Best Cordless Hair Clippers

The best cordless hair clipper must come with features that you need and want, a reasonable price, and sufficient warranty. We will come up with some considerations to help you decide whether they are best suited to your requirements or not

Best Cordless Hair Clippers

Paying a high price for a cheaper product is not justified. Look for a balance of price and features, if you are short on budget. Go for a pricier piece for a better performing shaver if you can shell out some decent amount. Don’t forget to check out the warranty of your clipper as it will ensure a free repair in case of any damage. 

Cordless Hair Clippers

You can find numerous hair clippers in the market for your hair-grooming requirements. The corded ones are abundantly available and demanded due to their cheaper price. But, there are a few limitations attached to them. Firstly, you cannot freely move yourself to a place far away from the electric point for carrying out your session smoothly. Secondly, the possibility to move the clipper around your body gets restricted. And lastly, there are chances of the cord getting entangled.

Best Cordless Hair Clippers

Along with posing difficulties, such inflexibility makes the grooming task a daily chore rather than a way to pamper yourself. The solution lies in cordless hair clippers that overcomes all the shortcomings of their corded counterparts.

Best Cordless Hair Clippers

There are many cordless hair clippers available in the market and it becomes extremely difficult to choose the best one to meet your needs. A few factors can help you decide the one that is best for you:

Battery life

Since we are not providing a direct power supply to the clipper via a cord, the most important thing to consider while purchasing a cordless hair clipper is its battery life. A short battery life translates to a charging period in between your grooming session. So, opt for the one that will last longer than your requirement ensuring you a smooth session. 

Wet and Dry capability

There are some clippers which can be used on wet skin while others are made for dry skin application only. Using a wrong one will deliver ugly results and shorten the life of your clipper too. The advancement in technology has helped in the development of waterproof clippers that gives you the power to shave while showering. They save you a lot of time as well.

Cleaning station

It is important to clean your clipper every time after using it for a germ-free appliance. With time, pieces of hair and debris will stick inside the blades and clog them. The motor of the electric appliance will also bear a higher load and have to work harder to deliver results. Therefore, a cleaning station increases the life of your hair clipper dramatically. So, choose a clipper with an excellent cleaning station to allow proper cleaning and sanitizing. 


Trimmers come with different precision levels. Your desire to achieve a specific length of hair is fulfilled by these precision levels. A high precision of 0.01mm implies a closer shave. For creating numerous looks, look for clippers with a range of 0.01 to 1mm or more. The more options it offers, the more creative you can be.


The motor is the heart of an electric clipper. It decides the speed and performance of the appliance. There are three types of motors used in the making of hair clippers:

Rotary motor

It is the slowest of all types and the most powerful. Working silently, it can cut the thick, coarse and wet hair. You can use it professionally as it is capable of bulk cutting as well. As it delivers high-quality results, it is the costliest among the three.


Magnetic motor

These motors run faster than the others and perform unpredictable vibrations due to its high speed. It produces a lot of sounds but costs the least. These are better at cutting the smooth hair as they operate with less force. Due to their fast motion, they get hot very quickly. But, they are very popular as they are light on your pocket.

Pivot motor

Pivot motors maintain a balance between the other two. It performs better than the magnetic motor in terms of speed and power but isn’t as powerful as a rotary motor. In terms of cost, it is in the middle of a rotary and magnetic motor. It is lighter than the magnetic variation and, therefore, easy to handle.

Self-sharpening blades

The manual shavers require changing of blades frequently which makes them costlier than the electric shavers in the long run. Many electric hair clippers contain self-sharpening blades that do not need any further investment from your side. These stainless steel blades will last for many years without compromising on performance. So, invest in a clipper with self-sharpening blades and save your money in the long run.

Structure and design

The structure of your hair clipper decides your comfort level in using it. If you are not comfortable holding an appliance, you won’t be able to use it effectively. So, it is important to carefully choose your clipper to smoothly carry out your grooming activity. These days the design of many products is refined scientifically to improve its usability. This is known as ergonomics. Choose a hair clipper that has been designed ergonomically for a pleasurable grooming experience.


Grooming is an essential part of developing a positive image of ourselves in society. A well-groomed person tends to leave a good first impression in his personal as well as professional circle. It cannot only be called as your outward appearance but a window to your inner self and your true personality. Therefore, you must project yourself to others exactly in the manner you want others to perceive you. 

Our hair plays an important role in developing our personality. You must, therefore, pay utmost attention to grooming them regularly. You can easily form a professional, casual or party look just by grooming your hair differently. 

The other aspect of grooming involves maintaining and shaping your beard. It again gives you a lot of flexibility in building a certain look depending on the occasion you are grooming yourself for.

Though we do have scissors to solve all our hair-related problems, it doesn’t give perfection to suit our needs. That is where hair clippers come into action with their high precision levels. 

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