Best Hair Dyes without Side Effects

You want to try out different colors on your hair and fear of excessive chemicals is restricting you.

Don’t worry search for non-toxic and eco-friendly hair colors. If that’s the case then try organic hair colors. It will be the best decision.

It helps in coloring but it will protect your hair from damage as well. In this article, we will tell you the best hair dyes without side effects. 

What is meant by organic hair color?

Organic colors are those that are produced using natural ingredients and contain a negligible amount of chemicals. Another good thing about natural ingredients is they are cultivated using natural methods. They are cultivated without fertilizers and pesticides. 

Do organic hair colors exist?

Some brands claim that their hair color is 100% organic it means they are lying. No hair dye can be 100% organic. There is always a need for chemicals either in little quantity or large quantity to make that color effective. Why the chemicals are essential? Chemicals help in opening the cuticles so that color can penetrate properly and you can get better results. 

According to some people, henna hair dyes are 100% natural but keep one thing in mind, such colors will not be effective in covering grey. Such products contain metallic salts that will damage your hair and your hair will become dry over time. 

Do organic hair colors work or not?

To produce effective and better results organic hair dyes contain a certain amount of synthetic chemicals. So the best thing you can do in this situation is to look at the ingredient list. Look carefully at the ph adjusters, pigments, and naturally derived ingredients that are present in hair color. This ingredient list can help you to make the right choice. One thing to be making sure that there should be no ammonia in hair color. Ammonia is not produced naturally and it is a harmful chemical. 

Look for ammonia-free hair colors

Besides the organic hair color, some brands are offering ammonia-free hair color. I want to tell you something such brands or colors cause more damage to your hair. You are not sure about the other ingredients that are present in hair color. So be aware of such brands. 

What are the best hair dyes without side effects?

As it is mentioned earlier, try to buy such products that do not contain ammonia or that are organic. Such products will not cause much damage and there will be no side effects of organic products. There are lots of natural and organic hair colors available in the market with fewer or no side effects. 

Top 5 hair dyes without side effects

The best hair dyes without side effects are given below:

  • Garnier Olia Ammonia Free Hair Color
  • It is the best hair color without ammonia. It contains natural oils that work very much like ammonia. Natural oils can’t be the alternative of ammonia, but they form a protective layer that prevents hair from damage. 

    Garnier Olia Ammonia Free Hair Color


  • It will provide long-lasting and vivid coverage.
  • It promotes hair growth. 
  • Add shine to your hair. 
  • Easily affordable. 
  • The packing of hair color contains a conditioner as well. 
  • Cons

    When it comes to grey coverage, it is not as effective as it should be. 

  • L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color 
  • L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color

    If you are conscious about your hair and don’t want to do lots of experimenting then try this one. It is trusted and tried hair color. It is available in semi-permanent hair dye so you can change your look when needed without any worry. 


    • Color effects will be long-lasting. 
    • It does not contain ammonia and peroxide. 
    • It is also blended with conditioning agents. 
    • It is available in trendy colors. 


    It is not ideal for those who are using permanent hair dyes. It might not work well for them. 

  • Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color
  • Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color

    It is also great ammonia-free hair color. They will fade naturally you will not have to do much effort. It will not fade away quickly. It will be removed quickly after 28 washes. It contains a conditioning agent in the form of aloe Vera. 


    • The color will start to show results after just 10 minutes.
    • It is a long-lasting color. It will stay for almost a month. 
    • An ideal choice to cover grey. 
    • It includes conditioner and will fade naturally you don’t have to put extra effort. 


    Sometimes the color obtained will be darker than desired. 

  • Revlon Color Silk Beautiful Color
  • Revlon Color Silk Beautiful Color

    Revlon is the leading hair color brand in the United States. It will give your hair a multi-color shade. Its formula is blended with nourishing silk proteins and conditioners. Its gel will penetrate easily into each strand. 


    • It offers 41 colors so you can easily pick according to your choice. 
    • It has a long-lasting ability. 
    • It offers 100% grey coverage. 
    • Easily affordable.
    • Contains natural conditioners and nourishing silk proteins. 


    According to some users, there is a risk of allergic reactions. 

  • ONC Natural Colors Permanent Hair Color
  • ONC Natural Colors Permanent Hair Color

    It is the best product because it is ammonia-free and also organic product. The ingredients of this hair color are certified botanical extracts. Natural extracts are combined with vitamins to nourish your hair. It does not contain any hair damaging product so it is the best hair color to use. It is the hair dye that gives your hair break from chemicals and good for conditioning your hair. Another important thing about this color is it might smell like banana. 


    • It contains natural and certified ingredients. 
    • It contains ingredients that are low in pH. 
    • It is stain-free and available at an affordable price. 
    • It is blended with natural extracts and vitamins. 


    • It is not an ideal choice when it comes to grey coverage. 
    • The coloring process might require more effort than the other hair dyes. 

    So, these are the best hair dyes without side effects. 

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