Best Hair Claws for Thick Hair

In the Greek-era people used to accessorize their hair with bands made of flowers and leaves. They used them for styling purposes by creating numerous color combinations. Even in the present era, our hairstyle and accessories play an important role in creating a unique and beautiful look. We use unlimited accessories to tame our hair as per our needs. From elastics to bands, clips to scarfs, all the hair accessories are put to use from time to time. 

Hair Claws for Thick Hair

Hair ClipsHair claws present us with an easy yet stylish option to fasten up our hair for both casual and formal events. But not every hair claw is suitable for your hair. Thick and coarse hair pose problems for many of us while styling. Such texture of hair requires different types of hair accessories than the normal hair.

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Best Hair Claws for Thick Hair

Women with thick hair find it difficult to style their hair in the manner they desire as not many products available in the market can hold such hair. Many factors need to be considered while choosing the best hair claw for your hair. Let us discuss them in detail for making an informed decision:

Size of claw

Length and size of the hair claw is the major deciding factor in determining the length and type of hair it will hold. A longer claw can hold thick hair better than its shorter version. Opt for the one longer than 4 inches in size to fully tame your thick mane.

Teeth spacing

The spacing between the numerous teeth-like structures of the hair claw plays an important role in deciding the capacity of the claw. A barrette with closely spaced teeth is suitable for fine-haired women. For thick hair, choose a hair claw with widely-spaced teeth over the other varieties. It will give more flexibility to your hair as the tresses can adjust themselves between the wide spaces.

Spring strength

It is tough to hold the heavy structure of thick hair with your regular hair claw. So, it is essential to check the strength of spring while purchasing a new one. Check for the flexibility of the claw by opening and closing it a few times. If you can extend the two sides of the claw comfortably till the end, it is extremely flexible and will last long. If you have to apply a strong force to open the claw, it offers less flexibility and might break easily if used on thick hair.

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Holding capacity

The space inside the hair claw determines its holding capacity. Measure the distance between the spring and the farthest edge of teeth. A regular claw comes with a distance of 1 to 1.5 inches. However, for thick hair, choose a claw with a distance of at least 2.5 inches. It will carry your thick and long mane quite easily.    

Material used

The best hair claw must not feel heavy on your head. A huge load is an extreme discomfort that spoils the mood of the day. So, preferring a plastic-made hair claw over a metal one is a better option for a comfortable feeling. It is all the more important to consider a lighter hair accessory when we are turning our hair into a bun. As we are not leaving our hair free, all the heavy load of our thick hair is carried by our head. 

The sharpness of the teeth

Your comfort level while wearing a hair claw also depends on the smoothness or the sharpness of the claw-teeth. Touch the teeth ends to feel the smoothness and choose a smoother version for a comfortable fitting. Sharp-edged teeth scratch the surface of our head every time we try to hold the hair with the claw. To avoid these scratches, opt for a hair claw with smooth-edged teeth.

Hinge count

A single-hinged hair claw is suitable to hold all your hair together in a bun or a ponytail. A double-hinged claw, on the other hand, will further ensure securely holding your thick hair. With double lock, you tend to get extra firmness and surety of keeping your hair neatly at the place.  

Shape of claw


The ends of a straight hair-claw hang in the air when clipped onto the head. A curved claw turns well with our head shape and is more comfortable to wear than all the other varieties. It also carries thick and coarse hair better because of the presence of more space inside the curve for holding the hair.


An octopus-shaped hair claw carries interlocking legs that prevent the heavy hair from slipping. They are extremely strong and last for years. Whether you create a bun or a ponytail out of your thick locks, these claws won’t disappoint you.


The banana-shaped claws also contain much large space to carry a thick mane. They are ideal for your favorite upswept styles. Their curved shape allows you to wear them comfortably all day long.


Alligator-shaped hair claws contain a double hinge and firmly holds your hair without slipping. They do not cause hair breakage and are suitable both for styling and sectioning your hair while coloring.


A tortoise shell-shaped claw carries the capacity to hold thick hair. It has a larger area inside for securing long hair as well. You can use it for both an upswept or a back-tie. Their curved shape makes them comfortable to wear for long period.


Hair claws also come in circular shapes. They are best suited for the occasions where you do not want to compress your hair. They are also great for curly hair. A round hair claw will hold your bun in place while displaying your full hair volume. 

Final words

Hair claws can be put to extremely versatile use. Though there are fewer options for thick hair in terms of hair claws, you can still find the best one for all your needs. Combine the functionality of your accessory with a good design to make a style statement.

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