Best Conditioner to Dilute Hair Dye

More and more people are opting to color their hair these days. As per statistics collected by U.S. Census Data and calculated by Statista, 1.31 million Americans have used some hair coloring product a whopping 14 times or more in 2019 as compared to last year.  That is quite a change.

DIY Hair Coloring


Touch-up the hair color at home

Now, all that color needs a regular touch-up too. And visiting the salon every now and then is practically not viable. So, getting a touch-up at home is the most convenient option. Firstly, it will save us time. And secondly, it will save our pockets from burning. 

But the point is how to do it? The most common method preferred by many for this Do-it-Yourself touch up is: Diluting the hair dye with conditioner before application.

Why people dilute hair dye with conditioner

More and more people are trying this method of diluting their hair dye with conditioner before application mainly for two reasons:

1.)  Prevent damage: Hair dyes contain chemicals that are a known fact. Diluting the dye with conditioner while renewing the color is less damaging than applying the dye undiluted. Lesser the amount of that chemical, the lesser will be the damaging effect due to the weak strength of the color.

2.)  Keep the tone light: Applying the dye once again, in its full strength would mean the color will be darker again. If you want just to enhance your color a bit, mixing it with the conditioner before the application would be a better idea. 

Also, if you are dying your hair a particular color for the first time ever, mixing it with a conditioner will give a lighter tint first. If you like the outcome, transit into the darker shades subsequently. This prepares you for adapting yourself to a new look.

How to dilute hair dye with conditioner

Now, if you have decided to try this DIY, let’s know how to do it. Do not use any color pigmented conditioner in this process. Take a white conditioner and add your preferred hair dye to it. Mix it well. The color of the mixture decides the color your hair will finally get. Say, if you want electric pink, keep the color of the mixture very dark and if you want a soft shade of pink, dilute it more with the conditioner. Apply this mixture as you would apply any hair dye and rinse it off completely after a few hours. Let it dry and you are ready to go.

Best conditioner to dilute hair dye 

We have learned the reasons and the process of diluting our dye rather than not. But the major query has always been: Is any white conditioner a good conditioner? What to consider while selecting a conditioner for diluting my hair dye. All these queries will be gone forever after going through this section.

1.)  For the dark shade: If you are aiming to get a dark tone for your hair, select a white conditioner with silicone in it. The silicone present in the conditioner locks the color in the cuticle. It helps ammonia and hydrogen peroxide do their coloring process properly and doesn’t let the color bleed away during the rinse. Mix your dark dye with conditioner having silicone as its ingredient.

2.)  For the pastel shade: If you want to get a pastel shade, then use a white conditioner without silicone. No silicone implies escaping of the color while rinsing as the hair dye will penetrate only partially in the layers of your hair.  Simply mix the dye of your choice with conditioner and dilute it to consistency for easy application. The outcome will be one or two shades lighter, thus, lending your hair a soft pastel tone. 

3.)  Select white conditioner: The best conditioner to add your desired color to your existing hair dye is a white conditioner. Many color pigmented conditioners in the market are made specifically to touch up a particular color. Say, if you have a red-pigmented conditioner, it will re-color your hair little red each time you apply. Now if you want to give your hair a purple tone, choosing a red-pigmented conditioner will mess up the final outcome of your hair coloring process. Hence, a neutral conditioner is suggested.

4.)  Consistency is the key: This is one important consideration that is often skipped by many of us. The consistency of the conditioner will decide how well the hair gets dyed. If you’ll keep the consistency thin, the color will not stick to the hair and will keep dripping bit by bit along with the conditioner. Keep the consistency thick and it will not runoff. The right consistency will prevent the patchy dyeing of the hair by evenly coating each strand. Many complain about how their hair got stained dark on some parts and light on the others and blame the technique. Blame that consistency next time. 

Tips for best results

  • Using a protein treatment or an oil treatment a few days before dying them will repair the damaged parts of your strands. This will help in avoiding the patchy coloring as the damaged hair will get moisturized and let that color seep into the strands.

  • Applying a clarifying shampoo before the application will help wash off any product build-up on the hair as it can stop depositing the color on the hair.

  • Apply the hair dye thoroughly in a proper manner. Do not dump the color on the scalp and try to run it off till the ends with your fingers. That will amount to an uneven application and you know its outcome.

  • Use a tint brush for the application of the dye to achieve the best results. This will ensure an even coating of each strand. 

Final Words

Each head is different with different hair color and texture. This gives all of us a different result. What worked for someone else may or may not always work for you. Such a comparison will simply waste your time. To know how it will come out for you, simply do a patch test on your strand before taking a risk on your full head. Go ahead if you like the results. And don’t forget to follow all these tips. 

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