Coloring Hair After Highlights

Coloring your hair after highlights is a tricky thing. You can go back to your natural color by just following some simple steps. You might be shocked in the first attempt when you want to go back to your natural color. It will take some time to go back to a darker color. 

Coloring Hair After Highlights

When you want to highlight your hair you will have to remove the natural pigment from hair with the help of bleaching or high lift permanent color can do the job for you. It will turn out to be damaging for your hair as it will make your hair more porous. If you want to get back the natural color you will have to put in what is taken out. It will be a two-step process.

How you can get the natural color back after highlights?

It is very much easier as you would have thought. In the first step, you will have to apply a gloss and in the second step, you will apply a permanent color. Both these steps will ensure that the highlighted color would not look too drab or dark. 

The selection of a gloss for highlighted hair

If you are interested to go back to dark brown, or black you should choose a gloss with red tones. Color Reviving Gloss in Barolo is a vibrant copper red and can be the perfect choice before applying the permanent hair color. Color Reviving Gloss in Cannella can be perfect if you are going back to medium brown or dark blonde. You should choose a gloss with the copper-gold tones. This will do the job very nicely.

Color Reviving Gloss in Prosecco is a perfect choice when you have bleached your hair for a super blonde look and you are interested in going back to the light or medium blonde look. This gloss contains gold tones and does the job easily for you. 

How to apply gloss on your highlighted hair?

It is an ideal thing to do to apply the color reviving gloss on dry hair. You should focus on the hair that has been highlighted and lightened. Leave it to function for at least 20 minutes. Wash your hair with shampoo and dry them. 

How to select a permanent hair color?

If the natural color of your hair is black or light brown then it is better to select a color from knockout shades. These shades are neutral and contain a lot of pigment and these are perfect for going back to darker and cover your grays. While choosing a color makes sure that you are selecting a color with gold or ash tones. 

Applying the permanent hair color on your highlighted hair 

First of all, apply the color to the roots and then move to lengths and ends. For the even coverage massage it well. Leave it to process for at least 35 minutes. If your highlights are slightly lighter than your natural hair color then you don’t need to apply gloss before applying hair color. It is better to try knockout shades in this case. These shades are available from black to light brown. 

How to apply the knockout shades?

Apply the shades to roots and then apply along the length and ends evenly. For even coverage massage it well into your hair. Let it process for 35 minutes and the result will be a deep color along with deep coverage for lightened hair. If the hair is lightened then there is a chance that color might fade away it will depend mainly on the shampoo used and porosity? For better results and maintain color in hair for a long time it is better to use color-protecting conditioner and shampoo. It will also help to revive color gloss to refresh the color and add shine between the applications. 

What are the major hair coloring mistakes that we make during coloring?

It does not matter that you are doing it the first time or you are a professional in coloring your hair at home. A small mistake can have serious consequences. Some of the most common mistakes are given below:

  • You left the color for too long and it turns the hair color to too dark
  • Although it is difficult to lighten the hair once they are colored dark, but don’t panic there are some steps that can get back you on track. Use a clarifying shampoo; this will remove the product that is built up in your hair strands. Now shampoo your darker hair with a regular shampoo multiple times. Follow the hair mask to treat the hair. 

  • Your hair might turn orange
  • When you see the mirror and notice that the orange color is staring back at you. Purple brass-busting shampoo can help you to get rid of the orange. Shampoos are formulated with purple and violet undertones that will help you to get rid of brassiness look. If it does not work for you call a professional and get the job done. 

  • Roots had a different shade than the rest of the hair
  • When the roots don’t take the color formula as well as the hair strands do so there will a change in color for roots and the rest of the hair. Fix this issue quickly and try out the L’Oreal Paris Magic Root cover. It will do lots of things for you except covering the mistake. 

  • The dye will be around your neck and ear
  • It does not matter how careful you are. Sometimes the dye may fall on your skin. Over time, the color will fade away or try a gentle soap to remove it faster. 


    It is an art to cover your highlights at home. There can be certain things that can go wrong so it is better to take an appointment and get this done at a salon. Try out the two-step process that is discussed in detail. I hope so, you will get better results.

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