Does Black Hair Dye Fade?

The fading of black hair dye depends on some factors. The dye you used is either semi-permanent or demi-permanent. In these cases, the dye will fade more. If the permanent hair dye is used it will fade less but it will largely depend on the hair color that originally was prior to black coloring. If your hairs are medium brown or dark brown, then the black color will fade a little and lose some shine and intensity. If the hairs were bleached or white before coloring then the color will fade away quickly and easily. 

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How long the permanent black hair dye lasts? 

When the purpose of coloring is to cover your grays then nothing can be better than the permanent hair dye. The permanent hair color contains developers that open up the cuticles and remove the pigments and deposit new color to your hair. Permanent black hair dye wouldn’t wash out and it will fade away over time. 

Generally, the permanent black color will stay in your hair until the roots are exposed. It will take almost 4 to 6 weeks before going back to color your roots. After this period color will start to fade away. In other terms, after 28 shampoos black hair dye will start to fade. However, there are lots of other factors that can speed up the fading process such as frequent and long-time exposure to the sun. 

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What actually the permanent hair color is?

The oxidation process is key to the permanent hair dye process. In permanent hair dyes, oxidizers such as hydrogen peroxide mixed with ammonia, and both of these are mixed into coloring agent before applying to hair. There are lots of advantages to permanent hair dyes. Such as

  • You don’t often have to apply permanent hair color
  • There are a variety of permanent colors available in the market
  • These colors offer more natural shades as compared to other dyes.

If the permanent hair colors are used for longer periods of time, then they can cause damage to your hair because these colors contain chemicals. Applying permanent color on hair will take more time as the mixture will have to be left in the hair for longer periods of time. 

How can you care for your hair to enhance the lasting time?

Follow the below-given tips as these tips will help you to enhance the lasting time of permanent hair color. 

  • Keep your hair color moisturized
  • In permanent hair colors, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide is present so these chemicals will dry up the follicles of your hair. So, it is important for your color-treated hair to use moisturizing shampoo or hair care products. These products will keep the moisture level in balance and your hairs will be healthy and color will not fade away quickly. 

  • Stay away from the sun
  • For color-treated hair, excessive exposure to the sun is never a good approach. As too much exposure will help the color to strip away from hair and hair will look dull. You can avoid this by using a hat or by the use of products that contain UV protectants. This will avoid black or any other color to fade quickly. 

  • Reduce the usage of shampoo
  • When you have colored your hair with a permanent dye then avoid frequent washing because frequent washing will result in fading of color quickly. You can wash your hair every other day this will help the color to stay long in your hair. 

    How to keep permanent hair color away from fading?

    For people, color fading is a frustrating issue. Even the permanent hair colors start to fade over time. Color fades more quickly for some people and for others it will fade away slowly. A few simple and easy steps can help you to prolong the lifespan of hair color. 

  • Selection of the right color
  • One of the overlooked things is the selection of the right color. If the color of your hair is dark then the lighter hair colors will fade away quickly. Obviously, you want your hair color to stay for a longer period of time then choose a color that is similar to your natural hair color. It will fade slowly over time. 

  • Make use of color-safe shampoo
  • Using a color-safe shampoo will help to keep the color in hair for a long time and help the hair to look vibrant. Such shampoos will provide moisture to your hair which is much needed because permanent hair colors usually tend to dry the hair which may result in breakage of hair. It is better to purchase a salon-quality shampoo instead of the inexpensive ones. The professional and branded shampoo will help to maintain the pH of hair and it will avoid the color stripping away from your hair. 

    If you are getting your hair colored from a salon then you want your hair color to last long so that you may have to visit less to a salon. So a selection of the right color and safe color shampoo will help your hair color to stay for a longer period of time and it will save money and also avoids frustration. 


    The fading of black hair dye depends on a few factors. There are different hair dyes such as permanent hair dyes, semi-permanent hair dyes, and demi-permanent hair dyes. Semi-permanent and demi-permanent are likely to fade away quickly and the permanent hair dye will last for a longer period of time. There are some other factors also that can help the black hair dye to fade quickly. Excessive exposure to the sun and frequent shampooing will fade the color quickly. 

    A permanent black hair dye will usually last for almost 4 to 6 weeks. After 28 shampoos color will start to fade away. So, if you want hair color to stay for a long period makes sure that you are not exposing color-treated hair to the sun for too much time. So these simple tips can help to maintain color in hair for a long time. 

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