Do hair tonic work?

The issue of stunted hair growth has affected many today and that has caused them to look for ways to make their hair grow. They have tried several means including the use of hair tonic. You might wonder, though, does hair tonic work?

The answer is yes. Some Hair tonic claimed to make the hair grow faster and longer than it would have grown naturally. Each dose of hair tonic doubles the rate at which your hair grows. Naturally, the growth of one's hair and facial hair stops at length 7, but with hair tonic, your hair or facial hair can increase to length 10. With one dose of tonic, within two or three weeks, you are at length 9 and reaching length 10 takes about 3-4 weeks

Hair Tonic

What is hair tonic? 

Hair tonic most times comes in liquid form but can be turned or packaged in the form of premade. They are additions that help with grooming. Tonics help with yo build up other building products without damaging the hair. During hair cut, tonics are used by barbers to rewet the hair. When tonics are used on wet hair, it makes it easier for the clipper or the scissor to pass through the hair and it ensures a smoother haircut. Many people view glossy hair as being healthy. Hair tonic holds the hair firm and makes it easy to be styled. It also helps dry hair by lubricating the scalp and repairing broken hair and it helps limit dandruff. When men use hair tonic, it helps to freshen their hair and facial hair and it massages their body, face. Most people call hair tonics friction lotion because they are used to massage the scalp of the clients. This type of massage helps to increase the circulation of blood to the hair follicles and also help to moisturize the scalp. There have been claims that hair tonic can reverse the effects of baldness and make the hair longer and thicker.

Common ingredients found in hair tonic

  • Nettle
  • This is a cosmetic additive that works on any type of hair, it helps prevent hair loss and it stimulates the hair follicles which causes the hair to grow.

  • White marigold 
  • The marigold is perfect for the scalp if it is sensitive or gets easily irritated. It also helps to generate the structure of the hair.

  • Wild Chestnut
  • Different hair types come with different needs, they cannot all be the same. Some hair types require fats and minerals while some hair types require the care of the scalp and need to be taken care of daily to prevent the drying of the hair. Wild chest, however, improves the hair condition of almost all hair types, it helps it get thicker by adding volume to it and it prevents the loss of hair.

  • Rosemary
  • Rosemary is for any type of hair and scalp conditions. It has been made use of by all hair types and has been used in different types of the recipe for any hair type. It has been used for thousands of years showing how effective it is for the hair. Apart from being present in hair tonics, it can also be found in shampoos and shampoos for dandruff.

    How to use hair tonic

    Before most people apply the tonic on their hair, they brush out the hair first and then apply the tonic by massaging the hair and scalp carefully. As earlier stated, massaging of the scalp has a lot of health benefits such as the promotion of blood circulation and gives the hair moist. It also helps the hair to be styled however you want to style it. Although hair tonic is mainly for the hair on the head, it can also be used for beards or facial hair and it makes it easy to style it. Apply the hair tonic accurately and moderately to avoid your hair from being too greasy. If the hair is too greasy, it could lead to bed sheets or pillow being stained. It could also lead to the attraction of dirt. Therefore, apply in moderation so that the tonic you apply would not be wasted because you might have to wash it out.


    Hair tonic is meant to be applied to the hair and not to be taken internally. Hair tonic is poisonous especially the ones with ethanol and when taken internally, it can lead to toxic poisoning. The signs of toxic poisoning are urinating regularly, intoxication, diarrhea, vomiting and in extreme cases, coma. If anyone around you takes it internally, take immediate action and contact a Poison Control facility. While you await them, you can give the affected person milk or water to help flush out the hair tonic out of their system. Also, wash out the hair tonic before going to bed to avoid staining the bedsheets.

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