process of Tweezing

Process of plucking works by using steel tweezers to completely remove the hair from the follicle and also remove the root and hair shaft.

Tweezing Hair

The hairs are held tight and pulled in the direction of hair growth. It is better to first tightly hold the skin so that you can easily remove the hair, not just the tip. You can repeat this process on the entire face until all the excess hairs are removed. The process is time-consuming but it is a very effective method. In this process, hairs are removed from the roots so there will be longer hair free periods. It is a little painful process, but an efficient way to remove facial hair. 

Some important tips to follow while tweezing

  • Hairs in the facial area are usually quite fine so it is better to use a magnified mirror and lighting should be significant to remove these fine hairs.
  • It is always good to invest in sharp tweezers. Sharp tweezers will remove hairs completely and properly. 
  • At the start and end of the tweezing process clean the tweezers with a cotton pad to remove the disinfectant fluid. To prevent the tweezers from becoming blunt always replace the rubber safety cap. 
  • Wash out the skin before tweezing. After tweezing follicle will be open and chances of infection are increased so make sure that skin is free of makeup. 
  • Tips of the tweezers are very sharp so avoid plucking hair too fast. Take your time and perform the job safely. Stretch your skin so that tweezers grasp hair instead of skin. 
  • Get a firm grip over the hair then briskly but gently pull this. It will ensure that hair is removed from the roots. So it will minimize the chances of hairs to grow back again. 
  • An ideal time for tweezing is after your shower or bath. At that time pores will be soft and relaxed and you can easily remove excess hair. 

The Pros of plucking hair

You cannot remove hair by shaving or waxing every time. When you are interested in shaping your eyebrows much precise approach is needed. Plucking might be the way to go because it offers lots of benefits. 

Plucking Hair
  • Convenience 
  • If you have found a stray hair hanging around and looking odd, tweezing can be the quick approach to get rid of such hair. For plucking, you don’t require any preparation work or other products. Tweezers are used by professionals to remove all those hairs that are left behind after sugaring or waxing. 

  • Control
  • Waxing small areas such as eyebrows can be a tricky one. But tweezing provides you control to accurately achieve the desired shape. 

  • Inexpensive
  • Plucking unwanted hair is an inexpensive approach. You will only require a pair of tweezers that might cost you only $5 to $45. More importantly, this pair will last for a long time. Other shaving methods like depilatories, sugaring, waxing or wet shaving frequently require the replenishment of products. 

  • Lasting results
  • With the passage of time, if the plucking is done frequently it will damage the hair follicle. It does not feel good but if you don’t want hairs to grow back it will cause your hair to grow back finer than before or there is also a possibility that it may stop hair from growing back altogether. 

    Plucking is a good way to remove facial hair although it is a time-consuming process and time will depend on the amount of hair you want to remove.  Some other benefits of tweezing are given-below:

    • You can do the treatment at home
    • There will be a reduction in the growth of facial hair for 2 to 3 weeks
    • It is a cost-effective approach
    • It will remove all types of facial hair
    • You will see the immediate results
    • Plucking will stop hair growth over time
    • It is an easy and safe method for hair removal

    Cons of hair plucking

    The plucking process is never a simple one. It may hurt you and there is a possibility that you might not get the desired results. 

  • It hurts
  • Plucking of hair can be painful, but it depends on your tolerance how much pain you can bear. There are certain ways that you can adopt to reduce the pain. Hold your skin firm it will avoid skin from pulling. Tweeze your hair after a warm shower, it will make the hair follicle soft and relaxed. If after following these practices, it still hurts then you can try a numbing cream it will desensitize your skin for waxing process. 

  • It’s tedious
  • Plucking of your eyebrows may require a half an hour or even more. So when you want to remove lots of hair it is not ideal to use this method as it will require lots of hours.

  • Time-consuming
  • Removal of multiple hairs will require lots of time as the plucking process is slow and lots of care is required to perform the tweezing process. 

  • Inexpensive or bad tweezers can be useless
  • It would be difficult to remove short hairs with dull or inexpensive tweezers. The dull tweezers will break the hair instead of removing and it will add to the frustration and more time will be required to complete the job. 

  • Tweezers can also be misused
  • Never ever dig tweezers into your skin to try to reach hair. It will result in scabs, scarring, and scrapes. 

    The results of tweezing may last for 2 to 6 weeks but depend mainly on the rate of hair growth. Since the hairs are removed from roots, so hairs might take some time to grow back again. 

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