Best Box Hair Dyes That Offer Great Color Payoff With Little Damage To Hair

It was not until I tried dyeing my hair at home that I realized how box hair dyes are an easy, convenient, and affordable alternative for fulfilling my hair needs without going to a salon. 

Although there were times that I did not achieve the results that I wanted, I was still pretty satisfied because box dyes usually do not burn the scalp or contain harsh smells, giving me a pretty positive self-dyeing experience!

How to Use Box Hair Dyes

Dyeing your hair can be way messier than you think. I suggest you pick up some old towels and wear an old shirt that you wouldn’t mind having stains all over.

If you have long or thick hair, I highly suggest that you purchase 2 boxes of hair dye to ensure that you get even coverage.

Read all the instructions carefully before dyeing your hair. I cannot emphasize how important this is!

It is recommended to dye your hair when it is dry — when doing so on wet hair, the dye may become diluted, producing an undesirable result. When coloring your hair, start by applying the dye from your roots and work your way downward. Work in 4 to 6 sections to ensure full coverage.

10 Best Box Hair Dyes For Every Dilemma

If you are thinking of trying to dye your hair but not sure how to start, I got you covered! I’ve selected 10 of the most popular box hair dyes that will leave your hair condition the same or even better than before dyeing it. 

I’ve listed both online and physical stores that you may wish to check out for certain box hair dyes along with the prices, but do note that prices are indicative and may be subjected to changes!

  1. L’Oreal Paris Colorista Permanent Hair Paint


Offering 6 classic shades, the innovative gel formula makes the dye easy to distribute through the hair and promises maximum color payoff. It also delivers long-lasting shiny color for all hair types because of the infused nourishing and conditioning ingredients. 

You can purchase it from 

  • Shopee $15
  • Venus Beauty $16.50 

  1. Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Colour


Specially formulated with Revlon 3D ColourGel Technology, this highly pigmented dye delivers natural-looking, multi-tonal color from root to tip. It is infused with silk extracts and keratin that penetrate each strand to leave hair looking silky, healthy, and shiny. Most importantly, it is ammonia-free! 

You can purchase it from 

  • Guardian $9.90
  • Watsons $9.90
  • Lazada $9.90

  1. Liese Creamy Bubble Colour 


Liese formulated a thick foaming dye that contains lanolin acid, a hair-protecting ingredient, to ensure an even color payout. Boasting a wide array of 19 shades, Liese created dyes that are mixed with grey and blue undertones to achieve a soft and sheer finishing. 

You can purchase it from 

  • Guardian $17.90
  • Watsons $17.90
  • Venus Beauty $13.80
  • Pink Beauty $14.50
  1. Cielo Cream Hair Colour 


Hoyu’s improved formula promises a shiny, radiant color that lasts and proves perfect for grey hair coverage. It contains 5 illuminating and nourishing ingredients that moisturize and condition hair while coloring, leaving hair smoother than before.  

You can purchase it from 

  • Watsons $13.90
  • Guardian $17.90

  1. Aprilskin Turn Up Colour Cream 


Hydrolyzed silk and hydrolyzed keratin present in the dye minimizes hair damage, resulting in deep, vibrant, and long-lasting color. Formulated with 5 different plant-based oils — coconut, olive, camellia, jojoba seed, and evening primrose oil — this dye deeply nourishes the hair, keeping it healthy and smooth even after coloring!

You can purchase it from 

  • Shopee $11.90
  • Guardian $15
  1. Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Foam Dye 


Containing a ‘magic ampoule’, this ammonia-free foam dye keeps hair lustrously soft and smooth with little damage. It evenly coats hair with pigmented color because of how well the foam adheres to the strands and has a floral scent that many who tried this dye before enjoyed. 

You can purchase it from 

  • Shopee $8.90
  1. La Riche Directions Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Colour 


With 36 different semi-permanent colors, La Riche’s Directions Conditioning Dye will no doubt be perfect for those who love to switch up their hair color frequently. Cruelty-free and vegan, this dye does not contain ammonia or peroxide, both of which cause hair to be dry and brittle. 

You can purchase it from 

  • Venus Beauty $9
  • Shopee $9.90

  1. Phytocolor Permanent Colour 


Phyto combined advanced technology and botanical knowledge to create a plant-based hair dye that is suitable for use on sensitive scalps! Enriched with a mix of botanical properties derived from 5 dye-producing plants that are selected for their superior pigmenting properties, this dye ensures an intense, natural color with subtle highlights that act as a shine booster. 

You can purchase it from 

  • Lazada $18
  • Shopee $23
  • Watsons $29.90

  1. Schwarzkopf Natural and Easy 


3 pre-mixed color tones are blended to ensure the ultimate luminous multi-tone color result with natural-looking accents. Enriched with nutritive oil serum, the hair will look and feel smoother and healthier after coloring!

You can purchase it from 

  • Watsons $16.90
  • Shopee $16.90
  • Lazada $16.90
  1. Ryo Mild Formula Hairdye Cream



Specially formulated with 87.4% naturally derived ingredients, this ammonia-free hair dye is infused with botanical ingredients to nourish and protect both the scalp and hair. It promises long-lasting coverage even for grey hair and vivid color formulation. 

You can purchase it from 

  • Shopee $9.99
  • Qoo10 $14.80
  • Guardian $18.90

Tips to Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

Now that you’ve achieved your desired hair color, here are a few tips on how to preserve the color!

  1. Skip hot showers

High temperatures open up the cuticles, releasing the color and moisture. Instead, using water at cooler temperatures will help prolong the color while keeping the hair hydrated and eliminating split ends. 

  1. Do not overuse heating tools 

Hot tools such as hairdryers and curling irons speed up the process of color speeding. Try using a lightweight hair oil before styling — the oil acts as a protective layer for the hair and hydrates it for color longevity. 

  1. Think about switching up your hair products  

Many hair products in the market contain salts and sulfates, which are known to strip hair color. Instead, look for hair products that are alcohol- and sulfate-free, and when searching for such shampoos and conditioners, you might want to make sure those are specifically designed for color-treated hair. 


Getting your hair professionally colored by hair experts will undoubtedly give you a more satisfying and desirable result compared to dyeing your hair in the comfort of your home. 

Nevertheless, box hair dyes are a fun and affordable way for you to experiment with different hair colors without having to commit much to it. The best part? Finding a suitable box hair dye will do minimal damage to your hair so you won’t have to fret much about your hair condition after dyeing it!

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
Alicia Goh
I spend most of my time playing touch rugby, catching up on the latest kdramas and searching for the latest beauty and hair trends. Following some of the quite chemically damaging hair trends such as hair rebonding and colouring over the years, I've started to keep up to those trends that'll help me get that smooth and shiny hair that many always wanted.
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