Can I Use Hair Dye On My Eyebrows?

It is not a good idea to use hair dye on your eyebrows. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and can easily absorb all the toxins as compared to the skin on the scalp. It is almost illegal in many states to apply hair dye on your eyebrows and lashes. It can result in cumulative which means the degeneration can take place. By the time you will come to know about it, it may be too late. Read the label of hair dye carefully if the manufacturer is saying no, then it is a big No. 

Eyebrow coloring

There is a strong possibility that you might not lose your eyesight, but you will lose the permanent blurred vision that you cannot recover by glasses due to the chemicals. If you want to perform surgery, it is also a risky process. Never use hair dye on your eyebrows. This will hurt your eyes badly and there is a strong chance that you might go even blind. So the use of hair dye is strongly prohibited on eyebrows. 

Changing the eyebrows color with hair dye is dangerous, whether you want to match with hair or even you want to make a contrast it is a risky move. Hair dyes are designed specifically to be used only on the scalp area and if you will use them for eyebrows they are deadly dangerous. The minor injuries might include allergies, blisters, and rashes, but there is a strong possibility that you may even get blind. There are plenty of alternatives to change the color of eyebrows. If you still want to dye them then the way to do is go to a professional. 

What are the dangers of dyeing your eyebrows?

It has been observed that women want to match their eyebrows with their hair color, but now the trend has been changed. Now, most of the women want contrasting eyebrows. In both cases, there is a strong chance of hurting your eyes. Some women are used to do this to get a good and different look. 

Eye brow coloring

Eyebrow dyes use the same technology that is present in permanent hair dyes. Most of the people use hair dyes for their brows. Chemicals present in these dyes are referred to as “oxidative dyes”. These are mixed with an oxidizing agent such as hydrogen peroxide before they start working properly. The purpose of these oxidizing agents is to dye the molecules to link together, polymerize, and to create intense shades. 

These oxidative agents are never safe to be used around the area near the eye. These agents are reactive chemicals and can cause allergies, rashes, and may result in blindness. Therefore, the manufacturers of permanent hair dyes instruct you to use the dye on a small spot of your skin before applying to the scalp. Your eyes are much more sensitive than your scalp so can do unthinkable damage. 

That’s why according to the US FDA these dyes represent:

  • A serious hazard to health
  • There is a probability of a permanent injury
  • Blindness
  • Impaired sight

There are no permanent dyeing colors or additives that are approved by the FDA either for eyelashes or eyebrows. There are some eyebrow dyes that are sold and some salons also offer this service but these are generally illegal in most of the states. If you are interested to achieve a more defined brow or a bolder brow you may need to try safe eyebrow products that are currently and easily available, such as:

  • Eyebrow Powders
  • Eyebrow pencils
  • Even brow gels are also available

In this way, you might have even more fun. You can do the dark or light brow within seconds and you can change look in no time. 

It is better to try eyebrow tinting

If you have been fed up with filing eyebrows daily then brow tinting is just for you. This option is semi-permanent, but it will give you a look that is long-lasting. Why eyebrow tinting is good? It is

  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Totally affordable

As you do in hair dye a petroleum jelly and base cream will be applied around the brow area. This strategy prevents any of the dye to stain into your skin. A semi-permanent dye is mixed up properly with the help of a brush before it is applied to your eyebrow. It is better to stay one or two shades low than your hair color. If the look is similar it will look odd. If it is too dark then it will look scary. 

It is said that tinting is the quickest way that can help you to achieve thicker and natural-looking brow. If you want to create the most natural color then try to custom blend the tint. It will take only 1 to 5 minutes before the dye is wiped properly and brow is done. The skin around the eyebrow will not be affected by the dye. If there is some dye staining, don’t be afraid and panic it will be wash away in a day or so. If your skin is not sensitive to ingredients of hair dye and does not create any allergy than the eyebrow tinting is good for you. 

How long this eyebrow tinting last?

This eyebrow tint will normally last to almost 4 to 6 weeks. This lasting time depends mainly on hair growth, how much you wash your face, and the amount of time spent under the sun. It will fade away itself you might not have to do anything. One day when you will wake up and realize that you will have to do it again. 


It is never allowed to use the hair dye on your eyebrows. Hair dyes contain oxidizing agents. These agents can cause unthinkable damage to your eyes. This can not only cause rashes, allergies you may even lose blindness. Read the label before use. If it is written clearly that it is not for eyebrow use it means it is not for eyebrows. 

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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